May God remember = Yizkor : memory and memorializing in Judaism / edited by Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman, PhD.

Woodstock, Vermont : Jewish Lights Publishing, 2013.
xii, 283 pages ; 24 cm.
Prayers of awe.
Prayers of awe

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Other Title:
Memory and memorializing in Judaism
Hazkarat neshamot.
Judaism -- Liturgy.
Jewish mourning customs.
Theology and practice
Historical insights
The liturgy
Interpretations and reflections.
Introduction: Yizkor and memorial in Jewish trdition / Lawrence A. Hoffman
Hashkavah: memorializing the dead in Sephardi practice / Yoram Bitton
Remembering the dead: by us and by God / Lawrence A. Hoffman
Remembering the dead as halakhic peril / Daniel Landes
Memorializing the Shoah / Dalia Marx
Sites and subjects: memory in Israeli culture / Wendy Zierler
Would Jeremiah have recited Yizkor? Yizkor and the Bible / Marc Zvi Brettler
Hazkarat n'shamot ("memorial of souls"): how it all began / Solomon B. Freehof
Kaddish and memorial services / Jakob J. Petuchowski
Yizkor: a microcosm of liturgical interconnectivity / Eric L. Friedland
"Service for the souls": the origin of modern memorial services, 1819 to 1938 / Annette M. Boeckler
The traditional Yizkor service / translation and commentary by Joel M. Hoffman
What happens when we die: intimations of immortality / Lawrence A. Englander
The age of amusement / Edward Feinstein
Remembering through forgetting: Yizkor as unshared experience / Shoshana Boyd Gelfand
Hard to plan the day / Edwin Goldberg
Why art thou cast down? / Andrew Goldstein
Where do people go when they die? / Joel M. Hoffman
Remembering Abraham Geiger / Walter Homolka
An ongoing conversation with empty chairs / Delphine Horvilleur
Ode to mortality / Karyn D. Kedar
What is Yizkor for? / Catherine Madsen
"Empty-handed before Adonai" / Jonathan Magonet
The hippo of recollection stirring in the muddy waters of the mind / Charles H. Middleburgh
Re-membering: Yizkor and the dynamics of death / Jay Henry Moses
Prayer for the dead; promise by the living / Aaron D. Panken
When the golden shields are gone / Jack Riemer
A soul-ar eclipse / Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
To tear and to sew / David Stern
Remembering our past in service to our future / David A. Teutsch
"For I pledge tz╩╝dakah on her behalf" / Margaret Moers Wenig
A time to re-member / Ron Wolfson
Remembering our summers in the autumns of our years / Daniel G. Zemel
Appendix A. Full text of Hashkavah, the Sephardi memorial prayer, with translation
Appendix B. El Malei Rachamim: a chronicle from the Chmielnicki Pogroms / translation and commentary by Joel M. Hoffman
Appendix C. El Malei Rachamim: music of 1888 / composition by Eduard Birnbaum.
Includes bibliographical references.
Hoffman, Lawrence A., 1942- editor.
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