Ioannis Grammatici in Posteriora resolutoria Aristotelis comentaria = Iōannou tou Grammatikou, eis tà Hystera analytika Aristotelous hypomnēma.

Philoponus, John, active 6th century.
Standardized Title:
Ioannis Philoponi in Aristotelis Analytica posteriora commentaria
Other Title:
Iōannou tou Grammatikou, eis tà Hystera analytika Aristotelous hypomnēma
In Posteriora resolutoria Aristotelis comentaria
Eis tà Hystera analytika Aristotelous hypomnēma.
Venetiis : Apud Aldum, mense martio MDIIII [Mar. 1504]
295, [25] p. ; 28 cm (fol.)
**** **** ***- **** (3) 1504 (R)
Aristotle. Posterior analytics -- Early works to 1800.
Logic -- Early works to 1800.
Knowledge, Theory of -- Early works to 1800.
Place of Publication:
Italy Venice.
Title page in Latin and Greek with main text in Greek only.
Imprint from colophon (leaf t6).
Words 9-16 in title transliterated from Greek characters.
Commentary by Philoponus on Aristotle's "Analytica posteriora"
Also with an anonymous commentary (p. 257-295) in Greeek on the second book of the Analytica posteriora entitled: Anōnymos exēgēsis, eis to deuteron tōn hysterōn analytikōn Aristotelous.
Signatures: a-r⁸ s-t⁶ u⁸ x⁴.
Leaf m3 signed m2.
Spaces with guide letters left for capitals.
Errors in pagination: pages 97-99, 243 and 255 mispaginated as 197-199, 133 and 254 respectively.
First book published by Aldus with pagination rather than foliation.
Aldine device on title-page identified as
Capital spaces, with guideletters.
Variant of the commentaries in the 24 unnumbered pages following the main text.
Based in part on the lectures of Ammonius Hermeious;
Includes Greek text of the Analytica posteriora.
Local notes:
Culture Class Collection copy stamped arms of the Malmesbury on left and right covers. This book became part of the library of Hurn (or Heron) Court, former seat of the Earls of Malmesbury and was rebound with the Malmesbury arms; edges sprinkled red and blue.
Culture Class Collection copy has shelfmark "I... IV ...27" on front pastedown underneath which is visible an earlier shelfmark struck through but now covered with Penn Libraries bookplate.
Penn Provenance:
Malmesbury, James Harris, Earl of, 1746-1820 (armorial binding) (Culture Class Collection copy)
Hurn Court Library (former owner) (Culture Class Collection copy)
Penn Chronology:
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Aristotle. Posterior analytics.
Anōnymos exēgēsis, eis to deuteron tōn hysterōn analytikōn Aristotelous.
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