De gli elementi d'Euclide libri quindici : con gli scholii antichi / tradotti prima in lingua latina da m. Federico Commandino da Vrbino, & con commentarij illustrati, et hora d'ordine del'istesso trasportati nella nostra vulgare, & da lui riueduti.

Standardized Title:
Elements. Italian
Other Title:
De gli elementi d'Evclide libri qvindici
In Vrbino : Appresso Domenico Frisolino, MDLXXV [1575]
[8], 278 leaves : ill. (woodcuts) ; 31 cm (fol.)
niti ona- rela BCeu (3) 1575 (R)
Geometry -- Early works to 1800.
Mathematics, Greek.
Number theory -- Early works to 1800.
Proportion -- Early works to 1800.
Mathematics -- Early works to 1800.
Place of Publication:
Italy Urbino.
Signatures: [*]² **⁴ ***² A-3Z⁴ 4A².
Leaf 2S2 signed 2S3.
Colophon reads: In Vrbino in casa di Federico Commandino, ... MDLXXV.
Woodcut initials.
Title and each page of text within border of rules.
Translated by Commandino's pupils under his own supervision ; the dedication is signed by Valerio Spacciuoli, Commandino's son in law. The prolegomeni and Notes contains applications of algebra to geometry with the use of separate letters to express unknown quantities and the use of these letters multiplied by themselves.
Printer's device on title page.
First Latin edition (Pisauri: Frisolino, 1572) issued from the same typeface.
Dedication signed: Valerio Spacciuoli.
Local notes:
Culture Class Collection copy with ms. signature "S.(?) Domenici" on title page.
Culture Class Collection copy inscribed "Raterij(?) on title page.
Penn Chronology:
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Spacciuoli, Valerio.
Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Greek Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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