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Food industry and trade -- Environmental aspects.
Sustainable agriculture.
Livestock -- Breeding -- Environmental aspects.
Livestock -- Genetics.
Plant breeding.
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Population growth in the coming decades will put severe pressure on human food, animal feed, and fiber production from both land and ocean ecosystems. Environmental sustainability and social justice are increasingly important elements in debates on how to ensure adequate food for a growing global population. Gathering approximately 90 peer-reviewed entries from the Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology, Sustainable Food Production provides comprehensive coverage of this vital area of current research. Sections on animal breeding and genetics for food, crop science and technology, ocean farming and sustainable aquaculture science and technology, and transgenic livestock for food discuss state-of-the-art scientific advances, and place them in their proper scientific, environmental, ethical, socio-economic, and political contexts.
Abiotic Stress Tolerant Crops: Genes, Pathways and Bottlenecks / Korneel Vandenbroucke, Michael Metzlaff
Agroecological Basis for Managing Biotic Constraints / Claudio M. Ghersa
Agronomic Interactions with CO₂ Sequestration / Rattan Lal
Animal Breeding and Genetics , Introduction / Ignacy Misztal
Animal Breeding Methods and Sustainability / Agustin Blasco
Animal Breeding, Foundations of / Guilherme J. M. Rosa
Animal Breeding , Long-Term Challenges / Peer Berg
Animal Breeding, Modeling in / Lawrence R. Schaeffer
Animal Genetic in Environment Interaction / Erling Strandberg
Animal Molecular Genetics from Major Genes to Genomics / Asko Mäki-Tanila
Aquaculture and Renewable Energy Systems, Integration of / Bela H. Buck, Gesche Krause
Aquaculture, Ecological / Barry A. Costa-Pierce
Aquaculture , Integrated Multi-trophic (IMTA) / Thierry Chopin
Aquaculture , Sustainability Science in / Barry A. Costa-Pierce, Glenn G. Page
Aquapod Systems for Sustainable Ocean Aquaculture / Stephen H. Page
Avian Specific Transgenesis / Michael J. McGrew
Biomass Crops for Biofuels and Bio-based Products / Elizabeth E. Hood, Keat (Thomas) Teoh, Shivakumar P. Devaiah, Deborah Vicuna Requesens
Biotechnology and Nutritional Improvement of Crops / Gemma Farre, Sonia Gomez-Galera, Shaista Naqvi, Chao Bai
Breeding in Beef Cattle / Matthew L. Spangler
Breeding in Developing Countries and Tropics / SWP Cloete
Breeding in Horses / Thorvaldur Árnason
Carrying Capacity for Aquaculture , Modeling Frameworks for Determination of / Joao G. Ferreira, Jon Grant, David W. Verner-Jeffreys
Carrying Capacity for Sustainable Bivalve Aquaculture / Christopher W. McKindsey
Commercialisation of GM Crops : Comparison of Regulatory Frameworks / Wendy Craig, Siva Reddy Vanga, Jorge Cabrera Medaglia
Crop Breeding for Sustainable Agriculture , Genomics Interventions in / Pawan L. Kulwal, Mahendar Thudi, Rajeev K. Varshney
Crop Development Related to Temperature and Photoperiod / Marc Moragues, Gregory S. McMaster
Crop Diseases , Management and Control of / Dale R. Walters
Crop Plants Transformation Methods / Dawei Yuan, Svetlana Dashevskaya, Richard M. Twyman, Teresa Capell, Paul Christou
Crop Radiation Capture and Use Efficiency / Erik Murchie, Matthew Reynolds
Crop Responses to Available Soil Water / Manuela M. Chaves, O. Zarrouk
Crop Responses to Nitrogen / Gilles Lemaire
Crop Science and Technology , Introduction / Paul Christou, Roxana Savin
Crop Traits : Gene Isolation / Kurniawan Rudi Trijatmiko, Andy Pereira
Crop Yields Around the World: Closing the Gap and Raising the Potential / R. A. (Tony) Fischer
Cropping Systems : Shaping Nature / Rafael J. López-Bellido, Luis López-Bellido
Dairy Cattle Breeding / Filippo Miglior, Sarah Loker, Roger D. Shanks
Disease-Resistant Transgenic Animals / Caroline Lassnig, Mathias Müller
Environmental Impacts of an Open Ocean Mariculture Operation in Kona, Hawaii / Neil Anthony Sims
Fertilizer Science and Technology / J F Angus
Genetic Engineering of Crops for Insect Resistance / John A. Gatehouse
Genotype by Environment Interaction and Adaptation / Ignacio Romagosa, Gisela Borràs-Gelonch, Gustavo Slafer, Fred van Eeuwijk
Global Economic Impact of Transgenic/Biotech Crops (1996-2008) / Graham Brookes
GM Crop Risk Debate, Science and Socioeconomics / Klaus Ammann
Grain Quality in Oil and Cereal Crops / Déborah P. Rondanini, Lucas Borrás, Roxana Savin
Increasing Salinity Tolerance of Crops / Stuart J. Roy, Mark Tester
Integrated Pest Management / Ramon Albajes
Irrigation Management for Efficient Crop Production / Elías Fereres, Margarita García-Vila
Life Cycle Assessments and Their Applications to Aquaculture Production Systems / Patrik J. G. Henriksson, Nathan L. Pelletier, Max Troell, Peter H. Tyedmers
Livestock Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer / Sergio D. German, Keith H. S. Campbell
Lodging Resistance in Cereals / Pete M. Berry
Mariculture Systems, Integrated Land-Based / Muki Shpigel
Marine Aquaculture in the Mediterranean / Dror L. Angel
Marine Fisheries Enhancement , Coming of Age in the New Millennium / Kenneth M. Leber
Marker-Assisted Breeding in Crops / Roberto Tuberosa
Medicinal Plants , Engineering of Secondary Metabolites in Cell Cultures / Suvi T. Häkkinen, Anneli Ritala, Heiko Rischer, K.-M. Oksman-Caldentey
Molecular Breeding Platforms in World Agriculture / Jean-Marcel Ribaut, Xavier Delannay, Graham McLaren, Frederick Okono
Mussel Culture , Open Ocean Innovations / Richard Langan
Nuclear Transfer to Produce Transgenic Mammals / Alexander Kind, Angelika Schnieke
Ocean Farming and Sustainable Aquaculture Science and Technology, An Introduction to / Barry A. Costa-Pierce
Pig Breeding for Increased Sustainability / Pieter W. Knap
Plant Breeding Under a Changing Climate / M. Fernanda Dreccer, David Bonnett, Tanguy Lafarge
Plant Molecular Pharming, Industrial Enzymes / Saifullah Khan, Vidya Rajan, John Howard
Plant Molecular Pharming, Pharmaceuticals for Human Health / Andreas Schiermeyer, Stefan Schillberg
Plant Molecular Pharming, Veterinary Applications / Doreen M. Floss, Udo Conrad
Polyculture in Aquaculture / Robert R. Stickney
Poultry Breeding / Yoav Eitan, Morris Soller
Roots and Uptake of Water and Nutrients / P. Carvalho, M J Foulkes
Seaweed Aquaculture for Human Foods in Land-Based and IMTA Systems / Rui Pereira, Charles Yarish, Alan T. Critchley
Seed Dormancy and Agriculture , Physiology / Roberto L. Benech-Arnold, M. Verónica Rodriguez, Diego Batlla
Shellfish Aquaculture , Methods of Sustainable / Francis X. O'Beirn, Christopher W. McKindsey, Thomas Landry
Simulation Models as Tools for Crop Management / Herman van Keulen
Socially Affected Traits , Inheritance and Genetic Improvement / Piter Bijma
Spatial Crop Structure in Agricultural Systems / Emilio H. Satorre
Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture / Stephen F. Cross
Sustainable Herbicide-Resistant Crops / Jonathan Gressel
Sustainable Productivity , Heat Tolerance for / Anthony E. Hall
Transgene Expression in Plants , Control of / Sylvie De Buck, Annelies De Paepe, Ann Depicker
Transgenic Crops Resistant to Fungal, Bacterial and Viral Pathogens / Tennant Paula, Fuchs Marc
Transgenic Crops , Environmental Impact / Angharad M. R. Gatehouse, Martin G. Edwards, Natalie Ferry, Micheal D. K. Owen
Transgenic Crops , Next Generation / Martina Newell-McGloughlin
tTransgenic Crops , Risk Assessment and Regulatory Framework in the European Union / Yann Devos, Wendy Craig, Joachim Schiemann
Transgenic Fishes : Applications, State of the Art, and Risk Concerns / Eric M. Hallerman
Transgenic Livestock for Food Production , Introduction / C. Bruce A. Whitelaw
Transgenic Livestock Technologies / Cesare Galli, Andrea Perota, Giovanna Lazzari, Franco Lucchini
Transgenic Livestock , Decreasing Environmental Impact of / Serguei P. Golovan, Cecil W. Forsberg
Transgenic Livestock , Enhanced Nutritional Quality in / Götz Laible
Transgenic Livestock , Ethical Concerns and Debate / Mickey Gjerris, Reinhard Huber, Jesper Lassen, I Anna S. Olsson, Peter Sandøe
Transgenic Technologies and Increased Livestock Fertility / F. Xavier Donadeu, Cheryl J. Ashworth
Transgenics : Alternative Gene Transfer Methods / Louis-Marie Houdebine.
Christou, Paul.
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