The history of Miss Betsey Warwick: the female rambler.

Other Title:
Female rambler
London : Printed by Sabine and Son, No. 81, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street, [between 1799-1805]
60 pages, [1] leaf of plates : illustrations ; 19 cm (12mo)
r-e, a-n- thur toRi (3) 1799 (Q)
Place of Publication:
England London.
(from t.p.) 1. An account of her parents, and their residence at Scarborough, in Yorkshire
II. The death of her father
her mother and she retire from Scarborough for a year
III. Their return, and visited by the nobility and gentry
IV. Colonel Blandford and Lord Richmore make love to her
V. The colonel is favoured
Lord Richmore makes her great presents, and thinks the loves him
VI. Squire Meadows makes love to her mother, who is determined to accept of his hand
VII. 'Squire Meadows persuades her mother to put Betsey in a nunnery
VIII. My lord finds the colonel's treachery and assassinates him, and flies the country
she gets out of the nunnery in man's cloaths, meets Lord Richmore at Calis; he does not know her in her disguise; quarrels with him at cards, and kills him in a duel
IX. She comes to London, goes to the play, Countess of R- falls in love with her, she relates her history, the Countess becomes her friend, and supplies her with money to travel with
X. Goes by the name of Johnson at Southampton
narrow escape being murdered through the jealousy of a young lady
tired of rambling, returns to the Countess of R-, who cloaths her according to her sex, and by her own desire places her at a nunnery in France
XI. The history of Miss Nugent
a surprising discovery, the colonel and another gentleman are alive, who were supposed dead-Betsey and two young ladies leave the convent, return to England, and are made happy; Betsey is reconciled to her mother and receives her fortune. With many more remarkable adventures, too tedious to insert here, so shall refer the reader to the work itself.
First published as: The astonishing history and adventures of Miss Betsey Warwick the female rambler.
Thomas Sabine and Son printed at 81 Shoe Lane, Fleet Street, from 1799-1805. Cf. BBTI.
Signatures: A-E⁶.
Woodcut illustration (frontispiece).
"Price Six-Pence."
Local notes:
Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Zachs-Adam Rare Book Fund.
Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Pauline R. Goldfein Memorial Book Fund.
Penn Libraries copy bound in contemporary blue paper wrappers; stitched as issued; edges untrimmed.
Penn Chronology:
1799-1805 (between)
Sabine, T. (Thomas), active 18th century-19th century, printer.
Zachs-Adam Rare Book Fund.
Pauline R. Goldfein Memorial Book Fund.
Collection of British and American Fiction, 1660-1830 (University of Pennsylvania)
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