Literature as politics, politics as literature : essays on the ancient Near East in honor of Peter Machinist / edited by David S. Vanderhooft and Abraham Winitzer.

Winona Lake, Indiana : Eisenbrauns, 2013.
xxii, 562 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm

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Other Title:
Essays on the ancient Near East in honor of Peter Machinist
Middle East -- Civilization -- To 622.
Middle East -- Literatures -- History and criticism.
Bible -- Criticism and interpretation.
Bible -- History of Biblical events.
Bible -- History of contempory events.
In English; one contribution in French.
Fearful symmetry : the poetics, genre, and form of lines 109-118, tablet I in the Poem of Erra / Yoram Cohen
Menahem's reign before the Assyrian invasion (2 Kings 15:14-16) / Peter Dubovský
Ethnicity in the Assyrian empire : a view from the Nisbe, (I) : foreigners and special inner communities / Frederick Mario Fales
David and the ark : a Jerusalem festival reflected in royal narrative / Daniel E. Fleming
Creation and the divine spirit in Babel and Bible : reflections on mummu in Enūma eliš I 4 and rûaḥ in Genesis 1:2 / Eckart Frahm
Niṣirti bārûti : une autre approche / Jean-Jacques Glassner
NB administrative terminology and its influence in biblical literature : Hebrew [He] [Heth] [Resh] [Alef] / Ronnie Goldstein
Biblical and ancient Near Eastern literatures : a general introduction / William W. Hallo
Between elective autocracy and democracy : formalizing biblical constitutional theory / Baruch Halpern
Prosperity and kingship in Psalms and inscriptions / Mark W. Hamilton
Redactors, rationalists, and (bloodied) rivers : some comments on the first biblical plague / John R. Huddlestun
"An heir created by Aššur" : literary observations on the Rassam Prism (A) of Ashurbanipal / Victor Avigdor Hurowitz
Literary-political motifs in the Assyrian royal inscriptions : measuring continuity versus change / Mario Liverani
Of bears and men : thoughts on the end of Šulgi's reign and on the ensuing succession / Piotr Michalowski
A hidden anti-David polemic in 2 Samuel 6:2 / Nadav Naʼaman
The prophet and the augur at Tušḫan, 611 B.C. / Martti Nissinen
Assyria and Judean identity : beyond the Religionsgeschichtliche Schule / Eckart Otto
Psalm 22:16 and its Sumerian and Akkadian analogues / Shalom M. Paul
Do ideas travel lightly? Early Greek concepts of justice in their Mediterranean context / Kurt A. Raaflaub
The rod that smote Philistia : Isaiah 14:28-32 / J.J.M. Roberts
Errant oxen, or, The goring ox redux / Martha T. Roth
Jephthah : chutzpah and overreach in a Hebrew judge / Jack M. Sasson
The remembrance of kings past : the persona of King Ibbi-Sin / T.M. Sharlach
Hittite gods in Egyptian attire : a case study in cultural transmission / Itamar Singer
How did Šulgi and Išbi-Erra ascend to heaven? / Piotr Steinkeller
"War crimes" in Amos's oracles against the nations (Amos 1:3-2:3) / Nili Wazana
Grammar and context : Enki & Ninhursag ll. 1-3 and a rare Sumerian construction / Christopher Woods
Towards a biography of Kish : notes on urbanism and comparison / Norman Yoffee.
"Bibliography of Peter Machinist": pages xvii-xxii.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Vanderhooft, David Stephen, editor of compilation.
Winitzer, Abraham, editor of compilation.
Machinist, Peter, honouree.
9781575062723 (hardback : alk. paper)
1575062720 (hardback : alk. paper)