Plant Evolution and the Origin of Crop Species.

Hancock, James F. author
Wallingford : CABI, 2012.
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Crops -- Evolution.
Crops -- Origin.
Plants -- Evolution.
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The genetic variability that developed in plants during their evolution is the basis of their domestication and breeding into the crops grown today for food, fuel and other industrial uses. This third edition of "Plant Evolution and the Origin of Crop Species" brings the subject up-to-date, with more emphasis on crop origins. Beginning with a description of the processes of evolution in native and cultivated plants, the book reviews the origins of crop domestication and their subsequent development over time. All major crop species are discussed, including cereals, protein plants, starchy staple and sugar crops, as well as fruit, vegetable, fibre and oil crops. A chapter on ex situ and in situ conservation of germplasm resources is included.
Preface; Acknowledgments; PART I: EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES; 1 Chromosome Structure and Genetic Variability; Introduction; Gene and Chromosome Structure; Types of Mutation; Measurement of Variability; Variation in Gene Expression Patterns; Tracing the Evolutionary and Geographical Origins of Crops; Construction of Genetic Maps and Genome Evolution; Summary; 2 Assortment of Genetic Variability; Introduction; Random Mating and Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium; Migration; Selection; Types of Selection; Factors Limiting the Effect of Selection; Finding Loci Subject to Strong Selection
CoevolutionGenetic Drift; Evolution in Organelles; Interaction Between Forces; Summary; 3 The Multifactorial Genome; Introduction; Intra-genomic Interactions; Coadaptation; Canalization; Paradox of Coadaptation; Summary; 4 Polyploidy and Gene Duplication; Introduction; Factors Enhancing the Establishment of Polyploids; Evolutionary Advantages of Polyploids; Genetic Differentiation in Polyploids; Chromosomal Repatterning; Genome Amplification and Chance; Summary; 5 Speciation; Introduction; What is a Species?; Reproductive Isolating Barriers; Nature of Isolating Genes; Modes of Speciation
Genetic Differentiation During SpeciationHybridization and Introgression; Hybridization and Extinction; Crop-Weed Hybridizations; Risk of Transgene Escape into the Environment; Summary; PART II: AGRICULTURAL ORIGINS AND CROP EVOLUTION; 6 Origins of Agriculture; Introduction; Rise of Our Food Crops; Evolution of Our Genus Homo; Spread of Homo sapiens; Agricultural Origins; Early Crop Dispersals; Transcontinental Crop Distributions; Summary; 7 The Dynamics of Plant Domestication; Introduction; Evolution of Farming; Early Stages of Plant Domestication; Origins of Crops
Characteristics of Early DomesticantsChanges During the Domestication Process; Genetic Regulation of Domestication Syndromes; The Causative Changes in Domestication Genes; Rate of Domestication; Evolution of Weeds; Genetic Diversity and Domestication; Domestication and Native Diversity Patterns; Summary; 8 Cereal Grains; Introduction; Barley; Maize; Millets; Oat; Rice; Rye; Sorghum; Wheat; 9 Protein Plants; Introduction; Chickpea; Cowpea; Pea; Lentil; Phaseolus Beans; Faba Beans; Soybean; 10 Starchy Staples and Sugar; Introduction; Banana; Cassava; Potato; Sugarbeet; Sugarcane; Sweet Potato
TaroYam; 11 Fruits, Vegetables, Fibers and Oils; Introduction; Fruits; Vegetables; Fibers and Oils; 12 Postscript: Germplasm Resources; Introduction; Ex Situ Conservation; In Situ Conservation; References; Index; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; K; L; M; N; O; P; Q; R; S; T; V; W; X; Y; Z;
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