Sharḥ al-faqīh al-ʻālim al-ʻallāmah al-muḥaqqiq al-mudaqqiq Abī Muḥammad Sayyidī ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz ibn al-Ḥasan al-Zayyātī ʻalá Naẓm al-zakāh lil-imām al-ʻallāmah al-muḥaqqiq al-shahīr Abī ʻAbd Allāh Sayyidī Muḥammad al-ʻArabī Ibn al-imām al-ʻārif billāh Abī al-Maḥāsin Sayyidī Yūsuf al-Fāsī, between 1830 and 1940. = شرح الفقيه العالم العلامة المحقق المدقق ابى محمد سيدى عبد العزيز بن الحسن الزياتى على نظم الزكاة للإمام العلامة المحقق الشهير ابى عبد الله سيدى محمد العربى ابن الإمام العارف بالله ابى المحاسن سيدى يوسف الفاسى، بين 1830 و1940.

Zayyātī, ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz ibn al-Ḥasan, -1645 or 1646.
زياتي، عبد العزيز بن الحسن، -1645 أو 1646.
Standardized Title:
Sharḥ al-Zayyātī ʻalá Naẓm al-zakāh
شرح الزياتي على نظم الزكاة
between 1830 and 1940.
بين 1830 و1940.
1 item (59 leaves) : paper ; 215 x 172 mm.
ʻArabī, Muḥammad ibn Yūsuf, 1580-1642. Naẓm al-zakāh.
Zakat -- Early works to 1800.
Islamic law -- Early works to 1800.
Malikites -- Early works to 1800.
Manuscripts, Arabic -- 19th century.
Manuscripts, Arabic -- 20th century.
Manuscripts -- Morocco -- 19th century.
Manuscripts -- Morocco -- 20th century.
In Arabic.
Commentary on the didactic legal poem of Abu al-Muḥāsin Yūsuf ibn Muḥammad al-Fāsī. The first four pages of the text are taken from a lithographed edition of the work published in Fez, Morocco, and the text is completed in manuscript. Marginal notes.
Paginated 1-118, in blue ballpoint ink, in upper margin.
Probably written in Morocco, in Maghribi script, 25-26 lines per page.
Sub-chapter headings and divisions written in red ink.
Local notes:
Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Allan G. Chester and Florence K. Chester Fund.
Penn Provenance:
Sold as part of the Fez Lithographs Collection by Fawzi Abdulrazak (Cambridge, Massachusetts), 2013.
Cited in:
Listed in the Fez Lithographs Collection Handlist, H. 120.
Cited as:
UPenn Ms. Coll. 960, Item 11.
Abdulrazak, Fawzi, former owner.
Fez Lithographs Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Allan G. Chester and Florence K. Chester Fund.
Contained In:
Collection of Fez Manuscripts. Item 11
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