Man's rise to civilization as shown by the Indians of North America from primeval times to the coming of the industrial state / Peter Farb.

Farb, Peter.
[1st ed.].
New York : Dutton, 1968.
xx, 332 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Indians of North America.
United States -- Indians -- History.
United States -- Indians -- Social conditions.
United States -- Ethnic relations.
United States -- History.
United States -- Civilization.
Ethnic relations
Indians of North America
Indians -- Social conditions.
United States
-- fre Indiens d'Amérique -- Amérique du Nord.
Examines and describes the various customs of North American Indian tribes to explain the evolution of man as a social being - his relationships with his family and kin groups, his religious and his political institutions. Includes Eskimos, Sub-arctic Indians, Plains Indians, Aztec Indians, and Pueblo Indians.
Foreword / Elman R. Service
The Evolution of complexity : A Laboratory for modern man
The First Americans
How cultures change
Differences and simularities in the cultures of mankind
Man as a social animal
The Band : Great Basin Shoshone : Cultural Improverishment
Of Apes and men
The Irreducible minimum of human socity
The Most leisured people
Ajusting to a White world.
Eskimo : Environment and adaptation : The Far-flung people
Sociality and survival
Wife-lending and other exchanges
Feuds and duels
A Communistic society?
The Birth of the gods
The Shaman, dealer in the supernatural
Taboo : handicaps to survival?
The Sub- Artic : Living with Expediency : The Composit Band
Capitalism : Innate or acquired?
The Hunting territory
The Social function of anxiety
An explanation of reincarnation
Totem and taboo

Southeran California : the Potentialities of the Band : The Patrilocal band
Lieages, moieties, and sacred bundles
Puberty rites
Cultural hybrids.
The Tribe : Zuni : Unity through Religion : The Pueblo Indians : The Clans
The Woman's role
Zuni relligion
Ritual and memorial day
The "Peaceful" Pueblo?
Rites of rebellion
Iroquois : Primitive democracy : "The Greeks of America :
The Democracy of the League and arxism
Great men and great events
Warfare in the woodlands
The Great Spirit and monotheism
False faces
Plains : Equestrian Revolutionaries : The Great American epic
A Living experiment in cultural change
The Make-believe Indians
Coups and scalping
Causes of warfare
The New rich
Visions quests
The End of a culture.
The Chiefdom : Northwest Coast : Status and
The Affuent societies of the Pacific Coast
A Complex social organization
Rank and status
Sumptuary laws
Primitive slavery
Specialists in religion and art
Totem poles
The Economics of prestige
The Rise and fall of chiefdoms
Natchez : People of the Sun
The French romantics
The Great sun
Ruler as supreme priest
Caste versus class
The Last of the mound builders
The State : Aztec : study in total power : The Rise to respectability
The Valley of Mexico
The Conquest by Corties
The Aztec state
Class and clan
Warriors and priests
The Death of the sun.
Continued : The Long Migration : The Peopling of North America
The Continentthat had never known man
Over the land bridge
Paths across the continent
The Earliest big-game hunters
The Great extinction
Preadapted cultures emerge
The Desert culture and the eastern archaic
Beginnings of agriculture
Transpacific contacts?
The Flowering of diversity
The Eastern woodlands
The Mound builders
The Generations of Adam : The Missing skeletons
The Evidence of the skulls
The American race
Half a thousand tongues
Dating by language
Man at the mercy of his language.
Socieies Under Stress : The End of the Trail : First encounters
The Noble Red Man and the bloodshirsty savage
The Great removl
The Cherokee
The Last stand
Borrowed Cultures : the Debt to the Indian
Squaw men
Acculturation without assimilation
The Navaho
Navaho and Zuni war veterans
The Hopes of the Oppressed : Revivalistic movements
The First phase : recovery of lost cultures
The Ghost Dance
The Second phase : accomodation
Messiah : Indian and others
A Society for the preservation of cultures.
Second ed. published in 1978 under title: Man's rise to civilization.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 308-320).
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Online version: Farb, Peter. Man's rise to civilization as shown by the Indians of North America from primeval times to the coming of the industrial state.
Online version: Farb, Peter. Man's rise to civilization as shown by the Indians of North America from primeval times to the coming of the industrial state.
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