The Hajj : collected essays / edited by Venetia Porter and Liana Saif.

London : British Museum, 2013.
Research publication (British Museum) ; no. 193.
Research publication, 1747-3640 ; 193
vii, 278 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 30 cm.
Muslim pilgrims and pilgrimages -- Saudi Arabia -- Mecca -- History.
Preface / Nasser D. Khalili
Introduction / Venetia Porter
Religion, Early History and Politics
The Religious and Social Importance of Hajj / Muhammad Abdel Haleem
The Hajj before Muhammad: Journeys to Mecca in Muslim narratives of Pre-Islamic History / Peter Webb
The official Announcement of an Umayyad Caliph's Successful Pilgrimage to Mecca / Harry Munt
By Land and Sea: Archaeology, Hajj Routes and Ships
The lost Fort of Mafraq and the Syrian Hajj Route in the 16th century / Andrew Petersen
Trade and the Syrian Hajj between the 12th and the early 20th Centuries: Historical and Archaeological Perspectives / Marcus Millwright
Royal Ottoman Inscriptions on the Istanbul to Mecca Pilgrimage Route (Darb al-Hajj al-Shami) / Mehmet Tutuncu
From Iraq to the Hijaz in the Early Islamic Period: History and Archaeology of the Basran Hajj Road and the Way(s) through Kuwait / Andrew Blair and Brain Ulrich
The Khans of the Egyptian Hajj Route in the Mamluk and Ottoman Periods / Sami Saleh Abd al-Malik
A Longing for Mecca: The Trans-Saharan Hajj and the Caravan Towns of West Africa / Sam Nixon
Hajj Ports of the Red Sea: A Historical and Archaeological Overview / Charles Le Quesne
Ships that Sailed the Red Sea in Medieval and Early Modern Islam: Perception and Reception / Dionisius Agius
Travellers' Tales and Colonial Histories
Travel to Mecca from Southern Oman in the Pre-motorized Period / Janet C. E. Watson
The Rail Hajjis: The Trans-Siberian Railway and the Long Way to Mecca / Nile Green
The Colonial Hajj: France and Algeria, 1830- 1962 / Benjamin Claude Brower
The Hajj and the Raj: From Thomas Cook to Bombay's Protector of Pilgrims / John Slight
Pilgrim Pioneers: Britons on Hajj before 1940 / William Facey
Eldon Rutter and the Modern Hajj Narrative / Michael Wolfe
The Material and Contemporary Culture of Hajj
Architectural influence and the Hajj / Jonathan M Bloom
Depictions of the Haramayn on Ottoman tiles: Content and Context / Charlotte Maury
Inscribing the Hajj / Sheila Blair
Weaving for the Hajj under the Mamluks / Maria Sardi
Dar al-Kiswa al-Sharifa: Administration and Production / Nahla Nassar
The Textiles Made for the Prophet's Mosque at Medina / Muhammad H. Al Mojan
The Mahmal Revisited / Venetia Porter
An Early Photograph of the Egyptian Mahmal in Mecca / Arnoud Vrolijk
The Islamic Pilgrimage in the Manuscript Literatures of Southeast Asia / Jan Just Witkam
Ottoman-period Manuscripts from the Haramayn / Tim Stanley
Souvenirs and Gifts : Collecting Modern Hajj / Qasira M. Khan
Organizing Hajj-going from Contemporary Britain / Sean McLoughlin.
"Arts & Humanities Research Council."
Includes bibliographical references (pages 259-273) and index.
Porter, Venetia, editor.
Saif, Liana, editor.
9780861591930 (pbk.)
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