The multisensory museum : cross-disciplinary perspectives on touch, sound, smell, memory, and space / edited by Nina Levent and Alvaro Pascual-Leone.

Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2014]
xxvi, 383 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.

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Museums and people with visual disabilities.
Museum techniques.
Part I : Museums & touch
Please DO touch the exhibits! Interactions between visual imagery and haptic perception / Simon Lacey and K. Sathian
"First hand" not "first eye" knowledge : bodily experience in museums / Francesca Bacci and Francesco Pavani
Art making as multisensory engagement : case studies from the Museum of Modern Art / Carrie McGee and Francesca Rosenberg
Multisensory engagement with real nature relevant to real life / Molly Steinwald, Melissa A. Harding, and Richard V. Piacentini
Touch and narrative in art and history museums / Nina Levent and D. Lynn McRainey
Part II : Museums & sound
A brain guide to sound galleries / Stephen R. Arnott and Claude Alain
Ephemeral, immersive, invasive : sound as curatorial theme 1966-2013 / Seth Cluett
Soundwalking the museum : a sonic journey through the visual display / SalomeĢ Voegelin
The role of sensory and motor systems in art appreciation and implications for exhibit design / A. Casile and L. F. Ticini
Part III : Smell & taste in museums
The forgotten sense : using olfaction in a museum context : a neuroscience perspective / Richard J. Stevenson
The scented museum / Andreas Keller
The museum as smellscape / Jim Drobnick
Taste-full museums: educating the senses one plate at a time / Irina D. Mihalache
Part IV : Museum architecture & the senses
Navigating the museum / Fiona Zisch, Stephen Gage, and Hugo Spiers
Museum as an embodied experience / Juhani Pallasmaa
Architectural design for living artifacts / Joy Monice Malnar and Frank Vodvarka
Part V :Future museums
Multisensory memories : how richer experiences facilitate remembering / Jamie Ward
The secret of aesthetics lies in the conjugation of the senses : reimagining the museum as a sensory gymnasium
Multisensory mental simulation and aesthetic perception / Salvatore Maria Aglioti, Ilaria Bufalari, and Matteo Candidi
Islands of stimulation : perspectives on the museum experience, present and future / Rebecca McGinnis
The future landscape of 3D in museums / Samantha Sportun
Technology, senses and future of museums : a conversation with / Nina Levent, Heather Knight, Sebastian Chan, and Rafael Lozano Hammer.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Levent, Nina Sobol, 1971- editor of compilation.
Pascual-Leone, Alvaro, editor of compilation.
Lacey, Simon (Neurologist), author. Please do touch the exhibits!
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