The street casino : survival in violent street gangs / Simon Harding.

Harding, Simon, author.
Bristol, UK : Policy Press, 2014.
xx, 327 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm

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Gangs -- England.
England -- London.
"Simon Harding proposes a unique theoretical perspective on survival in violent street gangs which offers new evidence on gang behaviour, dynamics, affiliation and risks in inner city areas."--Provided by publisher.
THE STREET CASINO; Contents; List of tables, figures and boxes; Tables; Figures; Boxes; Glossary; Theoretical explanatory terms; Gang terms; About the author; Acknowledgements; Preface: living and working in the social field; 1. Introduction; Searching for answers; Adopting a fresh approach: field analysis; Street capital and the street casino; Conducting the study; Researching the social field; Anonymity and terminology; Chapter outlines; 2. Academic gangland; UK gang research; Contemporary UK developments; Joining a gang; Gang organisation; Gang characteristics and boundaries
Gang behaviours and offendingRespect and reputation; Becoming a competent actor in the gang; An emergent research agenda?; 3. The game, the stakes, the players: key concepts; Field theory; The habitus; The settlement and the players; Actors' field position; The game; Critique of Bourdieu; The social field of the gang; Gang periphery; Social capital; Street capital; 4. House rules, game rules and game strategies; Neighbourhood rules; The influence of the habitus; Street code; Developing game strategies and the gang repertoire; Strategic action using the gang repertoire
5. Players, positioning and keeping orderThe structure of the social field; Reconstruction of social order; Using social skill to maintain social order; New players, new rules and side bets; 6. Playing the game: generating and keeping your chips; Playing 'the game'; Getting started in the game: earning respect; Establishing a reputation as a 'playa'; 7. Staying in the game
and playing to win; Maintaining your street capital: 'being tested'; Transitioning from the expressive to the instrumental repertoire; Business take-overs; Playing to win: maximising street capital through reputation
8. The game in action: habitus, street capital and territoryThe game in action: playing on my turf; 9. Learning the risks of the game: life in the landscape of risk; Learning the rules of the game; Early recognition of the social field; Getting involved in the gang; Factors influencing gang affiliation; Risk mitigation; 10 Surviving in the game; Maintaining awareness of field position; Hyper-vigilance; Threat assessment; Buying protection; Living 'off the hood'; Multiple membership; Switching allegiance; Temporary allegiance and confederation; Visual presence, visual impact and physicality
Code switchingDeveloping dual personas; Risks associated with territory; Risks at the boundary of the social field; Ethnicity; 11. Creating the house advantage: the role of information; Community engagement; How is information used?; The network; Strategic action using information; The challenges of trading information; Social networking sites; 12. Playing the queen: gender in the gang; Traditional gang research perspectives on girls and young women; Social field analysis; 13. The wheel of fortune: the sanctions repertoire; Affirmative sanctions; Negative sanctions; 14. The street casino
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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