Narrating the Postcolonial nation : mapping Angola and Mozambique / Ana Mafalda Leite, Hilary Owen, Rita Chaves, Livia Apa (eds).

Leite, Ana Mafalda. , Editor
Oxford : Peter Lang, [2012]
VII, 291 pages ; 23 cm.
Reconfiguring identities in the Portuguese-speaking world / edited by Paulo de Medeiros and Cláudia Pazos-Alonso ; Vol. 2

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Angolan literature (Portuguese) -- History and criticism.
Literature and society -- Angola.
Postcolonialism in literature.
The essays collected in this volume look at the way that Mozambican and Angolan literary works seek to narrate, re-create and make sense of the postcolonial nation. Some of the studies focus on individual works; others are comparative analyses of Angolan and Mozambican works, with a focus on the way they enter into dialogue with each other. The volume is oriented by three broad themes: the role of history; the recurring image of the voyage; and discursive/narrative strategies. The final section of the book considers the postcolonial in a broader Lusophone and international context.
Cover; Contents; Ana Mafalda Leite Introduction; Iain Chambers Power, Language and the Poetics of the Postcolonial; Part 1 Historical themes; Gilberto Matusse The Narrative of the Nation in Craveirinha; Carmen Lucia Tindó Secco The Other Feet of History: A Reading of Choriro by Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa and O Outro Pé da Sereia by Mia Couto; Ana Mafalda Leite Rewriting the Thresholds of History in Order to Re-Think the Nation; Inocência Mata The Memory of Colonization and the Sentence of the Future in the Figuration of the Nation; Sheila Khan Utopias and Aporias: The Measure of a Nation's Dreams.
Part 2 The voyage themeLaura Cavalcante Padilha Novels as Travel Diaries: The Case of Angola; Rita Chaves Ruy Duarte de Carvalho's Desmedida: The Voyage as Synthesis and Invention; Kamila Krakowska The Voyages of the Postcolonial Nations in Estação das Chuvas and Terra Sonâmbula; Giulia Spinuzza The Reconfiguration of the Nation in Eduardo White's Janela para Oriente; Part 3 Discursive strategies; Hilary Owen Women on the Edge of a Nervous Empire in Paulina Chiziane and Ungulani Ba Ka Khosa.
Nazir Ahmed Can A House of Marked Cards: The Public Discourse of the Political Elite in the Novels of João Paulo Borges CoelhoTânia Macedo Reflection and Aesthetic Development in the Work of Manuel Rui; Livia Apa Nation and Narration: What Does African Cinema Tell Us?; Jessica Falconi Some Thoughts around the Invention of the Lusofonia Narratives; Notes on Contributors; Index of Names.
Owen, Hilary, 1961- , Editor
Chaves, Rita. , Editor
Apa, Livia. , Editor
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