Veterans of war, veterans of peace / edited by Maxine Hong Kingston.

Kihei, Hawaii : Koa Books, c2006.
613 p. : illustrations; 23 cm.

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Survival -- Fiction.
Veterans -- Biography.
Veterans -- Fiction.
Victims -- Biography.
Victims -- Fiction.
From the Publisher: This poignant collection, compiled from Kingston's healing workshops, contains the distilled wisdom of survivors of five wars, including combatants, war widows, spouses, children, conscientious objectors, and veterans of domestic abuse. Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace includes accounts from people that grew up in military families, served as medics in the thick of war, or came home to homelessness. All struggle with trauma-PTSD, substance abuse, and other consequences of war and violence. Through their extraordinary writings, readers witness worlds coming apart and being put back together again through liberating insight, community, and the deep transformation that is possible only by coming to grips with the past.
Introduction: Tell the truth, and so make peace / Maxine Hong Kingston
Finding my heart / Louise Amlong
Gallipoli Beach / Yigal Ben Haim
Sound shy / Shepherd Bliss
Dawn at my back: memoir of a black Texas upbringing; Camp Pendleton, California-May 1975 / Carroll Parrott Blue
For soldiers not known / Bonnie Bonner
Night the war begins in Iraq, we're learning CPR; Wintering cranes in the San Joaquin Valley / Nancy Sue Brink
Voyages of the SS Joshua Hendy / Joe Brotherton
Dear Commander in Chief; Easter; Spin drift / Sean Mclain Brown
Voluntary disarmament in Iraq / Jim Castellanos
Liberation Day / Tom Currie
McGuffin; How low is it to be a mouse, a spider, a snake?; Why did I let you live; Fred said, compassionately witness trigger-don't shoot the messenger / Denis Dass
Good time / Dennis Drury
Walk in the Garden of Heaven; Spring dawn / George Evans
2 to 7 watch / Dan Fahey
How can a human being learn to love a people then kill them?; Red Fox / Jim Fauss
Brown bread; Cool dad; Charlie don't surf / Dennis Fritzinger
Haiku; Fathers and sons / Gary Gach
Body escort / Robert Golling, Jr
Two husbands in Vietnam / Ron Greenberg
Dream catcher; Wall / Sara Haines
Booby trap; Light casualties / Donald L Handley
War in the house / Edie Heinemann
Geese / Larry Heinemann
Remanded to the Nam / Martin Higgins
Women on the island / Ho Anh Thai
Field of heads / Hanh Hoang
Firing blanks at moving targets / Doug Howerton
Prayer of Saint Francis / John Patrick Ignatius
Child of God; Bird grieves for the man they killed / Elijah Imlay
My father's photograph; Stealing fish / Chanpidor Janko
Buffalo boy / James Janko
Magenta alert / Phil Johnson
Rosary; On point; Platoon Sgt Francisco Royas; We need / Robert Jost
American reader / Wayne Karlin
Esh / Miki Kashtan
Silent scream; Holiday madness / Sharon Kufeldt
Reuniting Gondwanaland; Perdition; Little fool; Measure of the man; One small exception / Joe Lamb
True geography of meeting; In the silence / Robert Landman
New Vietnam / William Larsen
Shattered dream / Pauline Laurent
Fragile as a sunray / Le Minh Khue
Movie song; Movie song II; Beating / Jade Lee
Gatesville / Michael Litle
Place called home / Morgan Jane Lott
C O; Elephants walking; Hue, in darkness; Occasional verses at Con Son, after the war / Fred Marchant
Hopper's last BBQ / Roman A "Hopper" Martinez
Hunt / Keith Mather
Hope, the thing with feathers; Weaving peace; Recipes for Independence Day, Labor Day, Harvest, Interdependence Day / Phyllis Meshulam
Regulations; Slightly damaged Buddhas-20% off; Strength to strength / Clare Morris
Shipping away; Letters from Lindsey to her dad on active duty somewhere in the Middle East / Don Edward Morris
Draft night / Scott Morrison
August 10, 2005; Sitting in my yard by the salt marsh yesterday untangling string; PFC Porter Cleveland Bumpus USMC / B Cole Morton
Dragon river; My first PBR patrol; VC palm tree; Zen junk-Soirap river day patrol; Floater-Soirap river night patrol / Charlie Sherdyl Motz
Shopping cart soldiers / John Mulligan
Sister Ambrose, the flying nun / Maureen E Nerli
Grief; War; Peace; Words; Love; April; Language / Nguyen Qui Duc
Butterfly / Paul Ocampo
Connections: Vermont Vietnam; Sad story about the six boys about to be drafted in Brooklyn / Grace Paley
Meditation on being a baby killer; Art of window washing / Michael Parmeley
Graves reg; Fragments of bacon / Tom Patchell
Ride / Redline
Close call / Monica Rosenthal
I look at him and smile, he looks at me with concern; Dear George / Gregory Ross
Skewed; Sea salt; Mrs Martinez; War's confession / Sandy Scull
Well by the trail to My An; Poem for Tet; Two squads; Inside the wire; Fort Benning return: 2000; Progress report / Ted Sexauer
Her chicks; February on the Jordan Rift; Flowers / Michael Shuval
Last time / Barbara Sonneborn
Death's journeyman / Richard Sterling
Meeting with the goddess: true story of the Vietnamese Annie Oakley / Richard L Stevens
Composting America; Salt / Lee Swenson
Chicopee flash / John Swensson
10); 12); Soldier's prayer / Claude AnShin Thomas
Marble mountain / Daniel Moen Thompson
To touch: a Vietnam war medic's diary / Gary Thompson
Saigon passional / Buzz Tiffany
War dream i; war dream ii / Julie Thi Underhill
Nothing to crow about / Christopher Upham
Honor's death; To take a street / Michael L Wong
Sanctuary; Walking across a burnt field, I feel a puff of ashes up my jeans / Paul Woodruff
Petition; Lullaby / Chun Yu
Christmas at grandma's; Last call on the farm / Doug Zachary
About the editor
Vietnam writers group / Michael L Wong
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Kingston, Maxine Hong.
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