Israel : is it good for the Jews? / Richard Cohen.

Cohen, Richard M., author.
First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition.
New York : Simon & Schuster, 2014.
viii, 275 pages ; 25 cm
Israel -- History.
Jews -- History.
Cohen, Richard M.
Part reportage, part memoir, a nationally syndicated columnist for The Washington Post since 1976 takes readers on a intimate journey through the history of Europe's Jews, while delving into his own Jewish history and sharing stories of his own relatives and his American boyhood.
"A very personal journey through Jewish history (and Cohen's own), and a passionate defense of Israel's legitimacy. Richard Cohen's book is part reportage, part memoir--an intimate journey through the history of Europe's Jews, culminating in the establishment of Israel. A veteran, syndicated columnist for The Washington Post, Cohen began this journey as a skeptic, wondering in a national column whether the creation of a Jewish State was "a mistake." As he recounts, he delved into his own and Jewish history and fell in love with the story of the Jews and Israel, a twice-promised land--in the Bible by God, and by the world to the remnants of Europe's Jews. This promise, he writes, was made in atonement not just for the Holocaust, but for the callous indifference that preceded World War II and followed it--and that still threatens. Cohen's account is full of stories--from the nineteenth century figures who imagined a Zionist country, including Theodor Herzl, who thought it might resemble Vienna with its cafes and music; to what happened in twentieth century Poland to his own relatives; and to stories of his American boyhood. Cohen describes his relationship with Israel as a sort of marriage: one does not always get along but one is faithful"-- Provided by publisher.
The great mistake
The Founder
Anti-Semitism : a gift to the Jews
Yiddishe kops everywhere you look
Thirty-nine steps toward world domination
Rudolph the Shirtmaker dies in the Bronx
Jew, Jew, who's a Jew?
Democracy : is it good for the Jews?
Anti-Semitism among the Semites
A sensation at Saratoga
Twenty thousand charming children, twenty thousand ugly adults
You can't go home again
A bald-headed son of a bitch to the rescue
Ethnic cleansing for a better world
or not
Two grandmothers and a lake
Jabotinsky was right
Jabotinsky was wrong
Dinner with Sinatra and Tracy
The man on the beach.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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