Archaeomalacology : shells in the archaeological record / edited by Katherine Szabó, Catherine Dupont, Vesna Dimitrijević, Luis Gomez Gastelum, Nathalie Serrand.

International Council for Archaeozoology. Conference (11th : 2010 : Paris, France)
Oxford : Archaeopress, 2014.
BAR international series ; 2666.
BAR international series ; 2666
256 pages : illustrations, maps ; 30 cm.
Animal remains (Archaeology) -- Congresses.
Mollusks -- Congresses.
Shells -- Congresses.
Preface / Jean-Denis Vigne, Christine Lefèvre and Marylène Patou-Mathis
Acquisition and use of shell raw materials in prehistory. The use of marine mollusc shells at the Neolithic site Shkarat Msaied, Jordan / Aiysha Abu-Laban
Evaluating the role of molluscan shells assemblage recovered from Padri, a coastal Harappan settlement in Gujarat, India / Arati Deshpande-Mukherjee and Vasant Shinde
The provenance and use of fossil scaphopod shells at the Late Neolithic/Eneolithic site Vinča - Belo Brdo, Serbia / Vesna Dimitrijević
Perforated shells from an Early Mesolithic cemetery at La Vergne (Charente-Maritime, France): from acquisition to use and (sometimes) to wear / Catherine Dupont, Luc Laporte, Patrice Courtaud, Henri Duday and Yves Gruet
Shell use in West Mexico and the Southwestern United States. An archaeological comparison / Luis Gómez Gastélum
Occurences of exogenous freshwater mussel shells (Bivalvia: Unionida) during the precolumbian ceramic age of the lesser Antilles / Nathalie Serrand and Kevin S. Cummings
Dead from the sea: worn shells in Aegean prehistory / Tatiana Theodoropoulou
Temporal changes in shell bead technologies based on Levantine examples / Daniella E. Bar-Yosef Mayer
Shell tools in an early Neolithic coastal site in the Cantabrian region (Northern Spain): an experimental program for use-wear analysis at Santimamiñe cave / David Cuenca-Solana, Igor Gutiérrez-Zugasti and Ignacio Clemente
Shell middens and shells as a food resource. Shell Middens and the use of molluscs in the Late Middle Holocene in the Rio de la Plata: an ethnoarchaeological contribution / Laura Beovide
Marine Resource Exploitation at Mersa/Wadi Gawasis (Red Sea, Egypt). The Harbour of the Pharaohs to the Land of Punt / Alfredo Carannante, Rodolfo Fattovich and Carla Pepe
Shellfish gathering during the Iron Age and Roman times in the Northwest of the Iberian Peninsula / Carlos Fernández-Rodríguez, Víctor Bejega-García and Eduardo González-Gómez-de-Agüero
Shellfishing and Horticulture in Prehistoric Northern New Zealand / Tiffany James-Lee
Fisher-Gatherers of the Red Sea: Results of the Farasan Archipelago Shell Sites Project / Matt Gregory Meredith Williams
Shell exploitation at Playa del Tesoro and Banderas Mexican Pacific Coast / José Beltrán
Oysters, Pheasants and Fine Foods. "High Class" Products in Alife (Campania, Italy) during and after the Roman Empire / Alfredo Carannante, Salvatore Chilardi, Daniela Rebbecchi, Annalisa Del Santo, Roberto Vedovelli
Archaeozoological analysis of molluscan fauna from the Late Bronze Age stratum of site 4 of Tell Jenin (Northern West Bank, Palestine) / Ademar Ezzughayyar, Khalid M. Swaileh
Acquisition and management of marine invertebrates resources on a pre-Roman coastal settlement : the site of Dossen Rouz (Locquémeau-Trédrez, Brittany, France) / Caroline Mougne, Catherine Dupont, Anna Baudry, Laurent Quesnel and Marie-Yvane Daire
Shells as indicators of palaeoenvironment, site formation and transformation. Dynamics of palaeoenvironmental conditions over the last millennia by archaeomalacological data (on example of ADK-009 shell midden, Adak Island, Aleutian Islands) / Zhanna Antipushina
Biostratigraphy of shells and climate changes in the Cantabrian region (Northern Spain) during the Pleistocene-Holocene transition / Igor Gutiérrez-Zugasti and David Cuenca-Solana
Deposits of terrestrial snails: Natural or Anthropogenic processes? / Eloísa Bernáldez-Sánchez and Esteban García-Viñas
Micro-Freshwater Gastropod Remains from Çatalhöyük, Turkey: Preliminary Environmental Observations / Burçin Aṣkım Gümüs and, Daniella E. Bar-Yosef Mayer
Mollusc Shells from Archaeological Building Materials / Matt Law.
Includes bibliographical references.
Szabó, Katherine, editor.
Dupont, Catherine, editor.
Dimitrijević, Vesna M. editor.
Gómez Gastélum, Luis, editor.
Serrand, Nathalie, editor.
1407313088 (pbk.)
9781407313085 (pbk.)
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