Xiongnu archaeology : multidisciplinary perspectives of the first steppe empire in Inner Asia / edited by Ursula Brosseder, Bryan K. Miller.

Bonn : Vor- und Frühgeschichtliche Archäologie, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, 2011.
653 p. : ill. (some col.), maps (some col.), plans (some col.) ; 30 cm.
Conference Name:
International Conference on Xiongnu Archaeology (2008 : Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
Bonn contributions to Asian archaeology ; v. 5.
Bonn contributions to Asian archaeology ; v. 5

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Xiongnu (Asian people) -- Antiquities.
Xiongnu (Asian people) -- Social conditions.
Xiongnu (Asian people) -- Social life and customs.
Nomads -- Sedentarization -- Asia, Central.
Nomads -- Asia, Central.
Asia, Central -- Antiquities.
Mongolia -- Antiquities.
Introduction. State of research and future directions of Xiongnu studies / Brosseder, Ursula ; Miller, Bryan K.
Concepts of the polity. Ethnogenesis, coevolution, and political morphology of the earliest steppe empire : the Xiongnu question revisited / Di Cosmo, Nicola
Evidence for the Xiongnu in Chinese wooden documents from the Han period / Giele, Enno
Stateless empire : the structure of the Xiongnu nomadic super-complex chiefdom / Kradin, Nikolai N.
Computing the steppes : data analysis for agent-based models of polities in Inner Asia / Cioffi-Revilla, Claudio ; Rogers, J. Daniel ; Wilcox, Steven P. ; Alterman, Jai
Xiongnu and the comparative study of empire / Scheidel, Walter
Xiongnu, progenitors of the classical nomad civilization / Batsaikhan, Zagd
People and life ways. Typology of ancient settlement complexes of the Xiongnu in Mongolia and Transbaikalia / Danilov, Sergei V.
Settlement patterns and domestic economy of the Xiongnu in Khanui valley, Mongolia / Houle, Jean-Luc ; Broderick, Lee G.
Staking tools from teh Xiongnu settlement of Boroo Gol, Selenge aimag, Mongolia / Ramseyer, Denis ; Volken, Marquita
Xiongnu ceramic chronology and typology in the Egiin Gol valley, Mongolia / Wright, Joshua
Chronology of the Boroo settlement, Mongolia : OSL dating of Xiongnu pottery / Solongo, Saran ; Torbat, Tsagaan
Reconstructing life histories of the Xiongnu : an overview of bioarchaeological applications / Machicek, Michelle L.
Xiongnu pastoral systems : integrating economies of subsistence and scale / Makarewicz, Cheryl A.
Xiongnu population history in relation to China, Manchuria, and the western regions / Lee, Christine ; Zhang, Linhu
Mortuary evidence of social dynamics. Grave matters : reconstructing a Xiongnu identity from mortuary stone monuments / Johannesson, Erik G.
Caught in the act : understanding Xiongnu site formation processes at Baga Gazaryn Chuluu, Mongolia / Nelson, Albert Russell ; Honeychurch, William ; Amartüvshin, Chunag
Animal in the Xiongnu funeral universe : companion of the living, escort of the dead / Martin, Hélène
Gender relationships among the "Xiongnu" as reflected in burial patterns / Yang, Jianhua
Excavations of Xiongnu tombs at Duurlig Nars cemetery in eastern Mongolia / Yun, Hyeung-won ; Chang, Eun-jeong
Comparative analysis of Xiongnu noble tombs and burials in adjacent regions / Eregzen, Gelegdorzh
Early history of the study of the mounded tombs at the Noyon Uul necropolis : the collection of Andrei Ballod at the Irkutsk Museum of Regional Studies / Ivanov, Grigorii L.
Unlooted elite Xiongnu barrow at Khökh Üzüüriin Dugui-II, Bulgan sum, Khovd aimag, Mongolia : relative chronological dating and its significance for the study of Xiongnu burial rites : preliminary report / Kovalev, Alexei A. ; Erdenebaatar, Diimaazhav ; Iderkhangai, Tömör-Ochir
Excavations of satellite burial 30, tomb 1 complex, Gol Mod 2 necropolis / Erdenebaatar, Diimaazhav ; Iderkhangai, Tömör-Ochir ; Galbadrakh, Baatar ; Minzhiddorzh, Enkhbaiar ; Orgilbaiar, Samdanzhamts
Interregional interaction. Study on bronze mirrors in Xiongnu graves of Mongolia / Törbat, Tsagaan
Lacquer ear-cups from burial mound 20 in Noyon Uul / Polos'mak, Natal'ia ; Bogdanov, Evgenii S. ; Chistiakova, Agniia N. ; Kundo, Liudmilla P.
Animal style silver ornaments of the Xiongnu period / Erööl-Erdene, Chimiddorzh
Ceramic roof tiles from Terelzhiin Dörvölzhin / Danilov, Sergei V. ; Tsydenova, Natal'ia V.
Belt placques as an indicator of East-West relations in the Eurasian Steppe at the turn of the millennia / Brosseder, Ursula
Regional approaches and delineating the polity. Preliminary research on the spatial organization of the Xiongnu territories in Mongolia / Holotová-Szinek, Juliana
Was the center of the Xiongnu empire in the Orkhon valley? / Bemmann, Jan
Summary of Xiongnu sites within the northern periphery of China / Pan, Ling
Shouxiangcheng fortress of the western Han period : excavations at Baian Bulag, Nomgon sum, Ömnögov' aimag, Mongolia / Kovalev, Alexei A. ; Erdenebaatar, Diimaazhav ; Matrenin, Sergei S. ; Grebennikov, Ivan Iu.
On the walled site of Mangasyn Khuree in Galbyn Gobi / Amartüvshin, Chunag ; Gantulga, Zham'ian-Ombo ; Garamzhav, Dondog
New finds from the Xiongnu period iin Central Tuva : preliminary communication / Leus, Pavel M.
Metal of the Xiongnu period from the Terezin cemetery, Tuva / Khavrin, Sergei V.
Characteristic burials of the Xiongnu period at Ialoman-II in the Altai / Tishkin, Alexei A.
Permutations of peripheries in the Xiongnu empire / Miller, Bryan K.
Papers from a 2008 conference, along with other solicited contributions on Xiongnu archaeology.
Bibliography: p. [579]-644.
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Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the Alumni and Friends Memorial Book Fund.
Brosseder, Ursula.
Miller, Bryan Kristopher.
Alumni and Friends Memorial Book Fund.