Derush le-Rosh ha-Shanah : ʻal ʻinyan le-ʻorer libot bene ha-adam li-teshuvah, ṿe-ṭaʻam teḳiʻat shofar, ṿa-ʻaḳedat Yitsḥaḳ, ṿe-tsidḳut Daniyel ṿe-Shadrakh, Meshakh ṿa-ʻAved Nego, ṿe-ḥoḳ le-Yiśraʼel, ṿe-tsidḳut Yosef ha-tsadiḳ ʻalaṿ ha-shalom / yad ha-kotev le-ḥayim, ha-tsaʻir ṿeha-dal, [?] Maimon bar Avraham Aboḥboṭ S.ṭ.. = דרוש לראש השנה : על ענין לעורר לבות בני האדם לתשובה, וטעם תקיעת שופר, ועקידת יצחק, וצדקות דניאל ושדרך, מישך ועביד נגו, וחוק לישראל, וצדקות יוסף הצדיק עליו השלום / יד הכותיב לחיים, הצעיר והדל, [?] מימון בר אברהם אבוחבט ס"ט.

Aboḥboṭ, Maimon ben Avraham, 1800-1875.
אבוחבט, מימון בן אברהם, 1800-1875.
Terceira, 1869.
11 leaves : paper ; 210 x 132 (168 x 94) mm bound to 210 x 138 mm.
Repentance -- Judaism -- Sermons.
Rosh ha-Shanah sermons.
Jews -- Azores -- Sources.
Manuscripts, Hebrew -- 19th century.
Hebrew and Judeo-Portuguese.
Leader of the Jewish community in Terceira, one of the islands of the Azores.
Sermon for Rosh ha-Shanah on repentance, the blowing of the shofar, the binding of Isaac, and the righteousness of Daniel and Joseph. Annotated with manicules and some marginal notes. Small paper patches pasted over a few words and phrases.
Ms. codex.
Title from title page (f. i recto).
Foliation: Paper, 11; [i], 1-10, early foliation in ink, upper left recto. Catchwords on many leaves.
Layout: Written in 20-24 long lines; ruled in lead with vertical bounding lines; octavo.
Script: Written in square script (Hebrew) and semi-cursive Sephardic script (Judeo-Portuguese) by Maimon Aboḥboṭ (f. i recto).
Binding: Original (19th-century) paper wrapper, with title label.
Origin: Written in Teceira, 25 Elul, 1869 (f. i recto; label, upper cover).
Penn Provenance:
Formerly owned by antiquarian bookdealer and collector Alfonso Cassuto (Lisbon; bookplate, inside upper cover; embossed stamp, f. i recto); probably purchased in 1978 (pencil note, inside upper cover).
Sold by the Cassuto family in Portugal, 2014.
Cited as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 1652
Cassuto, Alfonso, 1910-1990, former owner.
Alfonso Cassuto Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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