New directions in prose and poetry 11 / [edited by J. Laughlin].

[New York] : New Directions, 1949.
512 pages, [4] leaves of plates : illustrations
Literature, Modern -- 20th century.
Short stories.
Literature, Modern.
Notes on contributors
Editor's notes / James Laughlin
An arduous good / H.E. Fenway
The fantastic symphony / Lloyd Alexander
A mourning / Catharine Carver
The irrelevant instructor / John F. Matthews
The railway accident / Allen Chalmers
The situation of the American writer / Stephen Spender
Americana. Lily. Cow. Horny Hogan. Railroad town. The little place. Summer Sunday. Two war poems / Robert Lowry
Rimbaud (Part Two) / Henry Miller
The game / Jane Mayhall
My maternal aunt / Tito Guerrini
Pages from Cold Point / Paul Bowles
Christmas day / Frances Cotton
A parable of Perez / William Goyen
Life dream / Audrie Girdner
Manifesto of the two lions. Progress: a duet / Peter Viereck
Stone still, stone cold / John Goodwin
Iphigenia at Aulis / Kenneth Rexroth
The room. A new Goliath. Mid-century. Rabbit's foot / William Burford
Monotonous solid / Kitasono Katue
[Untitled poem] / Ueda Toshio
[Untitled poem] / Vada Toshio.
Three poems / Lorine Niedecker
Transgression / Lynette Roberts
In the tower two angels hold my hands. The burning snows / Willard Maas
City Sunday. Pastoral scene. No Emily's and no Blake's. Being left without a poem / Marcia Nardi
Objects have a history / Albert Cook
The idiot beneath the el. The piazza. Persian miniature. Nukuhiva. Evening at Grandpoint. Orpheus. Lachrymae Christi. The park in Milan / William Jay Smith
Christmas Eve / Brenda Chamberlain
The leaves of Europe. The tower in the wind. Lament for a wise head / Howard Sergeant
Vincent Sullivan. Etudes for the eleventh finger / Sherry Mangan
The transmigrant / Harold Grier McCurdy
Love is. Sun. Cafe tableau. The key to everything. Hand better than a wing? / May Swenson
Poem of flight. A world's cemetery. The doomed. Inner strife. Balance-sheet. The petrified man / Alain Bosquet
Passacaglia for foghorn, brand-new radio-phonograph (installment due) and one human voice (tacit) / Irwin Kroening.
May 1st tomorrow. Apre's le bain. Spring is here again, sir. The hard core of beauty. Tolstoy. Cuchulain. Twelve line poem. Nun's song. Another old woman. Wide awake, full of love. Song. Song. Translation. Convivio / William Carlos Williams
Charivari / John Hawkes
The city stopped in time / Claudio Solar
Investigations of the writings of Herbert Quain. The circular ruins / Jorge Luis Borges
Rubio y Morena. The soft city. Counsel. The eyes / Tennessee Williams
Death in Paris. Poem. How suddenly exhausted. On crossing the Atlantic. Sunset. For loving is real / Stanley Moss
Four poems on a mid-century theme / Edwin Honig
fragments from Our lady of flowers / Jean Genet
At all times it is good to praise the shining earth / Edward Field
Night groping / Joseph Shore
The art of Arthur G. Dove / Duncan Phillips.
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