Semiconductors and semimetals / edited by R.K. Willardson, Albert C. Beer.

New York : Academic Press, 1966-
v. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Semiconductors -- Collected works.
Semimetals -- Collected works.
v. 1-2. Physics of III-V compounds
v. 3. Optical properties of III-V compounds
v. 4. Physics of III-V compounds
v. 5. Infrared detectors
v. 6. Injection phenomena
v. 7. Applications and devices (2 v.)
v. 8. Transport and optical phenomena
v. 9. Modulation techniques
v. 10. Transport phenomena
v. 11. Solar cells
v. 12. Infrared detectors II
v. 13. Cadmium telluride
v. 14. Lasers, junctions, transport
v. 15. Contacts, junctions, emitters
v. 16. Defects, (HgCd)Se, (HgCd)Te
v. 18. Mercury cadmium telluride
v. 19. Deep levels, GaAs, alloys, photochemistry
v. 21. Hydrogenated amorphous silicon
v. 23. Pulsed laser processing of semiconductors
v. 31. Indium phosphide
v. 32. Strained-layer superlattices
v. 35. Nanostructured systems

v. 51A. Identification of defects in semiconductors
v. 51B. Identification of defects
v. 52. SiC materials and devices
v.53. Index v.1-50
v. 54-55. High pressure in semiconductor physics I and II
v. 56. Germanium silicon : physics and materials
v. 57. Gallium nidride (GAN) II
v. 58. Nonlinear optics in semiconductors I
v. 59. Nonlinear optics in semiconductors II
v.62. Intersubband transitions in quantum wells: physics and device applications I
v.63. Chemical mechanical polishing in silicon processing.
v.64. Electroluminescence I.
v.65. Electroluminescence II.
v.66. Intersubband transitions in quantum wells.
v.67. Semiconductors and semimetals.
v.68. Isotope effects in solid state physics
v.69. Recent trends in thermoelectric materials research I.
v.70. Recent trends in thermoelectric materials research II.
v.71. Recent trends in thermoelectric materials research III.
v.73. Processing and properties of compound semiconductors.
v.74. Silicon-germanium strained layers and heterostructures
v.75. Laser crystallization of silicon
v.76. Thin-film diamond I.
v.77. Thin-film diamond II.
v.78. Semiconducting chalcogenide glass I
v.79. Semiconducting chalcogenide glass II
v.80. Semiconducting chalcogenide glass III
v.81. Semiconductors and semimetals
v.82. Spintronics
v.83. Quantum efficiency in complex systems, part I : Biomolecular systems
v.84. Advances in infrared photodetectors
v.85. Quantum efficiency in complex systems, part II : From molecular aggregates to organic solar cells
v.86. Advances in semiconductor lasers
v.87. Advances in photovoltaics, v.1
v.88. Oxide semiconductors
v.89. Advances in photovoltaics, v.2
v.90. Advances in photovoltaics, v.3
v.91. Defects in semiconductors
v.92. Advances in photovoltaics, v.4
v.93. Semiconductor nanowires I : growth and theory
v.94. Semiconductor nanowires II : properties and applications
v.99. Silicon Photonics
Vol. 13- edited by K. Zanio.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Willardson, Robert K.
Beer, Albert C.
0127521062 (v. 6)
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