Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming [electronic resource] : 14th International Conference, CP 2008, Sydney, Australia, September 14-18, 2008, Proceedings / edited by Peter J. Stuckey.

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming, CP 2008, Sydney, Australia, September, 2008. The 27 revised full papers and 23 revised short papers presented together with 6 application papers and the abstracts of one invited lecture were carefully reviewed and selected from 120 submissions. All current issues of computing with constraints are addressed, ranging from methodological and foundational aspects - using algorithms, environments, languages, models and systems - to solving real-world problems in various application fields.
Invited Lecture
Back to the Complexity of Universal Programs
Applications Track Long Papers
A Constraint Programming Approach for Allocation and Scheduling on the CELL Broadband Engine
Planning and Scheduling the Operation of a Very Large Oil Pipeline Network
Search Strategies for Rectangle Packing
Solving a Telecommunications Feature Subscription Configuration Problem
Protein Structure Prediction with Large Neighborhood Constraint Programming Search
An Application of Constraint Programming to Superblock Instruction Scheduling
Research Track Long Papers
Classes of Submodular Constraints Expressible by Graph Cuts
Optimization of Simple Tabular Reduction for Table Constraints
Universal Booleanization of Constraint Models
Flow-Based Propagators for the SEQUENCE and Related Global Constraints
Guiding Search in QCSP?+? with Back-Propagation
A New Framework for Sharp and Efficient Resolution of NCSP with Manifolds of Solutions
A Branch and Bound Algorithm for Numerical MAX-CSP
A Geometric Constraint over k-Dimensional Objects and Shapes Subject to Business Rules
Cost-Based Domain Filtering for Stochastic Constraint Programming
Dichotomic Search Protocols for Constrained Optimization
Length-Lex Bounds Consistency for Knapsack Constraints
A Framework for Hybrid Tractability Results in Boolean Weighted Constraint Satisfaction Problems
From High Girth Graphs to Hard Instances
Switching among Non-Weighting, Clause Weighting, and Variable Weighting in Local Search for SAT
CPBPV: A Constraint-Programming Framework for Bounded Program Verification
Exploiting Common Subexpressions in Numerical CSPs
A Soft Constraint of Equality: Complexity and Approximability
Structural Tractability of Propagated Constraints
Connecting ABT with Arc Consistency
Elicitation Strategies for Fuzzy Constraint Problems with Missing Preferences: Algorithms and Experimental Studies
Reformulating Positive Table Constraints Using Functional Dependencies
Relaxations for Compiled Over-Constrained Problems
Approximate Compilation of Constraints into Multivalued Decision Diagrams
Quantified Constraint Optimization
Exploiting Decomposition in Constraint Optimization Problems
A Coinduction Rule for Entailment of Recursively Defined Properties
Maintaining Generalized Arc Consistency on Ad Hoc r-Ary Constraints
Research Track Short Papers
Perfect Constraints Are Tractable
Efficiently Solving Problems Where the Solutions Form a Group
Approximate Solution Sampling (and Counting) on AND/OR Spaces
Model Restarts for Structural Symmetry Breaking
An Elimination Algorithm for Functional Constraints
Crossword Puzzles as a Constraint Problem
Recent Hybrid Techniques for the Multi-Knapsack Problem
Edge Matching Puzzles as Hard SAT/CSP Benchmarks
Test Strategy Generation Using Quantified CSPs
Perfect Derived Propagators
Refined Bounds for Instance-Based Search Complexity of Counting and Other #P Problems
Transforming Inconsistent Subformulas in MaxSAT Lower Bound Computation
Semi-automatic Generation of CHR Solvers for Global Constraints
Stochastic Local Search for the Optimal Winner Determination Problem in Combinatorial Auctions
Revisiting the Upper Bounding Process in a Safe Branch and Bound Algorithm
Computing All Optimal Solutions in Satisfiability Problems with Preferences
On the Efficiency of Impact Based Heuristics
Probabilistically Estimating Backbones and Variable Bias: Experimental Overview
A New Empirical Study of Weak Backdoors
Adding Search to Zinc
Experimenting with Small Changes in Conflict-Driven Clause Learning Algorithms
Search Space Reduction for Constraint Optimization Problems
Engineering Stochastic Local Search for the Low Autocorrelation Binary Sequence Problem.
Stuckey, Peter J. editor., Editor,
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