Combinatorial Optimization and Applications : 8th International Conference, COCOA 2014, Wailea, Maui, HI, USA, December 19-21, 2014, Proceedings / edited by Zhao Zhang, Lidong Wu, Wen Xu, Ding-Zhu Du.

1st ed. 2014.
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications, COCOA 2014, held on the island of Maui, Hawaii, USA, in December 2014. The 56 full papers included in the book were carefully reviewed and selected from 133 submissions. Topics covered include classic combinatorial optimization; geometric optimization; network optimization; optimization in graphs; applied optimization; CSoNet; and complexity, cryptography, and games.
An Exact Algorithm for Non-preemptive Peak Demand Job Scheduling
An Asymptotic Competitive Scheme for Online Bin Packing
Randomized Online Algorithms for Set Cover Leasing Problems
Optimizing Squares Covering a Set of Points
Algorithms for Fair Partitioning of Convex Polygons
A Quasi-polynomial Time Approximation Scheme for Euclidean CVRPTW
On-Line Strategies for Evacuating from a Convex Region in the Plane
Rectilinear Duals Using Monotone Staircase Polygons
Optimal Strategy for Walking in Streets with Minimum Number of Turns for a Simple Robot
Guarding Monotone Art Galleries with Sliding Cameras in Linear Time
Information Gathering in Ad-Hoc Radio Networks with Tree Topology
Improved Algorithms for Computing Minmax Regret 1-Sink and 2-Sink on Path Network
Approximate Aggregation for Tracking Quantiles in Wireless Sensor Networks
Interference-Free k-barrier Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
Performance Analysis and Improvement for the Construction of MCDS Problem in 3D Space
A Practical Greedy Approximation for the Directed Steiner Tree Problem
Spanning Properties of Theta-Theta Graphs
A Bicriteria Approximation Algorithm for DVRP with Time Windows
Data-Oblivious Graph Algorithms in Outsourced External Memory
A Dichotomy for Upper Domination in Monogenic Classes
Algorithms for the Maximum Weight Connected k-Induced Subgraph Problem
Algorithms for Cut Problems on Trees
The Minimum Vulnerability Problem on Graphs
The List Coloring Reconfiguration Problem for Bounded Pathwidth Graphs
Two Paths Location of a Tree with Positive or Negative Weights
Approximation Algorithms for Optimization Problems in Random Power-Law Graphs
A Comparison Between the Zero Forcing Number and the Strong Metric Dimension of Graphs
Optimal Trees for Minimizing Average Individual Updating Cost
Cascading Critical Nodes Detection with Load Redistribution in Complex Systems
The Power of Rejection in Online Bottleneck Matching
The Generalized 3-Edge-Connectivity of Lexicographic Product Graphs
Integer Programming Methods for Special College Admissions Problems
On the Width of Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams
Tight Analysis of Priority Queuing for Egress Traffic
Optimally Bracing Grid Frameworks with Holes
Top-K Query Retrieval of Combinations with Sum-of-Subsets Ranking
Efficient Group Testing Algorithms with a Constrained Number of Positive Responses
Maximizing Revenues for On-Line Dial-a-Ride
Global Internet Connectedness: 2002-2011
Optimal Containment of Misinformation in Social Media: A Scenario-Based Approach
Multivariate Heavy Tails in Complex Networks
Mixed Degree-Degree Correlations in Directed Social Networks
Social and Economic Network Formation: A Dynamic Model
A Region Growing Algorithm for Detecting Critical Nodes
A Fast Greedy Algorithm for the Critical Node Detection Problem
Integer Programming Formulations for Minimum Spanning Forests and Connected Components in Sparse Graphs
Complexity, Cryptography and Game
On the Parameterized Complexity of Dynamic Problems with Connectivity Constraints
Parameterized and Subexponential-Time Complexity of Satisfiability Problems and Applications
Kolmogorov Structure Functions for Automatic Complexity in Computational Statistics
Improved Even Order Magic Square Construction Algorithms and Their Applications
The Complexity of the Positive Semidefinite Zero Forcing
A Potential Reduction Algorithm for Ergodic Two-Person Zero-Sum Limiting Average Payoff Stochastic Games
The Popular Matching and Condensation Problems Under Matroid Constraints
Incremental Computation of Pseudo-Inverse of Laplacian
Optimal Tracking of Multiple Targets Using UAVs
Approximation Algorithm for the Minimum Connected k-Path Vertex Cover Problem.
Zhang, Zhao, editor., Editor,
Wu, Lidong. editor., Editor,
Xu, Wen, editor., Editor,
Du, Dingzhu, editor., Editor,
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