Atomic energy for military purposes : the official report on the development of the atomic bomb under the auspices of the United States government, 1940-1945 / by Henry De Wolf Smyth.

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Smyth, Henry De Wolf, 1898-1986.
Other Title:
General account of the development of methods of using atomic energy for military proposes under the auspices of the United States government, 1940-1945
Smyth report
Atomic energy
Princeton : Princeton University Press, 1945.
ix, [3], 264 pages, [8] pages of plates : illustrations, diagrams ; 21 cm
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Manhattan District.
Manhattan Project (U.S.)
Atomic bomb -- United States.
Nuclear energy -- United States.
Manhattan Project (U.S.)
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Manhattan District.
Atomic bomb.
Nuclear energy.
United States
Place of Publication:
United States New Jersey Princeton.
Statement of the problem
Administrative history up to December 1941
Progress up to December 1941
Administrative history 1942-1945
The metallurgical project at Chicago in 1942
The plutonium production problem as of February 1943
The plutonium problem, January 1943 to June 1945
General discussion of the separation of isotopes
The separation of the uranium isotopes by gaseous diffusion
Electromagnetic separation of uranium isotopes
The work on the atomic bomb
General summary.
"Written at the request of Maj. Gen. L.R. Groves, U.S.A."
"This book is a republication, with the modifications detailed in the author's preface, of the official report issued by the 'Manhattan District, ' U.S. Corps of Engineers (the name given by the War Department to the Atomic Bomb Project)."
Originally published under title: A general account of the development of methods of using atomic energy for military purposes under the auspices of the United States government, 1940-1945. Washington, D.C. : [U.S.G.P.O.], 1945. The G.P.O. ed. was preceded by a lithoprint ed., with the same title, issued to members of the press and the scientific community in early August. Only the latter is mentioned on the front flap of the dust jacket: "The report was first issued by the Army in a small typewritten edition reproduced in lithoprint. Princeton University Press discovered that this was in no way filling the demand and undertook this edition as a public service."
Also known as "Smyth report."
"Minor changes have been made for this edition. These changes consist of the following variations from the report as issued August 12, 1945: (1) Minor clarifications and corrections in wording; (2) Inclusion of a paragraph on radioactive effects issued by the War Department to accompany the original release of this report; (3) Addition of a few sentences on the success of the health precautions; (4) Addition of a few names; (5) Addition of Appendix 6, giving the War Department release on the New Mexico test of July 16, 1945; (6) Inclusion of the photographic section; (7) Inclusion of an index. H.D.S. September 1, 1945"--Page vii-viii. Not mentioned is the deletion of the last sentence in section 8.15, on "poisoning" in the Hanford pile.
Issued in hardcover ("cloth edition") in dust jacket (price $2.00) and in paperback (price $1.25).
Includes indexes.
Local notes:
Zinman copies presented to the Penn Libraries by Michael Zinman.
Zinman copy 1 is paperback edition.
Zinman copy 1 has bookseller's label ("The Book Shop 5 Grosvenor Building Providence, RI") on p. [4] of cover.
Zinman copy 2 is paperback edition.
Zinman copy 2 signed by the author on half-title leaf; dated 20th-century autograph ("Susan M. Bryan September 1945") on half-title leaf.
Zinman copy 2 has photographic illustration (with caption: Atomic Bomb-Burst Over Japan.) from an unidentified publication affixed to p. 264; book pocket affixed to p. [3] of cover.
Zinman copy 2 housed in clamshell case.
Zinman copy 3 is cloth edition; dust jacket retained.
Zinman copy 3 inscribed on front free endpaper to H.A. (Harry Alonzo) Winne (1888-1968) on 4 October 1945 from the Kellex Corporation by P.C. (Percival Cleveland) Keith (1900-1976), Albert L. (Albert Lundy) Baker (1897-1953), Henry A. (Henry Abraham) Boorse (1904-2003), and John R. (John Ray) Dunning (1907-1975). Also signed by Leslie R. (Leslie Richard) Groves (1896-1970), T.F. (Thomas Francis) Farrell (1891-1967), Victoria R. Musial, Lewis B. (Lewis Burrie) Swift (1885-1967), K.D. (Kenneth David) Nichols (1907-2000), James C. (James Caleb) Stowers (1906-1999), and one illegible signer ("Aer[...]").
Zinman copy 4 is cloth edition; dust jacket (damaged) retained.
Zinman copy 4 has some ms. underlines, marks and annotations in pencil, red pencil and blue ink in text.
Zinman copy 4 has laid in folded typescript gift note signed by Hugh S. Taylor; partially illegible autograph ("Charles C[...]st[...]") on front free endpaper.
Zinman copy 5 is cloth edition; dust jacket retained.
Zinman copy 5 signed on front pastedown by E.T. (Eugene Theodore) Booth (1912-2004), Don (i.e. Donald B.) Trauger (1920-2008), Clarke Williams (1902-1983), Rex B. Pontius (1909-1987), H.J. [illegible], (Alfred) Dixon Callihan (1908-2001), Lorine Newman, Ralph R. Wolf (1908-1974), Bruce J. (Bruce Jones) Miller (1904-1975), W.J. Birthright[?], C.L. Cannon, [illegible] Hostettler, Roy E. (Roy Edwin) Blewitt, Jr. (1923-2007), Graham Cook (1900-1983), George M. (George Moseley) Murphy (1903-1968), and Florence E. Bennett.
Zinman copy 5 has paper slip with ms. provenance notes in pencil laid in.
Zinman copy 6 is cloth edition; dust jacket retained.
Zinman copy 6 has autograph ("R.G. Benner") of Roland George Benner (1908-1982) on front pastedown; autographs of Edward Teller and Hans A. (Hans Albrecht) Bethe on front free endpaper; paper slip with ms. gift inscription ("With all good wishes, Ernest O Lawrence") of Ernest O. (Ernest Orlando) Lawrence affixed to front free endpaper.
Zinman copy 7 is cloth edition; dust jacket retained.
Zinman copy 7 probably presented in 1946 to Robert R. (Robert Raymond) Peatfield (1906-1988; cf. inscription "XXXOOO To Mrs. Peatfield" on front free endpaper) and signed by various employees of the Y-12 Plant, Eastman Corporation (Oak Ridge, Tenn.).
Zinman copy 7 signed on front pastedown, left-hand column, by Fred W. (Fred William) Connell (1909-2005), J.C. (John C.) Hecker (1908-2001), R.E. (Roger E.) Barker, Stanley A. Powers (1914-1990), St[...]pp[...] Stone[?], Charlotte Harris, George B. Tucker, O.E. (Othniel Edward) Gilcrease (1904-1980), and Newell D. (Newell Deakins) Barker (1905-1975).
Zinman copy 7 signed on front pastedown, right-hand column, by J. Clyde (Junius Clyde) Bowles (1912-1967), Ruby Craig, Robert Morris, Betty Beeson, C.H. (Charles Hadley) Weaver (1920-1997), William L. (William Love) Brown (1920-2009), Laurence [illegible], J[?].E. R[...], R.M. (Richard Marvin) Batch (1899-1968), W.T. (Wesley Turnell) Hanson, Sr. (1879-1958), W.A. (William A.) Chalkley (1911-1992), Ernest Zurcher (1904-1989), L.F. (Leo Frederick) Hemphill (1916-1988), Milo V. (Milo Vincent) Martin (1896-1980), Jimmy C. (James Conrad) Little (1911-2002), Tom Davenport, Earl (Earl Austin) Crow (1919-1983), T.M. Taylor, Rob[?] Roy[?] [illegible], and E.P. (Elbert P.) Epler (1903-1990).
Zinman copy 7 signed on front free endpaper, left-hand column, by Frederick R. Conklin (1903-1967), [illegible], B.M. (Berlyn Mcintyre) Werly (1899-1962), H.J. H[...], Laura Green, J.P. (Joseph P.) Kennell (1899-1971), Ed. C. Sullivan, Edith Ann Manson (later Harrill; 1922-1998), Raymond G. (Raymond Greene) Stone (1915-1998), Chas. S. (Charles Street) Harrill (1909-2002), John H. Rogers, William M. (William McKinley) Hopkins (1895-1981), Hugh H[...], L. Lindsey, Al[?] Crescensi[?], and Bob Wagner.
Zinman copy 7 signed on front free endpaper, right-hand column, by W.R. Chambers, Edythe Day (later Phillips; 1910-1995), M.A. Richtmyer, Frances Ketler, James H. (James Helland) Leppert (1902-1962), A.S. (Albert Selden) Preston (1905-1967), Patsy (Patsy Chenault) Elmore (later Hauber; 1921-2000), Lucy Garrigan, Lou Nelle Garrison (1919-1990), Emil Vincens (1899-1964), C.F. (Charles Franklin) Holloway (1916-2005), M. Carl Becker (1919-1992), Homer (Homer Gillespie) Amerine, Jr. (1916-1998), Asa N. (Asa Nelson) Kitchen, Jr. (1921-2009), Arthur [illegible], Gerald L. Jones, E.B. Lamb, David A. (David Albert) Roberson (1921-1993), Lawrence F. (Lawrence Fauntleroy) Koontz (1904-2003), John P. Eising, J.M (Joseph Marie) Harrer (1913-1973), Ernest (Ernest Merwin) Lees (1922-2002), Paul C. (Paul Clement) Hauber (1918-1973), and Warren J. (Warren Joseph) Ramler (1921-2010).
Zinman copy 8 is paperback edition.
Zinman copy 8 has laid in paper slip with bookseller's printed description of this copy and a few ms. notes.
Penn Provenance:
Zinman, Michael (donor) (Zinman copy 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8)
Book Shop (Providence, R.I.) (label) (Zinman copy 1)
Smyth, Henry De Wolf, 1898-1986 (autograph) (Zinman copy 2)
Bryan, Susan M. (autograph) (Zinman copy 2)
Winne, H. A. (inscription) (Zinman copy 3)
Keith, P. C. (autograph) (Zinman copy 3)
Baker, Albert L. (autograph) (Zinman copy 3)
Boorse, Henry A. (Henry Abraham), 1904- (autograph) (Zinman copy 3)
Dunning, John R. (John Ray), 1907-1975 (autograph) (Zinman copy 3)
Groves, Leslie R., 1896-1970 (autograph) (Zinman copy 3)
Farrell, Thomas F. (Thomas Francis), 1891-1967 (autograph) (Zinman copy 3)
Musial, Victoria R. (autograph) (Zinman copy 3)
Swift, Lewis B. (autograph) (Zinman copy 3)
Nichols, Kenneth D. (Kenneth David), 1907- (autograph) (Zinman copy 3)
Stowers, James C. (autograph) (Zinman copy 3)
Taylor, Hugh S. (Hugh Stott), 1890-1974 (autograph) (Zinman copy 4)
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Hauber, Paul C. (autograph) (Zinman copy 7)
Ramler, Warren J. (autograph) (Zinman copy 7)
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Zinman Atomic Energy Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Other format:
Online version: Smyth, Henry De Wolf, 1898-1986. Atomic bombs. Atomic energy for military purposes.
Online version: Smyth, Henry De Wolf, 1898-1986. Atomic bombs. Atomic energy for military purposes.
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