The glorious burden: the American Presidency. Stefan Lorant.

Lorant, Stefan, 1901-1997.
New York, Evanston, London, Harper & Row, Publishers, [1968]
959, [1] pages illus., facsims., ports. 29 cm.
Presidents -- United States -- Election -- Pictorial works.
Place of Publication:
United States New York (State) New York.
United States Illinois Evanston..
England London.
The creation of the office
1789 The first election George Washington
1792 The second election George Washington
1796 The third election John Adams
1804 The fourth election Thomas Jefferson
1804 The fifth election Thomas Jefferson
1808 The sixth election James Madison
1812 The seventh election James Madison
1816 The eighth election James Monroe
1820 The ninth election James Monroe
1824 The tenth election John Quincy Adams
1828 The eleventh election Andrew Jackson
1832 The twelfth election Andrew Jackson
1836 The thirteenth election Martin van Buren
1840 The fourteenth eleection William H. Harrison and John Tyler
1844 The fifteenth election James K. Polk
1848 The sixteenth election Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore
1852 The seventeenth election Franklin Pierce
1856 The eighteenth election James Buchanan
1860 The nineteenth election Abraham Lincoln
1864 The twentieth election Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson
1868 The twenty-first election Ulysses S. Grand
1872 The twenty-second election Ulysses S. Grand
1876 The twenty-third election Rutherford B. Hayes
1880 The twenty-fourth election James A. Garfield and Chester A. Arthur
1884 The twenty-fifth election Grover Cleveland
1888 The twenty-sixth election Benjamin Harrison
1892 The twenty-seventh election Grover Cleveland
1896 The twenty-eighth election William McKinley
1900 The twenty-ninth election William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt
1904 The thirtieth election Theodore Roosevelt
1908 The thirty-first election William Howard Taft
1912 The thirty-second election Woodrow Wilson
1916 The thirty-third election Woodrow Wilson
1920 The thirty-fourth election Warren G. Harding and Calvin Coolidge
1924 The thirty-fifth election Calvin Coolidge
1928 The thirty-sixth election Herbert Hoover
1932 The thirty-seventh election Franklin D. Roosevelt
1936 The thirty-eighth election Frank D. Roosevelt
1940 The thirty-ninth election Franklin D. Roosevelt
1944 The fortieth election Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman
1948 The forty-first election Harry S. Truman
1952 The forty-second election Dwight D. Eisenhower
1956 The forty-third election Dwight D. Eisenhower
1960 The forty-fourth election John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson
1964 The forty-fifth election: Lyndon B. Johnson.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 942-947) and index.
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