Speaking of language and law : conversations on the work of Peter Tiersma / edited by Lawrence M. Solan, Janet Ainsworth, and Roger W. Shuy.

New York, NY : Oxford University Press, [2015]
xix, 306 pages ; 25 cm.
Oxford studies in language and law.
Oxford studies in language and law

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Law -- Language.
Tiersma, Peter Meijes.
Excerpt from a history of the languages of law (in the Ooxford handbook of language and law) / Peter M. Tiersma
Excerpt from legal language / Peter M. Tiersma
Excerpt from parchment, paper, pixels / Peter M. Tiersma
Excerpt from some myths about legal language / Peter M. Tiersma
On the relationship between legal and ordinary language / Frederick Schauer
Legal language and its history : quo imus? qua imus? / Ronald R. Butters
Philosophical hermeneutics in the age of pixels : Hans-Georg Gadamer, Peter Tiersma, and Dasein in the age of the internet / Frank S. Ravitch
The language of lawyers and the language of plumbers / Edward Finegan
Words, words, words : but what's in a text? / Dieter Stein
Excerpt from parchment, paper, pixels / Peter M. Tiersma
Excerpt from reassessing unilateral contracts / Peter M. Tiersma
Philosophy of language, unilateral contracts, and the law / Brian H. Bix
How to do legal things with words : the contracts scholarship of Peter Tiersma / Sidney W. DeLong
Tiersma contra mundum in defence of promises / Peter Goodrich
Formalism, speech acts, and the realities of contract formation / Jeffrey M. Lipshaw
Excerpts from the language of silence / Peter M. Tiersma
Excerpt from nonverbal communication and the freedom of speech / Peter M. Tiersma
Law's metalinguistics : silence, speech, and action / Elizabeth Mertz
The sounds of silence / Malcolm Coulthard
Speech or silence : within and beyond language and law / Meizhen Liao
Excerpt from the language of consent in rape law (in Janet Cotterill (ed.), The language of sexual crime (pp. 91-97) / Peter M. Tiersma
"Inferring" consent in the context of rape and sexual assault / Susan Ehrlich
Felicitous consent / Tim Grant & Kerrie Spaul
Reflections on Peter Tiersma's "the language and consent in rape law" / Gregory M. Matoesian
Speaking of consent / Gail Stygall
Excerpt from the language of defamation / Peter M. Tiersma
Defamation as speech act: a theory that works / John M. Conley
Applyhing Tiersm'a defamation theory to defamation cases / Roger W. Shuy
Scarlet letter or badge of honour? : semantic interpretation in changing contexts of culture / Krzysztof Kredens
Excerpt from parchment, paper, pixels (pp. 169-176, starting with "dynamic statutes") / Peter M. Tiersma
Excerpt from the textualization of precedent (pp. 1187-89, 1257-62) / Peter M. Tiersma
Talk about text as text / Lawrence M. Solan
Textualization, textualism, and purpose-stating preambles / Jeffrey P. Kaplan
Between paper and pixels : how the form of modern laws changed their function / Dru Stevenso
Except from the language of perjury : "literal truth," ambiguity, and the false statement requirement / Peter M. Tiersma
"Threats" (from speaking of crime (pp. 198-204) / Lawrence M. Solan and Peter M. Tiersma
How we play games with words in the law / Janet Ainsworth
Toward a communicative approach to law- and rule-making / Philip Gaines
Threats : a pragmalinguistic approach to the analysis of a speech crime / Susan Berk-Seligson
Except from the judge as linguist / Peter M. Tiersma
Applied (forensic) linguistics in autochthonic and allochthonic use / Hannes Kniffka
The sound of silence : Miranda waivers, selective literalism and social context / Richard A. Leo
Words alone / Laurie L. Levenson
Sizzling irons : speaking of criminal justice / Frances Rock
Excerpt from the rocky road to legal reform / Peter M. Tiersma
Excerpt from legal language / Peter M. Tiersma
Navigating the rocky road / Bethany K. Dumas
Authority and accommodation : judicial responses to jurors' questions / Chris Heffer
Jury instructions written for jurors : a perennial challenge / Nancy S. Marder
Bibliography of Peter Tiersma's work.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Tiersma, Peter Meijes, author.
Solan, Lawrence, 1952- editor.
Ainsworth, Janet, editor.
Shuy, Roger W., editor.