Relocating the history of science : essays in honor of Kostas Gavroglu / Theodore Arabatzis, Jürgen Renn, Ana Simões, editors.

Cham : Springer, [2015]
vii, 383 pages ; 24 cm.
Boston studies in the philosophy and history of science ; v.312.
Boston studies in the philosophy and history of science ; v. 312

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Science -- History.
Science -- Historiography.
Science -- Philosophy -- History.
History of modern physical sciences. Louis Paul Cailletet, the liquefaction of oxygen and the emergence of an "in-between discipline" : low-temperature research / Faidra Papanelopoulou
Lindemann and Einstein : the Oxford connexion / Robert Fox
Einstein and Hilbert / John Stachel
Quantum chemistry and the quantum revolution / Sam Schweber and Gal BenPorat
STEP matters. Centers and peripheries revisited : STEP and the mainstream historiography of science / Agustí Nieto-Galan
At the center and the periphery : Joseph Pitton de Tournefort botanizes in Crete / Lorraine Daston
Boscovich in Britain / J.L. Heilbron
Neo-Hellenic enlightenment : in search of a European identity / Manolis Patiniotis
The non-introduction of low-temperature physics in Spain : Julio Palacios and Heike Kamerlingh Onnes / José M. Sánchez-Ron
Beyond borders in the history of science education / José Ramón Bertomeu-Sánchez
History and philosophy of science. Probable reasoning and its novelties / Ian Hacking
Reductionism and the relation between chemistry and physics / Hasok Chang
The internal-external distinction sheds light on the history of the twentieth-century philosophy of science / Gürol Irzik
Concepts out of theoretical contexts / Theodore Arabatzis and Nancy J. Nersessian
Historiographical musings. The history of science and the globalization of knowledge / Jürgen Renn
The global and the local in the study of the humanities / Rivka Feldhay
On scientific biography and biographies of scientists / Helge Kragh
Biography and the history of science / Mary Jo Nye
Different undertakings, common practices : some directions for the history of science / Ana Simões
Beyond history of science : mathematics, technology and contemporary issues. The meaning of Hypostasis in Diophantus' Arithmetica / Jean Christianidis
On the hazardousness of the concept "technology" : notes on a conversation between the history of science and the history of technology / Aristotle Tympas
Wireless at the bar : experts, circuits and Marconi's inventions in patent disputes in early twentieth-century Britain / Stathis Arapostathis
Curating the European university / Hans-Jörg Rheinberger
Can science make peace with the environment? Science, power, exploitation / Angelo Baracca.
Includes bibliographical references.
Arabatzis, Theodore, 1965- editor.
Renn, Jürgen, 1956- editor.
Simões, Ana, editor.
Gavroglou, Kōstas, honouree.