Cat catalog : the ultimate cat book / edited by Judy Fireman.

New York : Workman Pub. Co., ©1976.
352 pages, [1] leaf of plates : illustrations ; 32 cm

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Historical cat, mystical, artistic, well-bred, public, physical, passionate, healthy, well fed, medical, performing, private, legal and consuming cat.
The historical cat. The cat in Egypt / by Jean Cantin
The social history of the cat / by Timothy Bay
The Black Death plague and the cat / by John Voight
The cats of China and japan / by Barbara Nixon
The Victorian senisbility and cats / by Carl T. Burton
The mystical cat. Lore and legends of the cat / by Lily Groover Jackson
Cats and the stars / by Margery Bihari
The witch's cat / by Marion Weinstein
The story of the cat who invented yoga / by Sally Ellyson
The psychic cat / by Paulette Cooper
Night siren / by Margaret Baldwin
The artistic cat. The cat in literature 1570-1976 by Claire Necker
The cat's bookshelf by gertrude Zeehandelaar
Cats and writers
Cat poems
A monk's lament for his cat / by Anne Howland Schotter
The cat and the fox / by Aesop
Catamorphosis / by Roni Schotter
A moral tale
Cat watching / by Robley Wilson, Jr.
Sphinx and Cheops and Ted and Alice and Puss and boots / by Jurgen R. Gothe
Cats and children's literature / by Roni Schotter
Cat words / by Lawrence paros
Fractured lexicon / by Barbara Odabashian
The cat in medieval art / by Louise Caldi
The cat in modern Western art / by Laura Battiferi
The story of Gottfried Mind / by Liselotte Erlanger
The story of Louis Wain / by Judy Fireman
The art of Henriette Ronner
The cat in American folk art / by Bruce JOhnson
The cat in Oriental art / by Jung May Lee
The cat in music / by Claire Necker
Pet blues / by Nancy Dolensek & Bill Rogers.
The well bred cat. The breeds / by Will Tompson
The public cat. A guide to the cat fancy / by Isable Archer
The first cat show / by Harrison Weir
A judge's story / by Richard Gebhardt
A visit to a cattery / by Judy Fireman
How to adopt a stray / by Kathy Roth
The politics of strays / by Kitty Smith
The physical cat. The family of cats / by Kenneth Anderson
The anatomy of the cat / by Kenneth Anderson
The behavior of the cat / by Jani Anderson
Cat genetics / by Casey Rice
Boston is foothold of cats with extra toes / by Robert Cooke
The passionate cat. The reproductive life of the cat / by David Zimmerman
The healthy cat. The compete physical / by Kenneth Anderson
Basic cat health / by Rebecca B. Marcus
Signs of serious problems / by Jay Kuhlman
You can't declaw with love / by Paul Rowan
Declawing cats / by Richard W. Greene
Cats and plants / by Joan Lee Faust
Groovy catnip / by Vicky McMillan
Cats and household poisons / by Jay I. Luger
Helpful hints for healthy cats / by Gertrude Zeehandelaar.
The well fed cat. The nutritional cat / by Dava Sobel
Debunking myths about cat nutrition / by Michael Milts
The medical cat. Cat research / by Rosamonde Peltz
Feline leukemia / by W.D. Hardy and A.J. McClelland
Euthanasia : a deadly vital subject / by Louis J. Camuti
Learning ability in cats / by Benjamin L. Hart
Acupuncture for cats / by John Ottaviano
Toxoplasmosis : the cat disease people can catch / by J.K. Frenkel
The performing cat. The International Cat Film Festival / by Kitty Smith
Cats in comics / by Herbert Galewitz
Morris on the "Today" Show / by Mary Daniels
How tot ake cat pictures / by Walter Chandoha
Cats inadvertising / by Irma Reichert
The private cat. Cats are not people / by Anne Mendelson
A new cat : why, how and where to get one / by Jay Kuhlman
How to buy a healthy kitten / by Jerome J. Benisatto
Some cat clerihews / by Raymond D. Smith
Cat names / by Jacob Antelytes
Star / by Zoe Weaver
The naming of cats / by T.S. Eliot
Notes on cats, people and related matters / by John Simon
test your cat's sanity / by Chris Powers
Assertiveness training for cat owners / by Mordecai Siegal
A cat talks back / by Robert
Cat lovers and cat antagonists / by Rose Spiegel
Why I hate my cat / by Roberta Beck
Anathema of cats / by John Skelton
The cat and the birds / by Aesop
Ode/ by Thomas Gray
The pet I.Q. test / by Kathryn Lichter
Min misses a mouse / by Henry David Thoreau
To a cat / by A.C. Swinburne
Dogs are not purrfect / by Robert Stearns
A dog and a cat / by Aesop
A reply / by W.H. Hudson
How to teach your cat to shake hands / by Ken von der Porten
Cat trivia game / by Ed Goodgold
How to live sanely with 12 cats / by David Love
East Coast cats vs. West Coast cats / by Richard Smith
Relationships / by Esther Cohen
The education of a cat doctor / by Joseph F. Skelley
The education of a cat sitter / by Mary Hoe Love
How to train your cat / by Kathleen Cruzie
The elasticized cat / by Linda Abrams
Calico cat / by Carolyn Ambuter.
The legal cat. Cat law / by Burton Tauber
Dumpling, a feral foundling / by Carol Chappelear
The cat man of New Jersey / by Alan Caruba
Cats and the American way / by Gilbert Gude
Seeing-eye cats / by Brian McConnachie
The consuming cat. The fashionable cat ; the season's showings / by Jennifer Carden
Cats shouldn't wear clothes / by John Weitz
Puss in boutiques / by Irma Reichert
Cat funerals / by Edmund Blair Bolles
From "last words to a dumb friend" by Tomas Hardy
Lines upon the death of a cat / by Bob Russell
Catagenesis / by Suzanne Weaver.
Includes index.
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Gotham Book Mart Collection copy 1 has torn back cover.
Gotham Book Mart Collection copy 2 signed by Edward Gorey.
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Gotham Book Mart (former owner) (Gotham Book Mart Collection copies 1 & 2)
Gorey, Edward, 1925-2000 (autograph) (Gotham Book Mart Collection copy 2)
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Gotham Book Mart Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
Fireman, Judy.
Kramer, Edith R., inscriber.
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