Nostalgia and nightmare, a study in the fiction of S. Y. Agnon / by Arnold J. Band.

Band, Arnold J.
Berkeley, Los Angeles, University of California Press, 1968.
[2], xvi, 563, [3] pages 24 cm.
Agnon, Shmuel Yosef, 1888-1970.
Place of Publication:
United States California Berkeley.
United States California Los Angeles.
A cultural biography
Provincial beginnings: Buczacz (1903-1907)
Neoromantic experiments: Jaffa and Jerusalem (1907-1913)
From folktale to myth: Germany and Jerusalem (1913-1929)
Hakhnasat kala (The Bridal Canopy)
The expanding vision (1931-1941)
Ore'ah nata lalun (A wayfarer who tarried for a night), 1939
The conscience of the race (1942-1953)
Temol shilshom (Only Yesterday), 1945
Epilogue: Nostalgia and nightmare.
"'Nostalgia and Nightmare' published under the Auspices of the Near Eastern Center, University of California , Los Angeles."
Appendixes include: I. Works in Hebrew by Shmu'el Yosef Czaczkes (Agnon), 1903-1908; II. Works in Yiddish by Shmu'el Yosef Czaczkes (Agnon), 1903-1907; III. Fiction in Hebrew by S. Y. Agnong, 1908-1966; IV. Speeches by Agnon on Acceptance of Honors and Prizes; V. Miscellaneous Pieces by Agnon; VI. Eulogies and Personal Tributes by Agnon; VII. Sampling of Agnon's Letters; VIII. Agnon's Anthologies of Folklore; IX. Agnon's Uncollected Stories Originally Published between 1908 and KS², 1953; X. Agnon's stories published before 1953 but Collected in ha'Esh veha'etsim (KS², Vol. II, 1962); Anon's works in translation: English, German, French, Italian.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 453-521) and indexes.
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