The world of Middle Kingdom Egypt (2000-1550 BC) : contributions on archaeology, art, religion and other written sources. Volume I / edited by Ginaluca Miniaci, Wolfram Grajetzki.

London : Golden House Publications, 2015.
Middle Kingdom studies ; 1.
Middle Kingdom studies ; 1
358 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations (some color), maps ; 30 cm.
Egypt -- Civilization -- To 332 B.C.
Egypt -- History -- To 332 B.C.
Art, Ancient -- Egypt.
Burial assemblages of the late Middle Kingdom : shaft-tombs in Dahshur North / Masahiro Baba, Ken Yazawa
Stone objects from the late Middle Kingdom settlement at Tell el-Dab'a / Bettina Bader
Late Middle Kingdom or Late Period? : re-considering the "realistic" statue head, Munich ÄS 1622 / Helmut Brandl
Statue of the steward Memtyhotep (Berlin AM 15700) and some considerations about royal and private portrait under Amenemhat III Simon Connor
Thoughts on the sculpture of Sesostris I and Amenemhat II, inspired by the Meket-re study day / Biri Fay
London BM EA 288 (1237) - a cloaked individual / Biri Fay
Neferusobek project : part I / Biri Fay, Rita E. Freed, Thomas Schelper, Friederike Seyfried
Torso gets a name : an additional statue of the vizier Mentuhotep? / Rita E. Freed
Three burials of the seventeenth dynasty in Dra Abu El-Naga / Jose M. Galan, Angeles Jimenez-Higueras
A Middle Kingdom stela from Koptos (Royal pavilion & museums, Brighton & Hove HA282043) / Wolfgang Grajetzki
Hathor and her festivals at Lahun / Zoltan Horvath
King Seankhibra and the Middle Kingdom appeal to the living / Alexander Ilin-Tomich
A unique funerary complex in Qubbet el-Hawa for two governors of the late twelfth dynasty / Alejandro Jimenez Serrano
In the realm of reputation : private life in Middle Kingdom auto/biographies / Renata Landgrafova
So-called governor's cemetery at Bubastis and provincial elite : tombs in the Nile Delta : state and perspectives of research / Eva Lange
Archetype of kingship : who Senwosret I claimed to be, how and why? / David Lorand
Tracing Middle Kingdom pyramid texts traditions at Dahshur / Antonio J. Morales
New approaches to the study of households in middle kingdom and second intermediate period Egypt / Miriam Müller
(Social) house of Khnumhotep / Melinda G. Nelson-Hurst
Scribes of the gods in the Coffin Texts Rune Nyord
Significance of the hieroglyph "The egg with the young bird inside" / Mohamed Gamal Rashed
Canopic chest of Khakheperreseneb/Iy - Louvre E 17108 / Patricia Rigault
I am a Nbt-pr, and I am independent / Danijela Stefanovic, Helmut Satzinger
Garstang's El Arabah tomb E.1 / Angela M.J. Tooley.
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Acquired for the Penn Libraries with assistance from the George Clapp Vaillant Book Fund.
Miniaci, Gianluca, editor.
Grajetzki, Wolfram, editor.
George Clapp Vaillant Book Fund.
Container of: Bader, Bettina. Stone objects from the late Middle Kingdom settlement at Tell el-Dab'a .
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