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Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, [2003]
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v. 1. Madagascar: Oay Lalay e; chant malgache
Ireland: Medley of reels [on] Drowsy Maggie, Scottish Mary, Flogging reel
Georgia, Caucasian: Greek Orthodox Church choir.
Greece: shepherd clarinet-like pipes, kanun acc.
Japan. Gagaku: Imperial sho koto chant
Nigeria, Yoruba tribe: choral "singing" conversation, with signal drums.
India: sanai gath, raga kaphi, classical
France, Pyrenees: dance tune
Russian gypsy: vocal, with harmonica acc.
Bali, Gender Wajang: gamelan orchestra of Koeta.
Arabia: vocal, with instrumental acc.
Tahiti: Maururu roa vu. Riro mau. Hah hah moorea. Tau tiri ita. Ute upa upa.
Tibet: Lament for the dead, chant
United States: Pretty Polly
Iceland: Song of greeting Hlidarendakoti, rymur
Spain: Paternas, canto hondo./ V. 2. Cuba: Sutileza, son
Finland: Velisurmaaja, Edward ballad
Ukraine: There's a well in the field, folksong
Canada, Gaspian Bay: Adieu donc mes chers parents
American Indians, Sioux: Courting melody
Serbia: Ugasnule oci, cerne
China: Hu-k'in melody
Italy: La novena di Natale
Iran: Segah
Australian aborigines: Corroborree song
Chile: Festival dance
Albania: Lule sofo djale lule
Western Congo: Xylophones
Jewish: Oriental kol nidre
Kashmir: folk dance
Azerbaijan: folk song./ V. 3. Mexico: Sones of Huasteca
England: As I went out one May morning
Peru: Maraypatapi
Philippines: 'Urukay chant; Kalipay merrymaking
Puerto Rico: Baquine
Viet Nam: Instrumental
Bulgaria: Instrumental
Dahomey: [Vocal, with percussion acc.]
Washington Coast Indians: Bone game
Argentina: Chacarera
Hungarian gypsy: Instrumental
Trinidad: Fire brigade
Zululand: Instrumentals
Yugoslavia: Epic song
Brazil: Bambo du Bambu
Thailand: Classical music drama
Turkey: Gazel niguie gultchini
Egypt: Ya bougaitha hatl gaddarah./ V. 4. Ituri Forest pygmies: Boys' circumcision song
Borneo: Gamelon
Switzerland: Yodelling solo
Mexico: Yaqui dance
U.S.S.R.: Folk song
Estonia: Vocal with instrumental acc.
Rumania: Dance, instrumental
Ceylon: Voice, drums, rattles
Austria: Vocal with instrumental acc.
Samoa: Vocal
Bretagne: Vocal
Portugal: Christmas song
Venezuela: Dance, instrumental
Armenia: Dance, vocal and instrumental
Sweden: Walking tune
Java: Classical song
Korea: Classical song
Kurdistan: Wedding song
U.S.A.: Blues./ V. 5. Jamaica: Quadrille
Asturia: Folk dance
Southwest Africa: Female chorus and drum
Honduras: Instrumental dance
Byelorussia: Folk song
Algeria: Adjouadi hadi quadjba, song from South Oran
Zulu: Si zinyoni (Evening birds)
Cajun (Louisiana): Rue Canal
Hawaii-Kawikaa: Hula olopa
Haiti: Vaccines
Ethiopia: I beg you, heart, male voice with begenna
Malaya: Song (Temiar dream music)
Burma: Classic music (Aw ba thaung, excerpt from comic opera)
Syria: Khelet eyiounek, folk song
Afrikaans: Dis te ver om te ry
Poland: Kochani
Bolivia: El cholito, bailecito
Morocco: Sbaibi fel-mout
Lebanon: In the name of the Father
Nepal: Folk song
Fiji: Wooden slit gong ; Vakambolo (hand dance)
Scotland: Heelian becko heliora.
Edited by Henry Cowell.
Previously issued 1951-1961 as 10 analog discs in 5 containers, Folkways Records: FE 4504-4508.
Program notes by the editor on leaflets, laid in each container; vol. 2 has 2 leaflets.
Smithsonian Folkways Recordings: F-4504, FE 4505-4508.
Vocal and instrumental music.
Electronic reproduction. Alexandria, VA : Alexander Street Press, 2009. (Smithsonian global sound for libraries). Available via World Wide Web.
Cowell, Henry, 1897-1965.
Alexander Street Press.
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FE 4504-FE 4508
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