Language : introductory readings / edited by Virginia P. Clark, Paul A. Eschholz, Alfred F. Rosa.

5th ed.
New York : St. Martin's Press, ©1994.
xii, 736 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
Language and languages.
Language: Introductory Readings offers forty-four thematically arranged readings on crucial topics in linguistics. This new edition offers fourteen new selections and five commissioned selections have been specially updated. Substantial apparatus includes part introductions, head- notes for each selection, and selected bibliographies and projects for each part.
pt. 1. Language and its study. Language : an introduction / W.F. Bolton
Nine ideas about language / Harvey A. Daniels
Song of the canary / Lewis Thomas
To be human : language and the study of language / Julia S. Falk

pt. 2. Language acquisition. The acquisition of language / Breyne Arlene Moskowitz
Developmental milestones in motor and language development / Eric H. Lenneberg
Predestinate grooves : is there a preordained language "program"? / Jean Aitchison
How children learn words / George A. Miller and Patricia M. Gildea
Preschool language development : Brown's stages of development / Robert E. Owens, Jr.
Learning and using a second language / Jeannine Heny

pt. 3. Language and the brain. Brain and language / Jeannine Heny
The loss of language / Howard Gardner
Crazy talk / Elaine Chaika
From speaking act to natural word : animals, communication, and language / William Kemp and Roy Smith
The continuity paradox / Derek Bickerton

pt. 4. Phonetics, phonology, and morphology. Phonetics / Edward Callary
The rules of language / Morris Halle
The minimal united of meaning : morphemes / The Ohio State University language files
The identification of morphemes ; Morphology : three exercises / H.A. Gleason, Jr.
Word-making : some sources of new words / W. Nelson Francis

pt. 5. Syntax, semantics, and discourse. What do native speakers know about their language? / Roderick A. Jacobs and Peter S. Rosenbaum
Syntax : the structure of sentences / Frank Heny
The meaning of a word / George L. Dillon
Bad birds and better birds : some prototype theories / Jean Aitchison
Pragmatics / Madelon E. Heatherington
Discourse routines / Elaine Chaika
Girl talk
boy talk / John Pfeiffer

pt. 6. Language variation : regional and social. Speech communities / Paul Roberts
Social and regional variation / Albert H. Marckwardt and J.L. Dillard
Dialects : how they differ / Roger W. Shuy
The study of nonstandard English / William Labov
Pidgins and Creoles / David Crystal
Language among Black Americans / Elizabeth Whatley

pt. 7. Historical linguistics and language change. Comparative and historical linguistics / Jeanne H. Herndon
The Indo-European language / Paul Thieme
Relationships of some Indo-European languages with detail of English dialects / Jeanne H. Herndon
A brief history of English / Paul Roberts
Language change : progress or decay? / Jean Aitchison

pt. 8. Broader perspectives. Sign language / George Yule
Nonverbal communication / George A. Miller
Languages and writing / John P. Hughes
Dictionaries, change, and computers / James Larkin
Speaking with a single tongue / Jared Diamond.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Clark, Virginia P.
Eschholz, Paul A.
Rosa, Alfred F.
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