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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1986.
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Selected Decisions; Issue, Year.
Selected Decisions; Issue, Year

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Local subjects:
Adjustment process. (search)
Adjustment program. (search)
Administration of justice. (search)
Administrative purposes. (search)
Annual meeting. (search)
Annual report. (search)
Annual reports. (search)
Arab monetary fund. (search)
Average exchange rates. (search)
Balance of payments. (search)
Balance of payments adjustment. (search)
Balance of payments assistance. (search)
Balance of payments deficits. (search)
Balance of payments developments. (search)
Balance of payments difficulties. (search)
Balance of payments difficulty. (search)
Balance of payments need. (search)
Balance of payments problems. (search)
Balance of payments statistics. (search)
Bank for international settlements. (search)
Bank of central african states. (search)
Bank of england. (search)
Bank of japan. (search)
Banking. (search)
Bilateral agreements. (search)
Bilateral contributions. (search)
Board of governors. (search)
Borrowing arrangement. (search)
Capital movements. (search)
Central bank. (search)
Central banks. (search)
Communications. (search)
Compensatory financing of export fluctuations. (search)
Competitive advantage. (search)
Conditionality. (search)
Contents. (search)
Court. (search)
Credit tranches. (search)
Cross exchange rates. (search)
Currency convertibility. (search)
Currency units. (search)
Current account. (search)
Debt crisis. (search)
Debt management. (search)
Debt management policies. (search)
Debt management policy. (search)
Debt problems. (search)
Debt relief. (search)
Debtor country. (search)
Due regard. (search)
East african development bank. (search)
East caribbean central bank. (search)
Economic cooperation. (search)
Elections. (search)
Entry into force. (search)
Eurocurrency markets. (search)
European monetary cooperation fund. (search)
Exchange arrangements. (search)
Exchange control regulations. (search)
Exchange controls. (search)
Exchange policy. (search)
Exchange rate changes. (search)
Exchange rate policies. (search)
Exchange rates. (search)
Exchange restrictions. (search)
Exchange risks. (search)
Exchange systems. (search)
Exchange transactions. (search)
Exports of goods. (search)
External debt. (search)
External debt management. (search)
External financing. (search)
External indebtedness. (search)
External payments. (search)
Fixed exchange rates. (search)
Foreign exchange. (search)
Foreign exchange control. (search)
Foreign exchange holdings. (search)
Foreign exchange restrictions. (search)
Foreign loans. (search)
Freedom of speech. (search)
Freely usable currencies. (search)
Fund. (search)
General resources account. (search)
General resources accounts. (search)
Global liquidity. (search)
Government securities. (search)
Iii. (search)
Inflation. (search)
Interbank market. (search)
Intergovernmental agreement. (search)
International bank for. (search)
International court of justice. (search)
International liquidity. (search)
International monetary reform. (search)
International monetary system. (search)
International trade. (search)
Investment bank. (search)
Juridical personality. (search)
Legal proceedings. (search)
Media. (search)
Member country. (search)
Monetary assets. (search)
Monetary cooperation. (search)
Monetary fund. (search)
Monetary stabilization. (search)
Multiple currency practices. (search)
National bank. (search)
National governments. (search)
National service. (search)
Official creditors. (search)
Official reserves. (search)
Oil imports. (search)
Outstanding drawings. (search)
Page. (search)
Private sector borrowing. (search)
Proceedings. (search)
Public and publicly guaranteed. (search)
Quota increases. (search)
Reconstruction and development. (search)
Repayments. (search)
Repurchases. (search)
Reserve asset. (search)
Reserve assets. (search)
Reserve bank. (search)
Reserve currencies. (search)
Reserve currency. (search)
Reserve holdings. (search)
Reserve tranche. (search)
Sdr holdings. (search)
Short-term debt. (search)
Spot exchange rates. (search)
Structural adjustment. (search)
Structural adjustment facility. (search)
Structural adjustment policies. (search)
Structural adjustment program. (search)
Surveillance over exchange rate policies. (search)
Treasury bills. (search)
United nations. (search)
Voting power. (search)
World economy. (search)
World trade. (search)
Yield to maturity. (search)
Japan. (search)
Saudi Arabia. (search)
Switzerland. (search)
United States. (search)
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