Iwf 2013 Internationaler Währungsfonds Jahresbericht 2013 Die Globale Konjunkturerholung Sichern Und Stärken [electronic resource] : Promoting a More Secure and Stable Global Economy.

International Monetary Fund. Secretary's Department
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2013.
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Annual Report of the Executive Board; 2013.
Annual Report of the Executive Board; 2013
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Local subjects:
Access to international capital.
Access to international capital markets.
Accountability framework.
Accounting firms.
Audit function.
Balance of payments.
Bilateral agreements.
Bilateral loans.
Budget cycle.
Budget envelope.
Budget management.
Budget outturn.
Capital account liberalization.
Capital budget.
Capital expenditure.
Capital expenditures.
Capital flow liberalization.
Capital flows.
Capital movements.
Central bank.
Central banks.
Concessional financing.
Control structure.
Credit tranches.
Crisis countries.
Currency composition.
Current account.
Debt burdens.
Debt crisis.
Debt management.
Debt management strategies.
Debt management strategy.
Debt overhang.
Debt ratios.
Debt reduction.
Debt relief.
Debt relief initiative.
Debt sustainability.
Debt sustainability analyses.
Debt sustainability analysis.
Domestic capital.
Domestic debt markets.
Equity securities.
Expenditure policy.
External audit.
External debt burdens.
External financing.
External shocks.
Financial assets.
Financial contracts.
Financial excesses.
Financial institutions.
Financial markets.
Financial policies.
Financial regulation.
Financial resources.
Financial safety net.
Financial sector.
Financial sector development.
Financial services.
Financial stability.
Financial statements.
Financial systems.
Fiscal adjustment.
Fiscal advice.
Fiscal affairs.
Fiscal affairs department.
Fiscal consolidation.
Fiscal constraints.
Fiscal deficits.
Fiscal information.
Fiscal issues.
Fiscal measures.
Fiscal objectives.
Fiscal policies.
Fiscal policy.
Fiscal projects.
Fiscal reform.
Fiscal reforms.
Fiscal risks.
Fiscal rules.
Fiscal statistics.
Fiscal stimulus.
Fiscal technical assistance.
Fiscally sustainable.
General resources account.
Government debt.
Imf credit outstanding.
Internal audit.
Internal control.
Internal policies.
International capital.
International capital markets.
International capital movements.
International debt.
International financial architecture.
International financial statistics.
International financial system.
International reserves.
International standards.
Management of capital flows.
Medium-term budget.
Monetary policy.
Multilateral debt.
Multilateral debt relief.
Portfolio investment.
Private sector debt.
Public debt.
Public debt management.
Public finances.
Reserve accumulation.
Reserve management.
Resource allocation.
Risk aversion.
Risk management.
Short-term debt.
Social safety nets.
Stock of debt.
Surveillance review.
Tax administration.
Tax evasion.
Tax policy.
Tax reforms.
Tax revenue.
Iran, Islamic Republic of.
The IMF's 2013 Annual Report chronicles the response of the institution's Executive Board and staff to the global financial crisis and other events during financial year 2013, which covers the period from May 1, 2012, through April 30, 2013. The print version of the report is available in eight languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish), along with a CD-ROM (available in English only) that includes the report text and ancillary materials, including the IMF's Financial Statements for FY2013.
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International Monetary Fund. Secretary's Department
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