Perspectivas de la economía mundial, Mayo de 2000 [electronic resource] : Los precios de los activos y el ciclo económico.

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2000.
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World Economic Outlook; World Economic Outlook.
World Economic Outlook; World Economic Outlook
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Local subjects:
Access to credit.
Account deficits.
Actual inflation.
Adjustment process.
Aggregate demand.
Agricultural commodities.
Agricultural subsidies.
Alternative monetary anchor.
Alternative monetary anchors.
Amortization payments.
Amount of debt.
Asset management.
Asset markets.
Balance of payment.
Balance of payments.
Balance sheet effect.
Bank loans.
Bankruptcy law.
Bankruptcy legislation.
Bankruptcy procedures.
Bilateral trade.
Bond issuance.
Bond issues.
Bond market.
Bond markets.
Bond prices.
Bond yield.
Bond yields.
Borrowing costs.
Brady bonds.
Budget balance.
Budget balances.
Budget position.
Budget projections.
Budget surplus.
Budgetary position.
Budgetary resources.
Call money.
Capital accumulation.
Capital adequacy.
Capital adequacy ratios.
Capital flows.
Capital goods.
Capital inflows.
Capital markets.
Cash flow.
Cash flows.
Central bank.
Central banks.
Central government budget.
Commercial bank debt.
Commercial creditors.
Commodity exporters.
Commodity markets.
Commodity prices.
Competitive markets.
Competitive pressures.
Concessional debt.
Corporate debt.
Counter-cyclical monetary policies.
Credit guarantees.
Credit lines.
Credit policies.
Credit rating.
Credit rating agencies.
Credit risk.
Credit risk management.
Credit subsidies.
Creditor countries.
Crisis countries.
Currency board.
Currency boards.
Currency crises.
Currency crisis.
Currency debt.
Currency mismatches.
Currency risk.
Current account.
Current account adjustment.
Current account balance.
Current account balances.
Current account deficit.
Current account deficits.
Current account surplus.
Current account surpluses.
Cyclical monetary policies.
Data processing.
Debt accumulation.
Debt buildup.
Debt burden.
Debt burdens.
Debt crisis.
Debt data.
Debt dynamics.
Debt forgiveness.
Debt level.
Debt management.
Debt maturity.
Debt maturity profile.
Debt obligations.
Debt overhang.
Debt problem.
Debt problems.
Debt profile.
Debt ratio.
Debt ratios.
Debt reduction.
Debt relief.
Debt repayment.
Debt rescheduling.
Debt restructuring.
Debt service.
Debt service payments.
Debt servicing.
Debt servicing costs.
Debt stock.
Debt stocks.
Debt sustainability.
Debt-service obligations.
Debtor countries.
Debtor country.
Default risk.
Deficit reduction.
Deficit spending.
Discount rate.
Domestic banking system.
Domestic borrowers.
Domestic currency.
Domestic demand.
Domestic economy.
Domestic financial systems.
Domestic financing.
Domestic goods.
Domestic investors.
Domestic price.
Domestic saving.
Domestic savings.
Economic cooperation.
Economic integration.
Economic interdependence.
Employment growth.
Equity markets.
Equity participation.
Equity prices.
Eurodollar market.
Excess debt.
Excess supply.
Excessive debt.
Excessive indebtedness.
Exchange rate policies.
Exchange rate policy.
Exchange rate regime.
Exchange rate regimes.
Expanding trade.
Expansionary fiscal.
Expansionary fiscal stance.
Expenditure growth.
Export credit.
Export earnings.
Export growth.
Export market.
Export markets.
Export prices.
Export revenues.
Export volumes.
Exporting countries.
External borrowing.
External credit.
External debt.
External debt obligations.
External debt service.
External debt servicing.
External debts.
External finance.
External financial shocks.
External financing.
External indebtedness.
External liabilities.
External loans.
External payment.
External payments.
External payments arrears.
External position.
External pressures.
External shocks.
External trade.
Federal government budget.
Financial assets.
Financial deregulation.
Financial fragility.
Financial institutions.
Financial intermediaries.
Financial liberalization.
Financial market.
Financial markets.
Financial resources.
Financial sector.
Financial system.
Financial systems.
Fiscal accounts.
Fiscal action.
Fiscal adjustment.
Fiscal balance.
Fiscal balances.
Fiscal consolidation.
Fiscal deficit.
Fiscal deficits.
Fiscal difficulties.
Fiscal discipline.
Fiscal expansion.
Fiscal framework.
Fiscal imbalances.
Fiscal impulse.
Fiscal management.
Fiscal measures.
Fiscal objectives.
Fiscal outlook.
Fiscal outturns.
Fiscal plan.
Fiscal policies.
Fiscal policy.
Fiscal position.
Fiscal positions.
Fiscal problem.
Fiscal problems.
Fiscal programs.
Fiscal projections.
Fiscal prudence.
Fiscal reforms.
Fiscal restraint.
Fiscal retrenchment.
Fiscal side.
Fiscal situation.
Fiscal stabilization policies.
Fiscal stance.
Fiscal stimulus.
Fiscal stimulus package.
Fiscal surplus.
Fiscal sustainability.
Fiscal targets.
Fiscal tightening.
Fixed capital formation.
Fixed investment.
Foreign aid.
Foreign capital.
Foreign currency debt.
Foreign debt.
Foreign debts.
Foreign stock.
Free trade.
Future cash flows.
Futures markets.
Gdp deflator.
General resources account.
Global liquidity.
Global trading.
Gold reserves.
Government bond.
Government bond yield.
Government bonds.
Government budget.
Government debt.
Government deficit.
Government deficits.
Government expenditures.
Government loan.
Government role.
Government spending.
Heavily indebted countries.
Household debt.
Import costs.
Import demand.
Import duties.
Import restrictions.
Import substitution.
Import substitution strategy.
Imported goods.
Importing countries.
Income convergence.
Income distribution.
Income support system.
Indebted countries.
Independent monetary policy.
Indirect taxes.
Inflation rate.
Inflation rates.
Inflation target.
Inflation targeting.
Inflationary pressures.
Interest groups.
International bond issues.
International capital.
International capital markets.
International financial statistics.
International liquidity.
International loans.
International monetary arrangements.
International monetary cooperation.
International monetary relations.
International monetary system.
International trade.
Investment flows.
Investor confidence.
Liquid markets.
Local capital markets.
Long-term debt.
Macroeconomic stability.
Market integration.
Market liquidity.
Market stabilization.
Market trends.
Medium-term fiscal plan.
Medium-term fiscal projections.
Monetary aggregate.
Monetary aggregates.
Monetary anchor.
Monetary anchors.
Monetary arrangements.
Monetary authorities.
Monetary control.
Monetary cooperation.
Monetary financing.
Monetary framework.
Monetary fund.
Monetary integration.
Monetary policies.
Monetary policy.
Monetary regime.
Monetary regimes.
Monetary relations.
Monetary stability.
Monetary system.
Monetary targeting.
Monetary targets.
Monetary union.
Money demand.
Money growth.
Multilateral approach.
Multilateral trade.
Multilateral trade agreements.
National borders.
National monetary policy.
Net capital.
Net capital flows.
Net debt.
Net debtor.
Net inflows.
Net present value of debt.
Nominal interest rate.
Nominal interest rates.
Non-member countries.
Official creditors.
Official flows.
Oil crises.
Oil exporters.
Oil importers.
Oil imports.
Oil prices.
Oil revenues.
Oil shock.
Oil-producing countries.
Open market.
Output growth.
Outstanding debt.
Payments systems.
Per capita income.
Political leaders.
Positive externalities.
Poverty alleviation.
Present value.
Price deflation.
Price fluctuations.
Price inflation.
Price liberalization.
Price stability.
Primary expenditure.
Primary markets.
Private banks.
Private capital.
Private capital flows.
Private credit.
Private creditors.
Private debt.
Private financing.
Private flows.
Private sector debt.
Process of convergence.
Protectionist policies.
Prudent fiscal management.
Prudential regulation.
Public debt.
Public debt management.
Public expenditure.
Public finances.
Public revenues.
Public sector debt.
Public spending.
Quantitative restrictions.
Ratio of debt.
Rational expectations.
Ratios of debt.
Ratios of debt to exports.
Real effective exchange rate.
Real effective exchange rates.
Real interest rate.
Real interest rates.
Real output.
Regulatory framework.
Regulatory policies.
Relative price.
Relief mechanisms.
Reserve accumulation.
Reserve bank.
Risk premium.
Risk-free interest rate.
Secondary markets.
Seigniorage revenues.
Short-term debt.
Skilled labor.
Social safety nets.
Sovereign bond.
Sovereign defaults.
Stable prices.
Stock adjustment.
Stock exchanges.
Stock index.
Stock indices.
Stock market.
Stock market capitalization.
Stock market crash.
Stock market fluctuations.
Stock market indices.
Stock markets.
Stock of debt.
Stock ownership.
Stock price.
Stock prices.
Stock returns.
Stock transactions.
Stock valuation.
Stock valuations.
Stock value.
Structural adjustment.
Structural budget balance.
Tax base.
Tax changes.
Tax compliance.
Tax cut.
Tax cuts.
Tax evasion.
Tax exemptions.
Tax policy.
Tax rates.
Tax reform.
Tax reforms.
Tax revenues.
Tax structure.
Tax systems.
Terms of trade.
Terms-of-trade shocks.
Total external debt.
Trade agreements.
Trade integration.
Trade liberalization.
Trade links.
Trade losses.
Trade policies.
Trade protection.
Trade shocks.
Trade volume.
Trade volumes.
Trading partners.
Trading system.
Traditional debt relief.
Traditional debt-relief mechanisms.
Transfer of technology.
Transition countries.
Transition economies.
Treasury bills.
Treasury bonds.
Unemployment rate.
Valuation of capital.
Value of exports.
Wholesale price.
Wholesale price inflation.
World demand.
World Economic Outlook.
World economy.
World growth.
World markets.
World output.
World prices.
World trade.
World trade organization.
World trading system.
Yield curve.
Saint Lucia.
The World Economic Outlook, published twice a year in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, presents IMF staff economists' analyses of global economic developments during the near and medium term. Chapters give an overview of the world economy; consider issues affecting industrial countries, developing countries, and economies in transition to market; and address topics of pressing current interest. Annexes, boxes, charts, and an extensive statistical appendix augment the text.
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International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
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