Le rôle du FMI [electronic resource] : Le financement et ses interactions avec l’ajustement et la surveillance, Masson, Paul R..

Masson, Paul R.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1996.
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Pamphlet Series; Pamphlet Series, No. 50.
Pamphlet Series; Pamphlet Series, No. 50
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Local subjects:
Access to international capital.
Access to international capital markets.
Access to private capital markets.
Balance of payments.
Balance of payments adjustment.
Balance of payments assistance.
Balance of payments crisis.
Balance of payments difficulties.
Balance of payments financing.
Balance of payments need.
Balance of payments problems.
Balance of payments support.
Bond prices.
Brady bonds.
Capital account.
Capital account convertibility.
Capital account transactions.
Capital flows.
Capital inflows.
Capital losses.
Capital market.
Capital market liberalization.
Capital market transactions.
Capital markets.
Capital mobility.
Capital movements.
Capital outflows.
Commodity prices.
Consumer price index.
Current account.
Current account balance.
Current account convertibility.
Current account deficit.
Current account deficits.
Current account imbalances.
Current account positions.
Current account surplus.
Current account surpluses.
Current accounts.
Excess demand.
External current account deficit.
Foreign capital.
International capital.
International capital flows.
International capital markets.
Moral hazard.
Net capital.
Net capital outflows.
Private capital.
Private capital flows.
Private capital markets.
Private financing.
Real effective exchange rate.
Restrictions on capital account transactions.
Speculative attack.
Speculative attacks.
World capital market.
World capital markets.
Against the background of the changing international economic environment, this pamphlet examines the general rationale for IMF financial support and the relationship between such support and IMF surveillance in carrying out the IMF's responsibility to seek to avoid and help to correct maladjustments in countries' balance of payments. It analyzes the circumstances in which IMF financing continues to have an important role, draws possible lessons for the role of the IMF from the Mexican financial crisis, and discusses the future need for IMF resources.
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Masson, Paul R.
Mussa, Michael.
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