Perspectives de L’économie Mondiale Avril 2003 [electronic resource] : Croissance et institutions.

International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2003.
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World Economic Outlook; World Economic Outlook.
World Economic Outlook; World Economic Outlook
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Local subjects:
Access to international capital.
Access to international capital markets.
Accession agreements.
Accession candidates.
Accession countries.
Accession negotiations.
Aggregate demand.
Aggregate governance.
Aggregate governance indicator.
Aggregate indicators.
Aggregating governance indicators.
Agricultural commodities.
Agricultural exports.
Asset bubbles.
Asset market.
Asset markets.
Asset valuations.
Asymmetric shocks.
Average incomes.
Average tariff.
Average tariff rates.
Average unemployment.
Average unemployment rate.
Balance of payments.
Banking crises.
Banking crisis.
Bargaining power.
Beveridge curve.
Black market.
Black market premium.
Bond index.
Bond market.
Bond markets.
Bond prices.
Bond spreads.
Bond yields.
Borrowing costs.
Capital adequacy.
Capital adequacy ratios.
Capital expenditures.
Capital flow.
Capital flows.
Capital gains.
Capital inflows.
Capital markets.
Capital ratio.
Capital spending.
Capital stock.
Cash flow.
Cash flow from operations.
Cash flows.
Commercial bank debt.
Commodity composition.
Commodity exporters.
Commodity markets.
Commodity prices.
Communication technology.
Competition policy.
Consumer price index.
Corporate bond.
Corporate bond index.
Corporate bond market.
Corporate cash flows.
Corporate debt.
Corporate sector.
Credit demand.
Credit policies.
Credit risk.
Credit risk management.
Credit risks.
Currency crises.
Current account balance.
Current account deficit.
Current account deficits.
Cyclical unemployment.
Debt burden.
Debt contracts.
Debt crises.
Debt forgiveness.
Debt reduction.
Debt relief.
Debt securities.
Debt service.
Debt service burden.
Debt servicing.
Debt structure.
Debt sustainability.
Debt-service obligations.
Debtor countries.
Decline in youth unemployment.
Default rates.
Default risk.
Deficit reduction.
Deposit insurance.
Disability benefits.
Domestic banks.
Domestic competition.
Domestic debt.
Domestic demand.
Domestic economy.
Domestic firms.
Domestic investment.
Domestic reforms.
Duration of unemployment.
Duration of unemployment benefits.
Economic convergence.
Economic cooperation.
Economic integration.
Economic outcomes.
Effect of unemployment.
Employment creation.
Employment growth.
Employment outlook.
Employment policy.
Employment prospects.
Employment protection.
Employment protection legislation.
Employment services.
Employment strategy.
Employment target.
Employment tax.
Environmental standards.
Equilibrium unemployment.
Equity market.
Equity markets.
Equity prices.
European financial crisis.
Evidence of convergence.
Excess supply.
Exchange rate mechanism.
Exchange rate movements.
Exchange rate policy.
Exchange rate regime.
Exchange rate regimes.
Export credit.
Export diversification.
Export earnings.
Export growth.
Export performance.
Export prices.
Export volumes.
Exporting countries.
External debt.
External finance.
External financing.
External position.
External shocks.
External tariff.
External trade.
Factor endowments.
Female employment.
Female employment ratio.
Fighting corruption.
Financial crises.
Financial crisis.
Financial deepening.
Financial deregulation.
Financial distress.
Financial economics.
Financial excesses.
Financial fragility.
Financial globalization.
Financial indicators.
Financial instability.
Financial institutions.
Financial instruments.
Financial integration.
Financial intermediaries.
Financial intermediation.
Financial liberalization.
Financial market.
Financial sector.
Financial stability.
Financial structures.
Financial system.
Financial systems.
Financial vulnerabilities.
Fiscal deficits.
Fiscal policy.
Fiscal stabilizers.
Fixed capital formation.
Fixed investment.
Foreign capital.
Foreign capital inflows.
Foreign debt.
Foreign trade.
Free trade.
Free trade agreement.
Future cash flows.
Futures contracts.
Global equity markets.
Global integration.
Global production.
Global supply.
Global trade.
Global trading.
Good governance.
Governance index.
Governance indicator.
Governance indicators.
Governance issues.
Governance measure.
Governance problems.
Government bond yields.
Government bonds.
Government effectiveness.
High employment.
High tariffs.
High unemployment.
Household debt.
Impact of trade.
Imperfect competition.
Import prices.
Import statistics.
Importing countries.
Income differences.
Income distribution.
Increased trade.
Increasing competition.
Indirect tax.
Indirect taxes.
Inflation rate.
Institution building.
Institutional change.
Institutional framework.
Institutional index.
Institutional measures.
Institutional quality.
Institutional reform.
Institutional reforms.
Institutional weaknesses.
Intermediate goods.
Intermediate inputs.
Intermediate level.
Internal barriers.
Internal market.
Internal trade.
Internal trade barriers.
International capital.
International capital markets.
International financial statistics.
International integration.
International standards.
International trade.
International trade agreements.
International trade policy.
Investment flows.
Investor confidence.
Job creation.
Job search.
Labor demand.
Labor force participation.
Labor force participation rates.
Liberalization of trade.
Liberalizing trade.
Liquid asset.
Long-term unemployment.
Loss of confidence.
Low unemployment.
Low unemployment rates.
Major banking crises.
Management techniques.
Market integration.
Market liberalization.
Monetary integration.
Monetary union.
Multilateral institutions.
Multilateral trade.
Multilateral trade liberalization.
Multilateral trade negotiations.
National policies.
National social.
National unemployment.
National unemployment rates.
Neighboring countries.
Net capital.
Net capital flows.
Net exports.
Nominal interest rates.
Non-oil commodity.
Non-oil commodity prices.
Nontariff barriers.
Official flows.
Oil exporters.
Oil importers.
Oil prices.
Oil revenues.
Oil shock.
Oil-importing countries.
Oil-producing countries.
Open economies.
Open economy.
Openness measure.
Output growth.
Output volatility.
Overall employment.
Payments systems.
Per capita growth rate.
Per capita income.
Persistent unemployment.
Policy harmonization.
Political economy.
Political leaders.
Price stability.
Price support.
Primary markets.
Private capital.
Private capital flows.
Protection measures.
Protection of creditors.
Protection of investors.
Prudential regulation.
Public debt.
Public employment.
Public employment services.
Public expenditure.
Quality of governance.
Rate of unemployment.
Reduction in employment.
Regional trade.
Regional trade agreements.
Regional unemployment.
Regulatory framework.
Return on capital.
Risk aversion.
Risk-free interest rate.
Severe recession.
Severe recessions.
Short term debt.
Short-term debt.
Short-term unemployment.
Skilled workers.
Social cost of unemployment.
Social insurance.
Social problem.
Social safety nets.
Social security.
Speculative attacks.
Stabilization programs.
Stock exchange.
Stock market.
Stock market bubble.
Stock market capitalization.
Stock market crash.
Stock market crashes.
Stock market cycle.
Stock markets.
Stock price.
Stock price indices.
Stock prices.
Stock returns.
Stock valuations.
Structural employment.
Structural unemployment.
Tariff rates.
Tax incentives.
Tax reforms.
Tax revenues.
Tax systems.
Terms of trade.
Terms of trade shocks.
Terms-of-trade shocks.
Total employment.
Trade agreement.
Trade agreements.
Trade barriers.
Trade classification.
Trade growth.
Trade in services.
Trade integration.
Trade liberalization.
Trade negotiations.
Trade openness.
Trade round.
Trade shock.
Trade shocks.
Trade union.
Trade union cooperation.
Trade volume.
Trade volumes.
Trading partner.
Trading partners.
Trading system.
Transition countries.
Transition economies.
Transition economy.
Transport costs.
Treasury bills.
Treasury bond.
Treasury bond index.
Unemployed individuals.
Unemployed workers.
Unemployment benefit.
Unemployment benefits.
Unemployment insurance.
Unemployment problem.
Unemployment rate.
Unemployment rates.
Unemployment risk.
Unemployment spell.
Unemployment spells.
Value of exports.
Value-added tax.
Venture capital.
Vertical specialization.
Volume of trade.
Wage differentials.
Weak capital.
World Economic Outlook.
World economy.
World exports.
World growth.
World market.
World output.
World prices.
World trade.
World trade growth.
World trade organization.
World trading system.
Yield curve.
Youth unemployment.
Saint Lucia.
The World Economic Outlook, published twice a year in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, presents IMF staff economists' analyses of global economic developments during the near and medium term. Chapters give an overview of the world economy; consider issues affecting industrial countries, and economics in transition to market; and address topics of pressing current interest. Annexes, boxes, charts, and an extensive statistical appendix augment the text.
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International Monetary Fund. Research Dept.
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