Rebalancing Growth in Asia [electronic resource] : Economic Dimensions for China.

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2013.
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Local subjects:
Access to mortgage.
Aggregate consumption.
Aggregate employment.
Aggregate trends.
Alternative employment.
Bond funds.
Business cycles.
Business investment.
Business regulations.
Capital accumulation.
Capital adequacy.
Capital depreciation.
Capital expenditure.
Capital formation.
Capital goods.
Capital income.
Capital intensity.
Capital investments.
Capital markets.
Capital ratio.
Capital spending.
Capital stock.
Capital structure.
Change in consumption.
Community care.
Consumer confidence.
Consumer durables.
Consumption behavior.
Consumption data.
Consumption decisions.
Consumption equation.
Consumption expenditure.
Consumption expenditures.
Consumption function.
Consumption goods.
Consumption growth.
Consumption increases.
Consumption level.
Consumption levels.
Consumption over time.
Consumption rate.
Consumption ratio.
Consumption relative.
Consumption survey.
Consumption tax.
Consumption tax rate.
Corporate bond market.
Corporate bonds.
Corporate governance.
Corporate governance reform.
Corporate governance reforms.
Corporate ownership.
Corporate profits.
Corporate tax.
Corporate tax rates.
Corporate tax regime.
Cost of capital.
Country evidence.
Credit guarantees.
Credit lines.
Current account balance.
Current account deficit.
Current account surplus.
Current consumption.
Current disposable income.
Current investment.
Data limitations.
Data sources.
Depreciation allowances.
Determinants of consumption.
Discounted value.
Displaced workers.
Disposable income.
Domestic capital markets.
Domestic consumption.
Domestic demand.
Domestic financial system.
Domestic market.
Effect on employment.
Effects on employment.
Employment allocation.
Employment costs.
Employment creation.
Employment data.
Employment effects.
Employment growth.
Employment impact.
Employment in agriculture.
Employment in the services sector.
Employment intensity.
Employment losses.
Employment protection.
Employment share.
Employment shares.
Employment structure.
Exchange rate policies.
Expansion of exports.
Export base.
Export demand.
Export diversification.
Export expansion.
Export growth.
Export growth rates.
Export industries.
Export industry.
Export markets.
Export price.
Export sectors.
Export structure.
Export value.
Exports of goods.
External financing.
External shocks.
External trade.
Financial assets.
Financial deregulation.
Financial institutions.
Financial liberalization.
Financial market.
Financial market development.
Financial markets.
Financial reform.
Financial reforms.
Financial sector.
Financial sector development.
Financial sectors.
Financial stability.
Financial system.
Firm size.
Fiscal deficit.
Fiscal reform.
Fiscal stance.
Fixed assets.
Fixed capital.
Fixed investment.
Foreign investment.
Formal employment.
Global exports.
Global imports.
Global market.
Global markets.
Global trade.
Government consumption expenditure.
Government purchases.
Government spending.
Gross exports.
Gross fixed capital formation.
Health care.
Health care costs.
Health care reform.
Health care spending.
Health care system.
Health coverage.
Health expenditure.
Health insurance.
Health sector.
Health spending.
Health system.
Home equity.
Household consumption.
Household income.
Housing construction.
Housing economics.
Housing finance.
Housing finance institutions.
Housing finance reform.
Housing finance system.
Housing finance systems.
Housing loans.
Housing markets.
Import demand.
Import duties.
Import substitution.
Imported inputs.
Imported intermediate.
Incentives of shareholders.
Income effect.
Income groups.
Income growth.
Increasing integration.
Increasing returns.
Increasing trade.
Input-output tables.
Institutional investors.
Interest rate liberalization.
Intermediate goods.
Intermediate imports.
Intermediate inputs.
Internal market.
International standards.
Investment by sector.
Investment climate.
Investment decisions.
Investment demand.
Investment flows.
Investment fund.
Investment goods.
Investment incentives.
Investment projects.
Investment rate.
Investment spending.
Job centers.
Job creation.
Job growth.
Job losses.
Job retraining.
Job training.
Job training programs.
Labor costs.
Labor force survey.
Labor income.
Labor intensity.
Labor market.
Labor market flexibility.
Labor market performance.
Labor market policies.
Labor market rigidity.
Labor mobility.
Labor participation.
Labor productivity.
Level of consumption.
Levels of consumption.
Lifetime consumption.
Low employment.
Marginal propensity to consume.
Merchandise trade.
Minority shareholder.
Minority shareholder protections.
Minority shareholders.
Mortgage banks.
Mortgage contract.
Mortgage corporation.
Mortgage credit.
Mortgage debt.
Mortgage finance.
Mortgage financing.
Mortgage lenders.
Mortgage lending.
Mortgage loans.
Mortgage markets.
Mortgage provider.
Mortgage-backed securities.
Mortgage-backed security.
National accounts.
National employment.
National income.
National saving.
Net exports.
Net job losses.
New job.
New jobs.
Nonperforming loans.
Nontradable goods.
Oil prices.
Open economies.
Output growth.
Outstanding debt.
Overall employment.
Political economy.
Private consumption.
Private consumption expenditure.
Private equity.
Private investment.
Private saving.
Private spending.
Provision of services.
Public health.
Public health care.
Public health spending.
Public investment.
Public spending.
Rapid export growth.
Rate of return.
Real exports.
Real interest rate.
Reemployment centers.
Reform agenda.
Reform package.
Regional trade.
Regulatory framework.
Reserve requirements.
Return on investment.
Saving function.
Scenario analysis.
Secondary mortgage.
Secondary mortgage market.
Secondary mortgage markets.
Sectoral allocation of employment.
Sectoral employment.
Securities market.
Service employment.
Share of employment.
Shareholder protections.
Shareholder rights.
Short-term employment.
Skilled workers.
Social insurance.
Social safety nets.
Stock market.
Supply chain.
Tax incentives.
Tax policy.
Tax revenue.
Tax system.
The marginal propensity to consume.
Total consumption.
Total employment.
Total exports.
Trade flows.
Trade growth.
Trade integration.
Trading partners.
Training programs.
Unemployment spells.
Venture capital.
Venture capital markets.
Vertical integration.
Vertical specialization.
World demand.
World economy.
World exports.
World growth.
World markets.
World output.
World prices.
World trade.
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