Enhancing Development Assistance to Africa [electronic resource] : Lessons from Scaling-Up Scenarios, Gaertner, Matthew.

Gaertner, Matthew.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2012.
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Aid effectiveness.
Aid flows.
Annual budgeting.
Annual budgets.
Bilateral aid.
Budget execution.
Budget institutions.
Budget planning.
Budget preparation.
Budget process.
Budgetary proposals.
Budgetary reforms.
Capital expenditure.
Capital expenditures.
Capital investment.
Current expenditures.
Debt burden.
Debt crisis.
Debt relief.
Development aid.
Development assistance.
Effective exchange rate.
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Exchange rate.
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Exchange rate developments.
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Fixed exchange rate regimes.
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Floating exchange rate regime.
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Macroeconomic analysis.
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Official development assistance.
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Public financial management.
Public financial management reforms.
Public financial management systems.
Public investment.
Public investment in education.
Public investment in infrastructure.
Public investment programs.
Public investment spending.
Public spending.
Real effective exchange rate.
Real exchange rate.
Real exchange rate appreciation.
Real exchange rates.
Real interest rates.
Revenue forecasting.
Sovereign debt.
Sovereign debt crisis.
Central African Republic.
Sub-Saharan Africa.
The pace of progress toward achievement of the Millenium Development Goals (MDG) in many sub-Saharan African countries remains too slow to reach targets by 2015, despite significant progress in the late 1990s. The MDG Africa Steering Group, convened in September 2007 by the UN Secretary-General, designated 10 countries for pilot studies to investigate how existing national development plans would be impacted by scaled up development aid to Africa. This joint publication of the IMF and the United Nations Development Programme reports conclusions drawn from these pilot studies and summarizes country-specific results for Benin, the Central African Republic, Ghana, Liberia, Niger, Rwanda, Tanzania, Togo, Sierra Leone, and Zambia.
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Berg, Andrew.
Conceição, Pedro.
Gaertner, Matthew.
Gottschalk, Jan.
House, Brett E.
Lizondo, José Saúl.
Odusola, Ayodele F.
Portillo, Rafael.
Redifer, Laure.
Zanna, Luis-Felipe.
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