Global Financial Stability Report, April 2005 [electronic resource] : Market Developments and Issues.

International Monetary Fund. Monetary and Capital Markets Department
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2005.
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Global Financial Stability Report; Global Financial Stability Report.
Global Financial Stability Report; Global Financial Stability Report
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Local subjects:
Access to international financial markets.
Accumulated savings.
Aging populations.
Annuities markets.
Annuity market.
Annuity providers.
Asset management.
Asset managers.
Asset markets.
Asset valuation.
Asset valuations.
Average retirement age.
Benchmark bond.
Benchmark bonds.
Benefit adjustments.
Benefit indexation.
Benefit levels.
Benefit pension.
Benefit schemes.
Bond contracts.
Bond debt.
Bond financing.
Bond funds.
Bond index.
Bond indexes.
Bond indices.
Bond investors.
Bond issuance.
Bond issuance process.
Bond issue.
Bond issues.
Bond market.
Bond market activities.
Bond market capitalization.
Bond markets.
Bond portfolios.
Bond rates.
Bond returns.
Bond spreads.
Bond yield.
Bond yield curve.
Bond yields.
Call options.
Capital accumulation.
Capital adequacy.
Capital adequacy ratio.
Capital expenditures.
Capital flows.
Capital market.
Capital market development.
Capital market reform.
Capital markets.
Capital ratio.
Capital structure.
Cash balances.
Cash flow.
Cash flow from operations.
Cash flows.
Collective investment schemes.
Commercial banks.
Commodity futures.
Commodity prices.
Contingent liabilities.
Contribution pension.
Contribution pensions.
Contribution rates.
Corporate bond.
Corporate bond issuance.
Corporate bond market.
Corporate bond markets.
Corporate bonds.
Corporate pension.
Corporate valuation.
Cost of capital.
Credit derivative.
Credit derivatives.
Credit markets.
Credit risk.
Credit risks.
Crisis prevention.
Crowding out.
Currency derivatives.
Currency devaluation.
Currency devaluations.
Currency futures.
Currency hedge.
Currency hedging.
Currency hedging instruments.
Currency mismatch.
Currency of denomination.
Currency risk.
Current account deficit.
Debt securities.
Debt service.
Debt stocks.
Deferred retirement.
Defined benefit.
Defined benefit pension.
Defined benefit pension plan.
Defined benefit plan.
Defined benefit plans.
Defined benefit schemes.
Defined contribution pension.
Defined contribution pensions.
Defined contribution plan.
Defined contribution plans.
Defined contributions.
Denominated bond.
Denominated bonds.
Deposit insurance.
Deposit money.
Deposit money banks.
Derivative financial instruments.
Derivative instruments.
Derivative market.
Derivative markets.
Derivative products.
Derivatives instruments.
Derivatives market.
Derivatives markets.
Derivatives trading.
Direct investment.
Dividend discount model.
Dollar bond.
Domestic bond.
Domestic bonds.
Domestic capital.
Domestic capital market.
Domestic capital markets.
Domestic credit.
Domestic equity.
Domestic financial institutions.
Domestic interest rates.
Domestic savings.
Emerging market bond.
Emerging market bonds.
Emerging markets.
Employee pension.
Equity capital.
Equity finance.
Equity financing.
Equity funds.
Equity market.
Equity markets.
Equity risk premium.
Equity securities.
Equity valuation.
Ethical standards.
Excess capacity.
Exogenous shocks.
External financing.
Financial assets.
Financial contracts.
Financial corporations.
Financial dependence.
Financial derivatives.
Financial economics.
Financial fragility.
Financial hedge.
Financial instability.
Financial institutions.
Financial instruments.
Financial intermediaries.
Financial intermediation.
Financial market.
Financial markets.
Financial sector.
Financial services.
Financial stability.
Financial statements.
Financial structure.
Financial system.
Financial systems.
Financial vulnerabilities.
Fixed income.
Floating exchange rate regime.
Foreign currency.
Foreign direct investment.
Foreign exchange hedges.
Foreign investment.
Foreign investors.
Foreign ownership.
Forward contracts.
Forward market.
Free cash flows.
Funded pension.
Future cash flows.
Future obligations.
Future pension.
Futures contracts.
Futures exchanges.
Futures market.
Futures markets.
Futures price.
Futures prices.
Futures trading.
Global bond.
Global bond indices.
Global bonds.
Global capital flows.
Global Financial Stability Report.
Global macro hedge funds.
Government bond.
Government bond markets.
Government bond yield.
Government bond yields.
Government bonds.
Government pension.
Gradual withdrawal.
Guaranteed rate.
Guaranteed return.
Health care.
Hedge accounting.
Hedge fund.
Hedge fund investors.
Hedge funds.
Hedging instruments.
High-yield corporate bond.
Impaired assets.
Index bond.
Index funds.
Index futures.
Index options.
Indexed bond.
Indexed bonds.
Individual accounts.
Individual benefits.
Individual investors.
Individual pension.
Individual retirement.
Individual retirement account.
Inflation risk.
Institutional investors.
Insurance companies.
Insurance company.
Insurance products.
Interest costs.
Interest payments.
Interest rate futures.
Interest rate policy.
Interest rate risk.
Intergenerational transfers.
Internal rate of return.
International bank lending.
International bond.
International bond market.
International bonds.
International capital.
International capital flows.
International capital markets.
International country risk guide.
International finance.
International financial markets.
International financial statistics.
International reserves.
International standards.
Investment advisers.
Investment banking.
Investment banks.
Investment flows.
Investment in corporate bonds.
Investment objective.
Investment options.
Investment plans.
Investment return.
Investment returns.
Investment risk.
Investment risks.
Investment strategies.
Investment styles.
Investor confidence.
Investor education.
Investors in energy.
Legal framework.
Life expectancy.
Life insurance.
Life insurance companies.
Life insurer.
Life insurers.
Liquid asset.
Liquid liabilities.
Liquid markets.
Local bond.
Local bond markets.
Local capital markets.
Local currency bond.
Local stock exchanges.
Local stock markets.
Long-term bond markets.
Long-term bond yields.
Long-term bonds.
Long-term care.
Longevity insurance.
Longevity risk.
Longevity risks.
Low liquidity.
Macro hedge.
Macro hedge funds.
Market bond.
Market risk.
Market risks.
Marketable securities.
Mature markets.
Money market.
Money market funds.
Moral hazard.
Moral hazards.
Mortgage bond.
Mortgage bonds.
Mutual fund.
Mutual funds.
National account.
National accounts.
Net capital.
Net capital flows.
Nominal interest rates.
Nonperforming loans.
Occupational pension.
Oil futures.
Open interest.
Option pricing.
Outstanding shares.
Outstanding stocks.
Payment of pension.
Pension arrangements.
Pension benefit.
Pension benefit guaranty.
Pension benefits.
Pension contribution.
Pension contributions.
Pension fund.
Pension fund assets.
Pension fund reserves.
Pension funds.
Pension income.
Pension liabilities.
Pension obligations.
Pension plan.
Pension plans.
Pension provisions.
Pension reform.
Pension reforms.
Pension rights.
Pension saving.
Pension savings.
Pension schemes.
Pension sectors.
Pension system.
Pension systems.
Personal pensions.
Portfolio investment.
Portfolio management.
Present value.
Price growth.
Private equity.
Private pension.
Private pension arrangements.
Private pension funds.
Private pension systems.
Private savings.
Public pension.
Public pension reform.
Public pension system.
Public pension systems.
Quality bonds.
Real interest rates.
Regulatory framework.
Reinvestment risk.
Replacement rate.
Replacement rates.
Retained earnings.
Retirement account.
Retirement accounts.
Retirement age.
Retirement benefits.
Retirement dates.
Retirement income.
Retirement investments.
Retirement investors.
Retirement plan.
Retirement plans.
Retirement savings.
Retirement security.
Retirement survey.
Risk aversion.
Risk management.
Risk premium.
Risk profile.
Risk-free rate.
Risk-free rates.
Salary history.
Salary increases.
Savings deposits.
Savings in retirement.
Secondary bond market.
Secure retirement.
Secure retirement income.
Securities law.
Securities market.
Securities markets.
Source of retirement income.
Sovereign bond.
Sovereign bonds.
State pension.
State pensions.
Stock exchange.
Stock exchanges.
Stock index.
Stock market.
Stock market capitalization.
Stock market declines.
Stock market index.
Stock market liquidity.
Stock market volatility.
Stock markets.
Stock price.
Stock prices.
Stock returns.
Stock value.
Subordinated debt.
Supervisory authorities.
Supervisory authority.
Supervisory framework.
Tax rates.
Tax regime.
Tax subsidies.
Tax treatment.
Tax-advantaged savings.
Term bond.
Term bonds.
Tradable securities.
Treasury bond.
Treasury bonds.
Value of pension.
Venture capital.
Volatility of capital flows.
Wage growth.
Yankee bond.
Yankee bonds.
The Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR) provides expert and up-to-date analysis of global capital flows that play a critical role in world economic growth and Financial stability. The report focuses on current conditions in global Financial markets, analyzing Financial imbalances and structural issues that could pose risks to stability and sustained market access by emerging market borrowers. Along with the IMF’s semiannual World Economic Outlook, the GFSR is a key vehicle for communicating the IMF’s multilateral surveillance. The GFSR also draws out the Financial ramifcations of economic imbalances highlighted by the WEO, making it an indispensable companion publication.
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International Monetary Fund. Monetary and Capital Markets Department
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