Greece [electronic resource] : Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix.

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1997.
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IMF Staff Country Reports; IMF Staff Country Report No. 97/89.
IMF Staff Country Reports; IMF Staff Country Report No. 97/89
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Local subjects:
Accounting framework.
Accrued interest.
Agricultural bank.
Bank balance sheets.
Bank bonds.
Bank borrowing.
Bank capital.
Bank capitalization.
Bank credit.
Bank deposits.
Bank holdings.
Bank interest.
Bank interest rates.
Bank lending.
Bank lending rate.
Bank liquidity.
Bank management.
Bank mergers.
Bank of greece.
Bank operations.
Bank portfolios.
Bank profit.
Bank profitability.
Bank stocks.
Banking activities.
Banking business.
Banking institutions.
Banking law.
Banking market.
Banking operations.
Banking sector.
Banking services.
Banking system.
Banking transactions.
Bankruptcy law.
Banks assets.
Banks balance sheets.
Banks loan.
Business taxes.
Capacity utilization.
Capital adequacy.
Commercial banks.
Commercial property.
Commodity prices.
Coupon bonds.
Credit rating agencies.
Current expenditure.
Deposit guarantee.
Direct investment.
Domestic investment.
European investment bank.
External auditors.
External borrowing.
External financing.
Fixed assets.
Fixed capital.
Fixed costs.
Fixed income.
Foreign currency.
Foreign exchange.
Gross fixed capital formation.
Income tax rate.
Interbank market.
Interest costs.
Interest differentials.
Interest income.
Interest payments.
Internal control.
International finance.
International norms.
Investment bank.
Investment banks.
Investment expenditures.
Investment income.
Investment program.
Investment rate.
Liquidity constraints.
Macroeconomic stability.
Macroeconomic stabilization.
Mortgage bank.
Mortgage lending.
Mutual funds.
National bank.
Net foreign assets.
Nominal interest rates.
Nonperforming loans.
Ownership structure.
Private capital.
Probability of default.
Problem loan.
Prudential regulation.
Public investment.
Public investment program.
Rates of return.
Real interest rates.
Regulatory framework.
Reserve ratio.
Reserve requirement.
Resource allocation.
Retail banking.
Retained earnings.
Return on assets.
Return on equity.
Risk premium.
Savings bank.
Savings ratio.
Settlement system.
Share capital.
State bank.
Tax rate.
Tax revenue.
Tax system.
Working capital.
This Selected Issues paper and Statistical Appendix reviews fiscal developments in Greece, comparing its revenue and expenditure patterns with a number of comparator country averages, and discusses prospects. The paper focuses on the evolution and tax-determinants of the most widely followed indicator of the health and competitiveness of a banking system, the lending-deposit spread. It also brings to bear a wide variety of indicators and econometric techniques to the problem of understanding the state and prospects of the banking system.
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