A Study of the Soviet Economy [electronic resource] : 3-Volume Set.

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1991.
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Local subjects:
Access to credit. (search)
Accounting system. (search)
Accounting systems. (search)
Aggregate demand. (search)
Aggregate supply. (search)
Agricultural credit. (search)
Air pollution. (search)
Alumina. (search)
Aluminium. (search)
Amortization. (search)
Apartment units. (search)
Asphalt. (search)
Asset classification. (search)
Asset diversification. (search)
Associated gas. (search)
Autocorrelation. (search)
Average duration of unemployment. (search)
Average pension. (search)
Average tariff. (search)
Balance of payments. (search)
Bank branches. (search)
Bank credit. (search)
Bank credits. (search)
Bank deposits. (search)
Bank financing. (search)
Bank for international settlements. (search)
Bank loans. (search)
Bank managers. (search)
Bank performance. (search)
Bank portfolios. (search)
Bank regulation. (search)
Bank supervision. (search)
Bank supervisors. (search)
Bankers. (search)
Banking. (search)
Banking activities. (search)
Banking institutions. (search)
Banking law. (search)
Banking operations. (search)
Banking regulation. (search)
Banking regulations. (search)
Banking sector. (search)
Banking services. (search)
Banking system. (search)
Banknotes. (search)
Bankruptcy legislation. (search)
Bauxite. (search)
Benefit formula. (search)
Benefit indexation. (search)
Benefits. (search)
Benefits in kind. (search)
Bilateral trade. (search)
Black market. (search)
Bonds. (search)
Broadcasting. (search)
Budget constraints. (search)
Budget deficit. (search)
Budgetary policies. (search)
Budgetary resources. (search)
Building industry. (search)
Building materials. (search)
Cadmium. (search)
Capital adequacy. (search)
Capital requirement. (search)
Cargo. (search)
Cargoes. (search)
Cash management. (search)
Cash payments. (search)
Cash wages. (search)
Cellular radio. (search)
Central banking. (search)
Checks. (search)
Civil codes. (search)
Civil courts. (search)
Civil dispute resolution. (search)
Civil law. (search)
Clients. (search)
Coal. (search)
Coal consumption. (search)
Coaxial cables. (search)
Collateral. (search)
Collections. (search)
Collective farm. (search)
Collective farms. (search)
Combustion. (search)
Commercial credit. (search)
Commercial credits. (search)
Commercial law. (search)
Common carrier. (search)
Common carriers. (search)
Communications. (search)
Compensation. (search)
Compensation scheme. (search)
Consumer credit. (search)
Consumer durables. (search)
Consumer subsidies. (search)
Consumption behavior. (search)
Consumption demand. (search)
Consumption function. (search)
Containerization. (search)
Contamination. (search)
Contract law. (search)
Contribution rate. (search)
Contribution rates. (search)
Cooperative farms. (search)
Cooperatives. (search)
Copper. (search)
Corrosion. (search)
Counterpart. (search)
Court. (search)
Court system. (search)
Courts. (search)
Credit. (search)
Credit ceilings. (search)
Credit expansion. (search)
Credit lines. (search)
Credit policies. (search)
Credit policy. (search)
Credit risk. (search)
Credit unions. (search)
Creditor. (search)
Creditors. (search)
Criminal code. (search)
Criminal codes. (search)
Criminal law. (search)
Crude oil. (search)
Crude oil exports. (search)
Crude oil price. (search)
Currency basket. (search)
Currency budget. (search)
Currency convertibility. (search)
Currency risk. (search)
Currency units. (search)
Current account. (search)
Current account balance. (search)
Current account deficit. (search)
Current account surplus. (search)
Data transmission. (search)
Debt. (search)
Debt burden. (search)
Debt forgiveness. (search)
Debt instruments. (search)
Debt outstanding. (search)
Debt problems. (search)
Debt service. (search)
Debt service payments. (search)
Debt servicing. (search)
Debtor countries. (search)
Debts. (search)
Decentralization. (search)
Deficits. (search)
Demonopolization. (search)
Dependency ratio. (search)
Deposit insurance. (search)
Deposit rates. (search)
Desired consumption. (search)
Direct investment. (search)
Disability pension. (search)
Disposable income. (search)
Dispute resolution. (search)
Distribution sector. (search)
Distribution system. (search)
Domestic consumption. (search)
Domestic economy. (search)
Domestic market. (search)
Domestic price. (search)
Domestic prices. (search)
Domestic producers. (search)
Domestic production. (search)
Duration of unemployment. (search)
Dust. (search)
Early retirement. (search)
Earth stations. (search)
Econometrics. (search)
Economic conditions. (search)
Economic law. (search)
Economic reform. (search)
Emission. (search)
Employment. (search)
Employment fund. (search)
Employment law. (search)
Employment offices. (search)
Employment service. (search)
Employment structure. (search)
Enterprise autonomy. (search)
Enterprise management. (search)
Enterprise performance. (search)
Enterprise reform. (search)
Environment. (search)
Environmental conditions. (search)
Environmental consequences. (search)
Environmental considerations. (search)
Environmental damage. (search)
Environmental data. (search)
Environmental degradation. (search)
Environmental groups. (search)
Environmental health. (search)
Environmental impact. (search)
Environmental impact assessment. (search)
Environmental impacts. (search)
Environmental improvement. (search)
Environmental information. (search)
Environmental infrastructure. (search)
Environmental institutions. (search)
Environmental investment. (search)
Environmental investments. (search)
Environmental issues. (search)
Environmental law. (search)
Environmental management. (search)
Environmental measures. (search)
Environmental objectives. (search)
Environmental policy. (search)
Environmental pollution. (search)
Environmental problems. (search)
Environmental protection. (search)
Environmental reform. (search)
Environmental standards. (search)
Equation. (search)
Equations. (search)
Equity capital. (search)
Equity shares. (search)
Estimation period. (search)
Excess demand. (search)
Excess liquidity. (search)
Exchange auctions. (search)
Exchange control. (search)
Exchange earnings. (search)
Exchange rate. (search)
Exchange rate fluctuations. (search)
Exchange rate policies. (search)
Exchange rate policy. (search)
Exchange rates. (search)
Exchange retention. (search)
Expenditures. (search)
Export incentives. (search)
Expropriation. (search)
External debt. (search)
External trade. (search)
Farm. (search)
Farm assets. (search)
Farm level. (search)
Farm workers. (search)
Farmers. (search)
Farming. (search)
Farms. (search)
Feeder roads. (search)
Financial institutions. (search)
Financial resources. (search)
Financial sector. (search)
Financial stability. (search)
Financial statements. (search)
Financial system. (search)
Financial systems. (search)
Fiscal policy. (search)
Fixed investment. (search)
Food consumption. (search)
Food industry. (search)
Food prices. (search)
Food processing. (search)
Food products. (search)
Food shortages. (search)
Food stamps. (search)
Food subsidies. (search)
Food subsidy. (search)
Food supply. (search)
Foreclosure. (search)
Foreign borrowing. (search)
Foreign capital. (search)
Foreign companies. (search)
Foreign currency. (search)
Foreign debt. (search)
Foreign direct investment. (search)
Foreign enterprises. (search)
Foreign exchange. (search)
Foreign exchange auctions. (search)
Foreign exchange earnings. (search)
Foreign exchange holdings. (search)
Foreign exchange law. (search)
Foreign exchange market. (search)
Foreign exchange retention. (search)
Foreign investment. (search)
Foreign investors. (search)
Foreign nationals. (search)
Foreign partner. (search)
Foreign partners. (search)
Foreign trade. (search)
Fossil fuels. (search)
Freight. (search)
Freight services. (search)
Freight tariffs. (search)
Freight ton. (search)
Freight ton kilometers. (search)
Freight traffic. (search)
Freight train. (search)
Freight trains. (search)
Freight transport. (search)
Freight wagons. (search)
Fuel oil. (search)
Fuel prices. (search)
Gas development. (search)
Gas exports. (search)
Gas imports. (search)
Gas industry. (search)
Gas pipeline. (search)
Gas prices. (search)
Gas processing. (search)
Gas production. (search)
Gas recovery. (search)
Gas resources. (search)
Gold. (search)
Goodness of fit. (search)
Government budget. (search)
Government budget deficit. (search)
Government securities. (search)
Government spending. (search)
Hard budget constraint. (search)
Haulage. (search)
High tariffs. (search)
Holding companies. (search)
Holding company. (search)
Household consumption. (search)
Housing conditions. (search)
Housing construction. (search)
Housing cooperatives. (search)
Housing finance. (search)
Housing market. (search)
Housing reforms. (search)
Housing stock. (search)
Housing subsidies. (search)
Housing units. (search)
Import tax. (search)
Import taxes. (search)
Income statement. (search)
Industrial development. (search)
Industrial efficiency. (search)
Industrial enterprises. (search)
Industrial policy. (search)
Industrial products. (search)
Industrial restructuring. (search)
Industrial sector. (search)
Inflation. (search)
Inflation rate. (search)
Inflationary pressures. (search)
Inflows into unemployment. (search)
Inland water transport. (search)
Insolvency. (search)
Installments. (search)
Interest. (search)
Intermediate goods. (search)
Internal market. (search)
Internal trade. (search)
International standards. (search)
International telecommunications. (search)
International trade. (search)
Investment climate. (search)
Investment environment. (search)
Investors. (search)
Iron. (search)
Iron ore. (search)
Job creation. (search)
Joint stock. (search)
Joint stock companies. (search)
Joint stock company. (search)
Joint venture. (search)
Joint ventures. (search)
Judicial system. (search)
Labor force. (search)
Labor force growth. (search)
Labor force participation. (search)
Labor income. (search)
Lagrange multiplier test. (search)
Land ownership. (search)
Law. (search)
Law enforcement. (search)
Lead. (search)
Leasehold. (search)
Legal reform. (search)
Legal requirements. (search)
Legal rights. (search)
Liabilities. (search)
Liability management. (search)
Liens. (search)
Limited liability. (search)
Living space per capita. (search)
Loan concentration. (search)
Loans. (search)
Local governments. (search)
Low unemployment. (search)
Macroeconomic stability. (search)
Market exchange rate. (search)
Market exchange rates. (search)
Maternity benefits. (search)
Maternity leave. (search)
Merchandise trade. (search)
Merchant marine. (search)
Million tons of oil. (search)
Mineral deposits. (search)
Mineralogy. (search)
Minimum pension. (search)
Minimum wage. (search)
Minimum wages. (search)
Mobile telephone. (search)
Mobile telephone services. (search)
Mobile telephones. (search)
Mortgage lending. (search)
Mortgage loans. (search)
National security. (search)
Natural gas. (search)
Natural gas pipeline. (search)
Natural resources. (search)
Net exports. (search)
Nickel. (search)
Nitrogen oxides. (search)
Nuclear safety. (search)
Obligations. (search)
Official exchange rate. (search)
Oil and gas. (search)
Oil development. (search)
Oil exports. (search)
Oil industry. (search)
Oil prices. (search)
Oil producers. (search)
Oil production. (search)
Oil products. (search)
Oil recovery. (search)
Oil refining. (search)
Old-age pension. (search)
Old-age pensions. (search)
Ores. (search)
Output growth. (search)
Outstanding debt. (search)
Ownership rights. (search)
Oxides. (search)
Parent company. (search)
Particulate matter. (search)
Particulates. (search)
Partner countries. (search)
Passenger cars. (search)
Passenger coaches. (search)
Payment systems. (search)
Payments. (search)
Payroll. (search)
Payroll tax. (search)
Penalties. (search)
Pension. (search)
Pension benefit. (search)
Pension benefits. (search)
Pension fund. (search)
Pension funds. (search)
Pension reform. (search)
Pensionable age. (search)
Pensioners. (search)
Pensions. (search)
Per capita income. (search)
Personal mobility. (search)
Pesticides. (search)
Pipeline network. (search)
Platinum. (search)
Pollutant. (search)
Pollution. (search)
Pollution charges. (search)
Pollution control. (search)
Pollution control equipment. (search)
Pollution control technology. (search)
Pollution problems. (search)
Power generation. (search)
Power plants. (search)
Price elasticity. (search)
Price liberalization. (search)
Price subsidies. (search)
Price support. (search)
Prices. (search)
Pricing. (search)
Private farmers. (search)
Private housing. (search)
Private ownership. (search)
Privatization of enterprises. (search)
Property rights. (search)
Protocols. (search)
Prudential regulation. (search)
Public debt. (search)
Public housing. (search)
Public roads. (search)
Purchases. (search)
Queuing. (search)
Radio broadcasting. (search)
Rate of investment. (search)
Real estate. (search)
Real interest rate. (search)
Recovery equipment. (search)
Refinancing. (search)
Refined products. (search)
Registration. (search)
Registration procedures. (search)
Regulatory framework. (search)
Reinvestment. (search)
Relative price. (search)
Relative prices. (search)
Renewable energy. (search)
Rental housing. (search)
Repayment. (search)
Replacement rate. (search)
Reserve requirement. (search)
Reserve requirements. (search)
Restructuring. (search)
Retail sales. (search)
Retail trade. (search)
Retirement. (search)
Retirement age. (search)
Retirement ages. (search)
Retirement pensions. (search)
Retraining. (search)
Road. (search)
Road accidents. (search)
Road construction. (search)
Road maintenance. (search)
Road network. (search)
Road networks. (search)
Road transport. (search)
Road use. (search)
Roads. (search)
Royalties. (search)
Salaries. (search)
Salary. (search)
Sale of shares. (search)
Satellites. (search)
Savings bank. (search)
Savings deposits. (search)
School feeding programs. (search)
Self-employment. (search)
Share capital. (search)
Shareholders. (search)
Shares. (search)
Shipments. (search)
Shipping. (search)
Shipping companies. (search)
Small enterprises. (search)
Social pension. (search)
Socialist countries. (search)
Solvency. (search)
Sour gas. (search)
Specialized bank. (search)
Standard error. (search)
State bank. (search)
State budget. (search)
State enterprise. (search)
State enterprises. (search)
State farm. (search)
State farms. (search)
State property. (search)
Statistic. (search)
Statistics. (search)
Stock companies. (search)
Stock company. (search)
Storage facilities. (search)
Subsidies. (search)
Subsidization. (search)
Subsidy. (search)
Substitution. (search)
Suppliers credits. (search)
Survivors pensions. (search)
Switching equipment. (search)
Switching systems. (search)
Tariff structure. (search)
Tax credit. (search)
Tax evasion. (search)
Tax incentives. (search)
Tax preferences. (search)
Tax rate. (search)
Tax rates. (search)
Tax revenues. (search)
Tax treatment. (search)
Taxes. (search)
Taxpayers. (search)
Telecommunications. (search)
Telecommunications equipment. (search)
Telecommunications industry. (search)
Telecommunications investment. (search)
Telecommunications links. (search)
Telecommunications network. (search)
Telecommunications operations. (search)
Telecommunications organizations. (search)
Telecommunications revenues. (search)
Telecommunications sector. (search)
Telecommunications system. (search)
Telecommunications systems. (search)
Telephone calls. (search)
Telephone lines. (search)
Television. (search)
Telex. (search)
Terms of trade. (search)
Thermal pollution. (search)
Total employment. (search)
Total labor force. (search)
Trade deficit. (search)
Trade flows. (search)
Trade liberalization. (search)
Trade reform. (search)
Trade regime. (search)
Trade relations. (search)
Trading partner. (search)
Trading partners. (search)
Trading system. (search)
Traffic control. (search)
Traffic growth. (search)
Traffic laws. (search)
Traffic volumes. (search)
Transport networks. (search)
Treasury bills. (search)
Trolleybuses. (search)
Truck. (search)
Trucks. (search)
Unemployed. (search)
Unemployed persons. (search)
Unemployed workers. (search)
Unemployment. (search)
Unemployment benefits. (search)
Unemployment compensation. (search)
Unemployment insurance. (search)
Unemployment rate. (search)
Unemployment spells. (search)
Universal banking. (search)
Urban housing. (search)
Urban land. (search)
Urban planning. (search)
Value of assets. (search)
Vans. (search)
Wage. (search)
Wage controls. (search)
Wage costs. (search)
Wage determination. (search)
Wage earners. (search)
Wage growth. (search)
Wage increases. (search)
Wage levels. (search)
Wage settlements. (search)
Wage structure. (search)
Wage tax. (search)
Wage taxes. (search)
Wages. (search)
Water pollution. (search)
Water supply. (search)
Water transport. (search)
Wholesale trade. (search)
Worker. (search)
Working capital. (search)
World market. (search)
World market prices. (search)
World markets. (search)
World prices. (search)
Zinc. (search)
Georgia. (search)
Kazakhstan. (search)
Montenegro. (search)
Peninsula. (search)
Ukraine. (search)
USSR. (search)
Uzbekistan. (search)
This three-volume study of the Soviet economy presents the detailed information, analysis, and recommendations for the summary report presented to the Group of Seven industrial countries in December 1990. The study was prepared by staff members of the IMF, the World Bank, the OECD, and the EBRD.
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