Japan Administered Account for Selected IMF Activities (JSA) [electronic resource] : Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2009.

International Monetary Fund.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2009.
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Other Official Rpts and Docs; 2009.
Other Official Rpts and Docs; 2009

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Accounting system. (search)
Accrual accounting. (search)
Annual budget process. (search)
Bank accounting. (search)
Bank accounts. (search)
Bank examiners. (search)
Bank indonesia. (search)
Bank of japan. (search)
Bank of portugal. (search)
Bank of thailand. (search)
Bank operations. (search)
Bank restructuring. (search)
Bank supervision. (search)
Bank supervisors. (search)
Banking. (search)
Banking authority. (search)
Banking operations. (search)
Banking reforms. (search)
Banking regulation. (search)
Banking sector. (search)
Banking sectors. (search)
Banking services. (search)
Banking supervision. (search)
Banking supervisor. (search)
Banking system. (search)
Banking systems. (search)
Budget classification. (search)
Budget classification system. (search)
Budget execution. (search)
Budget execution process. (search)
Budget framework. (search)
Budget managers. (search)
Budget planning. (search)
Budget planning system. (search)
Budget preparation. (search)
Budget preparation processes. (search)
Budget process. (search)
Budget reporting. (search)
Budget support. (search)
Budgetary framework. (search)
Budgetary management. (search)
Budgeting process. (search)
Capital budgeting. (search)
Capital investment. (search)
Central banking. (search)
College. (search)
Commencement. (search)
Consolidated supervision. (search)
Country comparison. (search)
Current price. (search)
Doctoral studies. (search)
Financial accounting. (search)
Financial management. (search)
Financial management information. (search)
Financial management information system. (search)
Financial management reform. (search)
Financial management system. (search)
Fiscal federalism. (search)
Foreign exchange. (search)
Government finance. (search)
Government finance statistics. (search)
Government financing. (search)
Government securities. (search)
Graduate school. (search)
Graduate study. (search)
Integrated financial management. (search)
Integrated financial management information system. (search)
Internal audit. (search)
Internal control. (search)
International university. (search)
Level playing field. (search)
Liability management. (search)
Macroeconomic stability. (search)
Management information system. (search)
Medium-term budget. (search)
Medium-term budget framework. (search)
Monetary authority. (search)
National accounts. (search)
National accounts statistics. (search)
National bank. (search)
National treasury. (search)
Nonperforming loan. (search)
Participating universities. (search)
Performance budgeting. (search)
Pfm system. (search)
Pfm systems. (search)
Public finance. (search)
Public finances. (search)
Public financial management. (search)
Public financial management reform. (search)
Public financial management system. (search)
Public investment. (search)
Resource allocation. (search)
Resource allocations. (search)
Resource mobilization. (search)
Revenue mobilization. (search)
Scholar. (search)
Scholarship. (search)
Scholarship program. (search)
State bank. (search)
State university. (search)
Structural adjustment. (search)
Transitional government. (search)
Treasury single account. (search)
Japan. (search)
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