World Economic Outlook [electronic resource] : A Survey by the staff of the International Monetary Fund.

International Monetary Fund
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1999.
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World Economic and Financial Surveys; World Economic and Financial Surveys.
World Economic and Financial Surveys; World Economic and Financial Surveys
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Local subjects:
Access to international financial markets. (search)
Accession negotiations. (search)
Actual inflation. (search)
Adjustment process. (search)
Aggregate demand. (search)
Agreement on trade. (search)
Agricultural commodities. (search)
Agricultural export subsidies. (search)
Agricultural imports. (search)
Agricultural liberalization. (search)
Annual inflation. (search)
Anti-export bias. (search)
Anticompetitive practices. (search)
Antidumping actions. (search)
Antidumping duties. (search)
Antitrust enforcement. (search)
Arab free trade agreement. (search)
Armaments. (search)
Armed conflict. (search)
Armed conflicts. (search)
Armed forces. (search)
Arms. (search)
Arms control. (search)
Arms transfers. (search)
Army. (search)
Asset management. (search)
Asset market. (search)
Average inflation. (search)
Average inflation rate. (search)
Average rate of inflation. (search)
Average tariff. (search)
Average tariff protection. (search)
Average tariff rates. (search)
Average tariffs. (search)
Balance of payments. (search)
Bank loans. (search)
Bankruptcy courts. (search)
Bankruptcy law. (search)
Bankruptcy procedures. (search)
Bilateral cooperation. (search)
Bilateral investment. (search)
Bilateral investment treaties. (search)
Bilateral trade. (search)
Black market. (search)
Bond. (search)
Bond issues. (search)
Bond market. (search)
Bond markets. (search)
Bond spreads. (search)
Bond yields. (search)
Bonds. (search)
Border trade. (search)
Borrowing costs. (search)
Brady bond. (search)
Budgetary resources. (search)
Call money. (search)
Capital account restrictions. (search)
Capital accounts. (search)
Capital accumulation. (search)
Capital adequacy. (search)
Capital adequacy ratio. (search)
Capital adequacy ratios. (search)
Capital controls. (search)
Capital flow. (search)
Capital flows. (search)
Capital formation. (search)
Capital inflows. (search)
Capital markets. (search)
Capital outflows. (search)
Capital stock. (search)
Cash management. (search)
Central bank. (search)
Chronic inflation. (search)
Civil war. (search)
Civil wars. (search)
Collections. (search)
Commercial bank debt. (search)
Commodity exporters. (search)
Commodity prices. (search)
Common market. (search)
Common tariff. (search)
Comparative advantage. (search)
Competition policy. (search)
Competition rules. (search)
Consumer credit. (search)
Control of inflation. (search)
Corporate debt. (search)
Credit expansion. (search)
Credit lines. (search)
Credit market. (search)
Credit policies. (search)
Credit rating. (search)
Credit rating agencies. (search)
Credit risk. (search)
Credit schemes. (search)
Credit unions. (search)
Creditor. (search)
Creditor countries. (search)
Creditors. (search)
Cross-border trade. (search)
Currency risk. (search)
Current account balance. (search)
Current account deficit. (search)
Current account deficits. (search)
Current account surplus. (search)
Debt. (search)
Debt burden. (search)
Debt crises. (search)
Debt forgiveness. (search)
Debt instruments. (search)
Debt level. (search)
Debt overhang. (search)
Debt reduction. (search)
Debt relief. (search)
Debt rescheduling. (search)
Debt restructuring. (search)
Debt service. (search)
Debt servicing. (search)
Debt stocks. (search)
Debt sustainability. (search)
Debt workout. (search)
Debtor countries. (search)
Debtors. (search)
Debts. (search)
Defaults. (search)
Deficits. (search)
Demand for money. (search)
Deposit rates. (search)
Derivative. (search)
Derivative transactions. (search)
Direct investment. (search)
Disarmament. (search)
Disarmament agency. (search)
Dispute settlement. (search)
Dispute settlement mechanism. (search)
Dollar value. (search)
Domestic capital. (search)
Domestic capital markets. (search)
Domestic debt. (search)
Domestic demand. (search)
Domestic economy. (search)
Domestic financial markets. (search)
Domestic market. (search)
Domestic prices. (search)
Domestic production. (search)
Duty-free access. (search)
Duty-free treatment. (search)
Dynamic effects. (search)
Economic cooperation. (search)
Economic growth. (search)
Economic instability. (search)
Economic integration. (search)
Effective exchange rates. (search)
Effects of inflation. (search)
Elimination of tariffs. (search)
Employed person. (search)
Employment. (search)
Employment growth. (search)
Employment prospects. (search)
Equity investment. (search)
Equity market. (search)
Equity markets. (search)
Equity prices. (search)
Equity share. (search)
Eurobond. (search)
Eurobond yield. (search)
Eurobonds. (search)
European monetary system. (search)
European monetary union. (search)
Excessive monetary expansion. (search)
Exchange rate fluctuations. (search)
Exchange rate mechanism. (search)
Exchange rate movements. (search)
Exchange rate regime. (search)
Expansionary monetary policies. (search)
Expansionary monetary policy. (search)
Expenditures. (search)
Export bias. (search)
Export credit. (search)
Export diversification. (search)
Export earnings. (search)
Export growth. (search)
Export market. (search)
Export market share. (search)
Export markets. (search)
Export performance. (search)
Export shares. (search)
Export subsidies. (search)
Export volumes. (search)
Exporting countries. (search)
External capital. (search)
External debt. (search)
External financing. (search)
External funding. (search)
External liberalization. (search)
External position. (search)
External shocks. (search)
External tariff. (search)
External tariffs. (search)
External trade. (search)
Financial contagion. (search)
Financial instability. (search)
Financial institutions. (search)
Financial intermediaries. (search)
Financial intermediation. (search)
Financial market. (search)
Financial markets. (search)
Financial resources. (search)
Financial sector. (search)
Financial sector development. (search)
Financial services. (search)
Financial stability. (search)
Financial system. (search)
Financial systems. (search)
Financial volatility. (search)
Fiscal deficits. (search)
Fiscal policy. (search)
Fixed capital formation. (search)
Fixed investment. (search)
Flexible exchange rate. (search)
Flexible exchange rate regimes. (search)
Floating exchange rate system. (search)
Foreclosure. (search)
Foreign borrowing. (search)
Foreign capital. (search)
Foreign capital inflows. (search)
Foreign competition. (search)
Foreign currency. (search)
Foreign debt. (search)
Foreign exchange. (search)
Foreign exchange restrictions. (search)
Foreign investment. (search)
Foreign ownership. (search)
Foreign suppliers. (search)
Foreign trade. (search)
Free trade. (search)
Free trade agreement. (search)
Free trade agreements. (search)
Free trade area. (search)
Full disclosure. (search)
Future employment. (search)
Future employment prospects. (search)
Gdp deflator. (search)
Gdp growth. (search)
Gdp growth rate. (search)
General price level. (search)
Global bond. (search)
Global current account. (search)
Global markets. (search)
Global production. (search)
Global scale. (search)
Global trade. (search)
Global trading. (search)
Gnp. (search)
Government bonds. (search)
Government control. (search)
Government securities. (search)
Growth accounting. (search)
Growth rate. (search)
Growth rates. (search)
Harmful effects of inflation. (search)
Health services. (search)
Hedging. (search)
High inflation. (search)
High rates of inflation. (search)
High tariffs. (search)
Higher rates of inflation. (search)
Hire purchase. (search)
Import costs. (search)
Import demand. (search)
Import prices. (search)
Import quotas. (search)
Import substitution. (search)
Imported goods. (search)
Importing countries. (search)
Improved market access. (search)
Increase in inflation. (search)
Increased trade. (search)
Inflation. (search)
Inflation affect. (search)
Inflation equation. (search)
Inflation rate. (search)
Inflation rates. (search)
Inflation rising. (search)
Inflation target. (search)
Inflation targeting. (search)
Inflation-targeting. (search)
Inflationary expectations. (search)
Inflationary pressure. (search)
Inflationary pressures. (search)
Insolvency. (search)
Installments. (search)
Intellectual property. (search)
Intellectual property rights. (search)
Interest. (search)
Interest charges. (search)
Interest costs. (search)
Interest differentials. (search)
Interest rate risk. (search)
Intermediate goods. (search)
International banks. (search)
International bond. (search)
International bond markets. (search)
International capital. (search)
International capital flows. (search)
International capital markets. (search)
International finance. (search)
International finance corporation. (search)
International financial markets. (search)
International financial statistics. (search)
International integration. (search)
International reserves. (search)
International standards. (search)
International trade. (search)
Investment flows. (search)
Investment incentives. (search)
Investment treaties. (search)
Investor confidence. (search)
Issuance of bonds. (search)
Labor force growth. (search)
Labor force participation. (search)
Labor force participation rates. (search)
Liabilities. (search)
Liberal trade. (search)
Liberal trade policies. (search)
Liberalization of capital. (search)
Liberalization of capital flows. (search)
Liberalization of trade. (search)
Liberalizing trade. (search)
Liberalizing trade policies. (search)
Lifetime employment. (search)
Liquidity support. (search)
Loans. (search)
Long-term bond yields. (search)
Long-term interest rates. (search)
Low inflation. (search)
Lower inflation. (search)
Lower rates of inflation. (search)
Macroeconomic crises. (search)
Macroeconomic performance. (search)
Macroeconomic stability. (search)
Market access. (search)
Market integration. (search)
Market liberalization. (search)
Mature capital markets. (search)
Mature markets. (search)
Measure of inflation. (search)
Measures of volatility. (search)
Member country. (search)
Merchandise trade. (search)
Mfn tariffs. (search)
Military. (search)
Military engagements. (search)
Military expenditure. (search)
Military expenditures. (search)
Military spending. (search)
Moderate inflation. (search)
Monetary aggregates. (search)
Monetary authorities. (search)
Monetary base. (search)
Monetary conditions. (search)
Monetary economics. (search)
Monetary expansion. (search)
Monetary fund. (search)
Monetary growth. (search)
Monetary objectives. (search)
Monetary policies. (search)
Monetary policy. (search)
Monetary policy framework. (search)
Monetary policy instruments. (search)
Monetary policy reaction function. (search)
Monetary policy regimes. (search)
Monetary policy rules. (search)
Monetary policy strategy. (search)
Monetary policy transmission mechanism. (search)
Monetary reform. (search)
Monetary stability. (search)
Monetary stance. (search)
Monetary system. (search)
Monetary targeting. (search)
Monetary targets. (search)
Monetary theory. (search)
Monetary union. (search)
Money balances. (search)
Money demand. (search)
Money growth. (search)
Money market. (search)
Money markets. (search)
Money supply. (search)
Multilateral agencies. (search)
Multilateral agreement. (search)
Multilateral initiatives. (search)
Multilateral level. (search)
Multilateral liberalization. (search)
Multilateral process. (search)
Multilateral rules. (search)
Multilateral talks. (search)
Multilateral tariff negotiations. (search)
Multilateral trade. (search)
Multilateral trade negotiations. (search)
Multilateral trading system. (search)
Multilateralism. (search)
Mutual trade. (search)
Mutual trade preferences. (search)
Nairu. (search)
National bank. (search)
National borders. (search)
Natural rate of unemployment. (search)
Neighboring countries. (search)
Net capital. (search)
Net capital flows. (search)
Net exports. (search)
Network of free trade agreements. (search)
Nominal exchange rate. (search)
Nominal interest rate. (search)
Nominal interest rates. (search)
Nominal rate of interest. (search)
Non-oil commodity. (search)
Non-oil commodity prices. (search)
Nontariff barriers. (search)
Obligations. (search)
Official flows. (search)
Oil exporters. (search)
Oil imports. (search)
Oil prices. (search)
Oil-importing countries. (search)
Oil-producing countries. (search)
Open market operations. (search)
Open markets. (search)
Output growth. (search)
Partner countries. (search)
Payments. (search)
Payments systems. (search)
Payroll tax. (search)
Per capita income. (search)
Per capita income growth. (search)
Per capita incomes. (search)
Percent inflation. (search)
Portfolio investment. (search)
Preferential treatment. (search)
Preliminary assessment. (search)
Price deflation. (search)
Price inflation. (search)
Price level. (search)
Price stability. (search)
Price supports. (search)
Principal amount. (search)
Private capital. (search)
Private capital flows. (search)
Private financing. (search)
Private sector employment. (search)
Process of integration. (search)
Protectionist pressures. (search)
Prudential supervision. (search)
Public bond. (search)
Public bond issues. (search)
Public debt. (search)
Public expenditure. (search)
Purchasing power of money. (search)
Quantitative restrictions. (search)
Quantity theory. (search)
Quantity theory of money. (search)
Rate of inflation. (search)
Rate of unemployment. (search)
Rates of inflation. (search)
Rates of unemployment. (search)
Rational expectations. (search)
Real effective exchange rates. (search)
Real exchange rates. (search)
Real interest rate. (search)
Real interest rates. (search)
Real money. (search)
Real money supply. (search)
Real output. (search)
Real per capita income. (search)
Real rate of interest. (search)
Real rates. (search)
Real value. (search)
Real wages. (search)
Reducing tariffs. (search)
Reduction of inflation. (search)
Regional integration. (search)
Regional trade. (search)
Regional trade agreements. (search)
Regional unemployment. (search)
Regulatory authorities. (search)
Regulatory framework. (search)
Relative price. (search)
Relative prices. (search)
Removing trade barriers. (search)
Repayment. (search)
Repudiation. (search)
Reserve requirements. (search)
Restrictive monetary policy. (search)
Restructuring. (search)
Retail price index. (search)
Return on capital. (search)
Rise in inflation. (search)
Rising inflation. (search)
Risk premium. (search)
Round agreement. (search)
Rules of origin. (search)
Safeguard measures. (search)
Secondary markets. (search)
Services markets. (search)
Services negotiations. (search)
Services sector. (search)
Services sectors. (search)
Services trade. (search)
Short-term capital. (search)
Short-term debt. (search)
Social safety nets. (search)
Sovereign bond. (search)
Sovereign bonds. (search)
Stable price. (search)
Stock exchange. (search)
Stock market. (search)
Stock market collapses. (search)
Stock market crash. (search)
Stock market prices. (search)
Stock markets. (search)
Stringent capital controls. (search)
Structural unemployment. (search)
Subsidiaries. (search)
Swift. (search)
Syndicated loans. (search)
Tariff cuts. (search)
Tariff data. (search)
Tariff escalation. (search)
Tariff increases. (search)
Tariff lines. (search)
Tariff negotiations. (search)
Tariff peaks. (search)
Tariff preferences. (search)
Tariff protection. (search)
Tariff rate. (search)
Tariff rates. (search)
Tariff reductions. (search)
Tariff structures. (search)
Tax collection. (search)
Tax exemptions. (search)
Tax incentives. (search)
Tax reforms. (search)
Tax revenues. (search)
Tax systems. (search)
Taxes. (search)
Taxpayers. (search)
Telecommunications services. (search)
Term bond. (search)
Terms of trade. (search)
Terms of trade shocks. (search)
Theory of money. (search)
Tight monetary policy. (search)
Total factor productivity. (search)
Tradable goods. (search)
Trade agreement. (search)
Trade agreements. (search)
Trade area. (search)
Trade areas. (search)
Trade barriers. (search)
Trade diversion. (search)
Trade effects. (search)
Trade facilitation. (search)
Trade flows. (search)
Trade growth. (search)
Trade in services. (search)
Trade liberalization. (search)
Trade liberalization measures. (search)
Trade links. (search)
Trade losses. (search)
Trade negotiations. (search)
Trade performance. (search)
Trade policies. (search)
Trade policy reform. (search)
Trade preferences. (search)
Trade reform. (search)
Trade reforms. (search)
Trade regime. (search)
Trade regimes. (search)
Trade relations. (search)
Trade restrictions. (search)
Trade round. (search)
Trade routes. (search)
Trade rules. (search)
Trade volume. (search)
Trade-related investment. (search)
Trade-related investment measures. (search)
Trade-weighted average. (search)
Trading partner. (search)
Trading partners. (search)
Trading system. (search)
Transition countries. (search)
Transition economies. (search)
Transition period. (search)
Transmission of monetary policy. (search)
Transport equipment. (search)
Transport sector. (search)
Treasury bills. (search)
Treasury bond. (search)
Treasury bonds. (search)
Unemployed. (search)
Unemployed workers. (search)
Unemployment. (search)
Unemployment benefit. (search)
Unemployment benefit systems. (search)
Unemployment rate. (search)
Unemployment rates. (search)
Unilateral liberalization. (search)
Unilateral trade. (search)
Unilateral trade liberalization. (search)
Vulnerability to shocks. (search)
Wage inflation. (search)
Wage-price. (search)
World demand. (search)
World economy. (search)
World exports. (search)
World growth. (search)
World output. (search)
World prices. (search)
World trade. (search)
World trade growth. (search)
World trade organization. (search)
Yield curve. (search)
The World Economic Outlook, published twice a year in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, presents IMF staff economists' analyses of global economic developments during the near and medium term. Chapters give an overview of the world economy; consider issues affecting industrial countries, developing countries, and economies in transition to market; and address topics of pressing current interest. Annexes, boxes, charts, and an extensive statistical appendix augment the text.
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