The Export Performance of Sub-Saharan Africa, 1970-1990 [electronic resource] : A Survey, Greene, Joshua E..

Greene, Joshua E.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1992.
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IMF Working Papers; Working Paper No. 92/55.
IMF Working Papers; Working Paper No. 92/55
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Local subjects:
Agricultural commodities.
Agricultural exports.
Average tariff.
Balance of payments.
Barriers to entry.
Capital flight.
Coffee exports.
Commodity composition.
Commodity export.
Commodity exports.
Commodity prices.
Competitive pressures.
Developing country exports.
Diversification of exports.
Domestic investment.
Domestic production.
Exchange rate fluctuations.
Exchange rate policies.
Exchange rate policy.
Export activities.
Export activity.
Export capacity.
Export commodities.
Export concentration.
Export crops.
Export data.
Export demand.
Export diversification.
Export earnings.
Export experience.
Export growth.
Export growth rate.
Export industries.
Export industry.
Export market.
Export markets.
Export performance.
Export price.
Export prices.
Export proceeds.
Export processing.
Export processing zone.
Export product.
Export production.
Export products.
Export prospects.
Export quota.
Export quotas.
Export sector.
Export sectors.
Export share.
Export shortfalls.
Export unit.
Export value.
Export volume.
Export volumes.
Export zone.
Exporting countries.
Exporting developing countries.
Exporting sector.
External shocks.
Fixed capital costs.
Free trade.
Free trade agreements.
Fuel export.
Fuel exporters.
Fuel exports.
Geographic proximity.
High tariff barriers.
Horticultural exports.
Import demand.
Import price.
Import prices.
Import restrictions.
Importing countries.
Income elasticities.
Increasing consumption.
Increasing exports.
Intermediate goods.
International trade.
Low tariffs.
Market expansion.
Market for exports.
Mineral export.
Mineral exports.
Non-traditional export.
Non-traditional exports.
Nontariff barriers.
Nontraditional exports.
Oil exporting.
Oil imports.
Oil prices.
Oil-exporting countries.
Petroleum export.
Petroleum exports.
Preferential trade.
Preferential trade agreements.
Price fluctuations.
Price stability.
Principal export.
Producer prices.
Quantitative import restrictions.
Quantitative restrictions.
Real export.
Real export growth.
Real exports.
Rules of origin.
Share of exports.
Tariff barriers.
Tariff levels.
Tariff lines.
Terms of trade.
Total export.
Total exports.
Trade agreements.
Trade barriers.
Trade regime.
Trade- weighted average.
Traditional exports.
Transport costs.
Transport services.
World demand.
World export market.
World exports.
World market.
World markets.
World supply.
Burkina Faso.
United States.
The export performance of Sub-Saharan Africa has lagged behind that of developing countries in other regions for the past two decades, and total export proceeds have fallen significantly since 1980. Many factors explain this outcome, including continued concentration in slowly-growing non-fuel primary commodities and domestic economic policies that have discouraged new investment that could promote diversification and increased production of traditional crops. Diversification into new agricultural products and light manufactures could boost export earnings, but only if the region can compete successfully with existing producers elsewhere. In most countries this will require major structural reforms to create a more attractive economic environment.
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Greene, Joshua E.
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