Economic Development of the Arab Countries [electronic resource] : Selected Issues.

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1993.
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Local subjects:
Adjustment process.
Aggregate demand.
Agricultural commodities.
Agricultural exporters.
Agricultural subsidies.
Agricultural trade.
Average tariff.
Average tariff rate.
Balance of payments.
Barriers to employment.
Bilateral agreements.
Bilateral aid.
Bilateral trade.
Bilateral trade relations.
Biogeochemical cycles.
Bond financing.
Bond investment.
Bond issues.
Bond markets.
Border capital flows.
Border mergers.
Border protection.
Brain drain.
Budget deficit.
Capital account transactions.
Capital base.
Capital flow.
Capital gains.
Capital inflows.
Capital market.
Capital market development.
Capital markets.
Capital mobility.
Capital movements.
Capital outflows.
Capital surplus.
Capital transactions.
Central government budget.
Changing labor market.
Child health.
Commercial banks.
Commodity export.
Commodity exporters.
Commodity prices.
Common market.
Common property.
Common trade policy.
Competition for market.
Competitive advantages.
Competitive disadvantage.
Competitive position.
Competitive product.
Contraceptive practice.
Contraceptive prevalence.
Country exporters.
Country of destination.
Country of origin.
Credit markets.
Crowding out.
Cultural factors.
Current account balance.
Current account deficit.
Current account deficits.
Debt service.
Demand for family planning.
Determinants of capital flows.
Developing country exports.
Direct investment.
Direct investment inflows.
Direct investment policies.
Direct investments.
Domestic banking system.
Domestic banks.
Domestic capital.
Domestic demand.
Domestic financial markets.
Domestic financial sector.
Domestic investment.
Domestic market.
Domestic prices.
Domestic producers.
Domestic savings.
Domestic securities.
Domestic suppliers.
Duty-free access.
Dynamic effects.
Ecological economics.
Ecological processes.
Ecological systems.
Economic conditions.
Economic cooperation.
Economic growth.
Economic indicators.
Economic integration.
Economic interdependence.
Economic liberalization.
Emerging stock market.
Employment creation.
Employment growth.
Employment market.
Employment opportunities.
Employment planning.
Employment policy.
Employment services.
Employment status.
Endangered species.
Energy consumption.
Energy exports.
Environmental accounting.
Environmental action.
Environmental action plans.
Environmental actions.
Environmental assessment.
Environmental audits.
Environmental change.
Environmental considerations.
Environmental costs.
Environmental damage.
Environmental data.
Environmental decision.
Environmental decision making.
Environmental decisions.
Environmental degradation.
Environmental deterioration.
Environmental economics.
Environmental externalities.
Environmental factors.
Environmental field.
Environmental goals.
Environmental harm.
Environmental ills.
Environmental impact.
Environmental impact assessment.
Environmental impact assessments.
Environmental impacts.
Environmental implications.
Environmental initiatives.
Environmental issues.
Environmental issues papers.
Environmental management.
Environmental monitoring.
Environmental policies.
Environmental policy.
Environmental priority.
Environmental problem.
Environmental problems.
Environmental protection.
Environmental realities.
Environmental regulations.
Environmental standards.
Environmental systems.
Environmental toxicology.
Environmentally sound technologies.
Equal treatment.
Equity investment.
Equity investments.
Equity market.
Equity markets.
Equity participation.
Equity prices.
Exchange rate mechanism.
Exchange rate policies.
Exchange rate policy.
Exchange rate regime.
Exchange rate regimes.
Exogenous shock.
Export capacity.
Export commodities.
Export data.
Export diversification.
Export growth.
Export industries.
Export markets.
Export orientation.
Export performance.
Export prices.
Export prospects.
Export sectors.
Export structure.
Export subsidies.
Export supply.
Export volumes.
Export-oriented activities.
Export-oriented investors.
Exporters of capital.
Exporting countries.
External financing.
External protection.
External shocks.
External tariff.
External trade.
External trade creation.
External trade liberalization.
Family planning.
Family planning methods.
Family planning services.
Family size.
Family structure.
Family support.
Female employment.
Female labor force.
Female labor force participation.
Fertility declines.
Fertility rates.
Fertility reductions.
Financial assets.
Financial instability.
Financial institutions.
Financial instruments.
Financial intermediaries.
Financial intermediation.
Financial market.
Financial market development.
Financial markets.
Financial policies.
Financial reform.
Financial reforms.
Financial remittances.
Financial resources.
Financial sector.
Financial structure.
Financial system.
Financial systems.
Fiscal accounts.
Fiscal adjustments.
Fiscal considerations.
Fiscal deficit.
Fiscal deficits.
Fiscal dimensions of adjustment.
Fiscal imbalances.
Fiscal impact.
Fiscal loss.
Fiscal policies.
Fiscal policy.
Fixed investments.
Foreign assets.
Foreign banks.
Foreign bonds.
Foreign capital.
Foreign capital flows.
Foreign capital inflows.
Foreign companies.
Foreign competition.
Foreign currencies.
Foreign currency.
Foreign debt.
Foreign direct investment.
Foreign direct investment policies.
Foreign direct investments.
Foreign enterprise.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign exchange policies.
Foreign government.
Foreign investment.
Foreign investment laws.
Foreign investments.
Foreign investor.
Foreign investors.
Foreign ownership.
Foreign participation.
Foreign portfolio investment.
Foreign private investment.
Foreign trade.
Formal sector.
Free flow.
Free movement of factors.
Free trade.
Free trade agreement.
Free trade area.
Free trade areas.
Free trade arrangements.
Free trade zone.
Free zones.
Full employment.
Future unemployment.
General practitioners.
Global environment.
Global environmental facility.
Global environmental systems.
Global marketplace.
Global markets.
Global norms.
Global production.
Global warming.
Government bond.
Government bond markets.
Government bonds.
Government budget.
Health care.
High school students.
Hospital management.
Host countries.
Host country.
Human environment.
Illegal migration.
Imperfect competition.
Import bans.
Import competition.
Import demand.
Import prices.
Import restrictions.
Import sector.
Import side.
Import substitution.
Import-substitution industrialization.
Importing countries.
Importing country.
Income elasticities.
Indirect tax.
Indirect taxes.
Industrial countries.
Industrial development.
Infant mortality.
Insider trading.
Integrated markets.
Integration efforts.
Intensive exports.
Interest groups.
Internal cost.
Internal market.
Internal trade.
International bond.
International bond issues.
International capital.
International capital flows.
International capital movements.
International finance.
International finance corporation.
International financial markets.
International financial system.
International investors.
International lending.
International markets.
International settlements.
International standards.
International trade.
International trading.
Investment climate.
Investment decisions.
Investment flows.
Investment guarantee agency.
Investment in bonds.
Investment policies.
Investment promotion.
Investor protection.
Job creation.
Job openings.
Job opportunities.
Joint ventures.
Labor demand.
Labor flows.
Labor force.
Labor force development.
Labor force participation.
Labor laws.
Labor market.
Labor markets.
Labor migration.
Labor movement.
Labor movements.
Labor organization.
Labor policies.
Labor relations.
Labor standards.
Labor-intensive exports.
Levels of fertility.
Liberalization efforts.
Liberalization of trade.
Liberalization policies.
Liberalizing trade.
Living standards.
Local capital markets.
Loss of jobs.
Macroeconomic adjustment.
Macroeconomic stability.
Manufactured exports.
Manufacturing sectors.
Marine environment.
Market access.
Market failure.
Market failures.
Market integration.
Market segmentation.
Market size.
Married women.
Measure of trade.
Member country.
Merchandise trade.
Mortality rates.
Multilateral agreements.
Multilateral investment guarantee agency.
Multilateral trade.
Multilateral trade liberalization.
Multilateral trade negotiations.
Multinational corporations.
Mutual funds.
National borders.
National sovereignty.
National standards.
National trade policy.
Natural resource.
Natural resource base.
Natural resource bases.
Natural resource endowments.
Natural resource use.
Natural resources.
Natural resources accounting.
Neighboring countries.
Net capital.
Net inflows.
New employment opportunities.
New jobs.
New securities.
Nonmember countries.
Nontariff barriers.
Nontariff measures.
Oil countries.
Oil exporters.
Oil exporting.
Oil exporting countries.
Oil exports.
Oil imports.
Oil prices.
Oil revenues.
Oil shock.
Open economies.
Open unemployment.
Per capita income.
Perfect competition.
Petroleum exporting countries.
Physical environment.
Political integration.
Pollution control.
Pollution permits.
Population growth.
Population growth rates.
Portfolio investment.
Poverty alleviation.
Preferential arrangements.
Preferential status.
Preferential trading.
Preferential trading arrangements.
Preferential treatment.
Preventive health care.
Price discrimination.
Price fluctuations.
Price liberalization.
Price stability.
Price support.
Principal export.
Private capital.
Private flows.
Private foreign capital.
Private foreign investment.
Private foreign investors.
Private investment.
Private investor.
Private sector investment.
Process of adjustment.
Process of development.
Process of integration.
Process of modernization.
Protection levels.
Protection standards.
Protectionist measures.
Protectionist policies.
Prudential regulation.
Public finance.
Public finances.
Public health.
Public investment.
Public sector bonds.
Public sector employment.
Quantitative import restrictions.
Quantitative restrictions.
Rate of unemployment.
Rates of protection.
Real exports.
Real trade costs.
Regional integration.
Regulatory framework.
Renewable natural resources.
Renewable resources.
Reproductive rights.
Return on capital.
Rules of origin.
Sales taxes.
Seasonal employment.
Securities analysis.
Securities analysts.
Securities commissions.
Securities issues.
Securities market.
Securities markets.
Securities trading.
Selected issues.
Service delivery.
Service providers.
Shared water resources.
Short-term capital.
Skilled labor.
Social change.
Societal changes.
Standard setting.
Stock exchange.
Stock exchanges.
Stock market.
Stock market capitalization.
Stock markets.
Strategic industries.
Structural adjustment.
Sustainable development.
Tariff barriers.
Tariff preferences.
Tariff rate.
Tax administration.
Tax collection.
Tax incentives.
Tax reform.
Tax reforms.
Tax system.
Tax systems.
Taxable income.
Technology transfers.
Terms of trade.
Terms of trade effects.
Terms of trade loss.
Total exports.
Total fertility rates.
Trade agreement.
Trade area.
Trade areas.
Trade arrangements.
Trade barriers.
Trade costs.
Trade creation.
Trade deficit.
Trade deficits.
Trade diversion.
Trade effect.
Trade effects.
Trade figures.
Trade flow.
Trade gains.
Trade liberalization.
Trade liberalization efforts.
Trade negotiations.
Trade performance.
Trade policies.
Trade preferences.
Trade reforms.
Trade regime.
Trade regimes.
Trade relations.
Trade restrictions.
Trade surplus.
Trade taxation.
Trading arrangements.
Trading blocs.
Trading partner.
Trading partners.
Trading system.
Transfer of technology.
Transition period.
Transitional unemployment.
Transitory shocks.
Transnational corporations.
Transport costs.
Unemployed labor.
Unemployment forecasts.
Unemployment programs.
Unemployment rates.
Unit labor costs.
Universal access.
Unskilled labor.
Unskilled workers.
Value-added tax.
Venture capital.
Voluntary export restraints.
Wage differentials.
Workers remittances.
World demand.
World economy.
World exports.
World industry.
World market.
World markets.
World trade.
Youth unemployment.
IMF economists work closely with member countries on a variety of issues. Their unique perspective on country experiences and best practices on global macroeconomic issues are often shared in the form of books on diverse topics such as cross-country comparisons, capacity building, macroeconomic policy, financial integration, and globalization.
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