International Capital Markets [electronic resource] : Developments, Prospects, and Key Policy Issues, 1996.

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1996.
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Access to international capital. (search)
Access to international capital markets. (search)
Access to international financial markets. (search)
Accounting standard. (search)
Accounting standards. (search)
Accounting system. (search)
Agricultural bank. (search)
American stock exchange. (search)
Asset classification. (search)
Asset management company. (search)
Automated teller. (search)
Bank access. (search)
Bank accounting. (search)
Bank accounts. (search)
Bank acquisitions. (search)
Bank act. (search)
Bank activities. (search)
Bank balance sheets. (search)
Bank borrowing. (search)
Bank branches. (search)
Bank capital. (search)
Bank closures. (search)
Bank consolidation. (search)
Bank credit. (search)
Bank customers. (search)
Bank debt. (search)
Bank deposits. (search)
Bank for international settlements. (search)
Bank governors. (search)
Bank holding. (search)
Bank holding companies. (search)
Bank indonesia. (search)
Bank insurance. (search)
Bank insurance fund. (search)
Bank lending. (search)
Bank liabilities. (search)
Bank liquidity. (search)
Bank loan. (search)
Bank loans. (search)
Bank managers. (search)
Bank margins. (search)
Bank mergers. (search)
Bank of canada. (search)
Bank of england. (search)
Bank of international settlements. (search)
Bank of japan. (search)
Bank of korea. (search)
Bank of thailand. (search)
Bank operations. (search)
Bank payment. (search)
Bank performance. (search)
Bank policy. (search)
Bank procedures. (search)
Bank profitability. (search)
Bank rate. (search)
Bank rating. (search)
Bank ratings. (search)
Bank reserve. (search)
Bank reserve assets. (search)
Bank reserves. (search)
Bank restructuring. (search)
Bank secrecy. (search)
Bank secrecy laws. (search)
Bank settlement. (search)
Bank soundness. (search)
Bank subsidiaries. (search)
Bank supervision. (search)
Bank supervisors. (search)
Bank supervisory authorities. (search)
Banker. (search)
Bankers. (search)
Bankers acceptances. (search)
Banking. (search)
Banking activities. (search)
Banking authorities. (search)
Banking community. (search)
Banking crisis. (search)
Banking environment. (search)
Banking industry. (search)
Banking institutions. (search)
Banking law. (search)
Banking legislation. (search)
Banking market. (search)
Banking markets. (search)
Banking regulation. (search)
Banking regulations. (search)
Banking regulators. (search)
Banking sector. (search)
Banking sector reform. (search)
Banking services. (search)
Banking structures. (search)
Banking supervision. (search)
Banking supervisors. (search)
Banking system. (search)
Banking system assets. (search)
Banking systems. (search)
Bankrupt. (search)
Bankrupt borrowers. (search)
Bankruptcy law. (search)
Banks assets. (search)
Banks balance sheets. (search)
Banks loans. (search)
Banks with assets. (search)
Benchmark government bond. (search)
Bilateral netting. (search)
Bond. (search)
Bond financing. (search)
Bond issuance. (search)
Bond issue. (search)
Bond issuers. (search)
Bond issues. (search)
Bond market. (search)
Bond market turbulence. (search)
Bond markets. (search)
Bond maturities. (search)
Bond placements. (search)
Bond portfolios. (search)
Bond prices. (search)
Bond purchases. (search)
Bond rate. (search)
Bond rates. (search)
Bond rating. (search)
Bond redemptions. (search)
Bond research. (search)
Bond spreads. (search)
Bond trading. (search)
Bond yield. (search)
Bond yield curves. (search)
Bond yield volatility. (search)
Bond yields. (search)
Bonds. (search)
Bourse. (search)
Brady bond. (search)
Brady bonds. (search)
Building block approach. (search)
Call options. (search)
Capital account transactions. (search)
Capital adequacy. (search)
Capital adequacy directive. (search)
Capital adequacy ratios. (search)
Capital base. (search)
Capital flow. (search)
Capital flows. (search)
Capital gains. (search)
Capital inflows. (search)
Capital loss. (search)
Capital markets. (search)
Capital movements. (search)
Capital ratio. (search)
Capital requirement. (search)
Capital standards. (search)
Capitalization rates. (search)
Cash flow. (search)
Checks. (search)
Clearing bank. (search)
Clearing banks. (search)
Clearing house. (search)
Clearing houses. (search)
Clearing system. (search)
Collateral. (search)
Commercial bank debt. (search)
Commercial bank loans. (search)
Commodities futures. (search)
Commodity derivative. (search)
Commodity futures. (search)
Consolidated supervision. (search)
Consumer price index. (search)
Convertible bond. (search)
Convertible bonds. (search)
Corporate banking. (search)
Corporate bonds. (search)
Corporate loans. (search)
Correspondent bank. (search)
Counterparty. (search)
Coupon bond. (search)
Coupon bonds. (search)
Credit. (search)
Credit market. (search)
Credit rating. (search)
Credit risk management. (search)
Criminal matters. (search)
Crowding out. (search)
Currency derivatives. (search)
Currency devaluation. (search)
Currency futures. (search)
Currency of denomination. (search)
Currency risk. (search)
Currency transactions. (search)
Current account deficit. (search)
Current market price. (search)
Current price. (search)
Debt securities. (search)
Denominated bond. (search)
Denominated bonds. (search)
Deposit guarantee. (search)
Deposit insurance. (search)
Deposit insurance premiums. (search)
Deposit insurance scheme. (search)
Deposit rate. (search)
Deposit rates. (search)
Derivative. (search)
Derivative contracts. (search)
Derivative exchanges. (search)
Derivative financial instruments. (search)
Derivative instruments. (search)
Derivative market. (search)
Derivative markets. (search)
Derivative products. (search)
Derivative transactions. (search)
Derivatives exchanges. (search)
Derivatives market. (search)
Derivatives market activity. (search)
Derivatives markets. (search)
Direct financing. (search)
Discount bonds. (search)
Discount rate. (search)
Disintermediation. (search)
Dollar bonds. (search)
Domestic bond. (search)
Domestic bond market. (search)
Domestic bond markets. (search)
Domestic equity. (search)
Domestic financial system. (search)
Domestic interest rates. (search)
Domestic money markets. (search)
Domestic securities. (search)
Earnings growth. (search)
Emerging market bonds. (search)
Emerging stock markets. (search)
Enforcement powers. (search)
Ensuring compliance. (search)
Equity capital. (search)
Equity funds. (search)
Equity investment. (search)
Equity investments. (search)
Equity market. (search)
Equity markets. (search)
Equity prices. (search)
Equity returns. (search)
Eurobond. (search)
Eurobond market. (search)
Eurobonds. (search)
Exchange information. (search)
Exchange markets. (search)
Exchange payment. (search)
Exchange transactions. (search)
Exchange-traded currency futures. (search)
Federal deposit insurance. (search)
Financial assets. (search)
Financial conglomerates. (search)
Financial contagion. (search)
Financial economics. (search)
Financial futures. (search)
Financial futures exchange. (search)
Financial institutions. (search)
Financial instruments. (search)
Financial intermediaries. (search)
Financial market. (search)
Financial markets. (search)
Financial reform. (search)
Financial regulation. (search)
Financial regulations. (search)
Financial risk. (search)
Financial safety net. (search)
Financial sector. (search)
Financial services. (search)
Financial stability. (search)
Financial statements. (search)
Financial strength. (search)
Financial strength rating. (search)
Financial structure. (search)
Financial supervision. (search)
Financial system. (search)
Financial systems. (search)
Financial transaction. (search)
Fisher equation. (search)
Fixed rate bonds. (search)
Flexible exchange rate. (search)
Foreign authority. (search)
Foreign banks. (search)
Foreign bond. (search)
Foreign bonds. (search)
Foreign counterpart. (search)
Foreign counterparts. (search)
Foreign exchange. (search)
Foreign exchange derivative. (search)
Foreign exchange derivatives. (search)
Foreign exchange exposure. (search)
Foreign exchange futures. (search)
Foreign exchange market. (search)
Foreign exchange markets. (search)
Foreign exchange settlement risk. (search)
Foreign exchange transactions. (search)
Foreign regulators. (search)
Foreign stocks. (search)
Forward contract. (search)
Forward discount. (search)
Forward market. (search)
Forward markets. (search)
Funding bond. (search)
Futures exchange. (search)
Futures exchanges. (search)
Futures market. (search)
Futures markets. (search)
Futures trading. (search)
Global bond. (search)
Global bond market. (search)
Global bond markets. (search)
Global bonds. (search)
Global currency. (search)
Global equity markets. (search)
Global financial markets. (search)
Global financial services. (search)
Global financial system. (search)
Global markets. (search)
Globalization. (search)
Globalization of financial markets. (search)
Government bond. (search)
Government bond market. (search)
Government bond markets. (search)
Government bond yield. (search)
Government bond yields. (search)
Government bonds. (search)
Government securities. (search)
Hedge. (search)
Hedge funds. (search)
Hedging. (search)
Hedging instruments. (search)
Hedging strategies. (search)
Holding company. (search)
Import bank. (search)
Index futures. (search)
Indexed bonds. (search)
Inflation rate. (search)
Information exchange. (search)
Insurance premium. (search)
Insurance supervision. (search)
Insurance supervisors. (search)
Interbank market. (search)
Interest rate deregulation. (search)
Interest rate derivatives. (search)
Interest rate fluctuations. (search)
Interest rate futures. (search)
Interest rate risk. (search)
Interest rate swaps. (search)
Internal control. (search)
Internal control systems. (search)
Internal models approach. (search)
Internal procedures. (search)
International accounting standard. (search)
International accounting standards. (search)
International banking facility. (search)
International banking supervision. (search)
International banks. (search)
International bond. (search)
International bond issues. (search)
International bond market. (search)
International bond markets. (search)
International bonds. (search)
International capital. (search)
International capital markets. (search)
International clearing. (search)
International cooperation. (search)
International finance. (search)
International finance corporation. (search)
International financial. (search)
International financial futures. (search)
International financial markets. (search)
International financial statistics. (search)
International financial system. (search)
International money market. (search)
International reserves. (search)
International standards. (search)
Investment bank. (search)
Investment banking. (search)
Iosco principles. (search)
Level playing field. (search)
Liberalization of capital movements. (search)
Liquidity crises. (search)
Liquidity crisis. (search)
Liquidity ratio. (search)
Liquidity support. (search)
Loan classification. (search)
Local stock market. (search)
Long-term bond yield. (search)
Long-term bond yields. (search)
Long-term bonds. (search)
Market participants. (search)
Minimum capital requirement. (search)
Monetary policies. (search)
Money market. (search)
Money market funds. (search)
Money market interest. (search)
Money market interest rates. (search)
Money markets. (search)
Moral hazard. (search)
National bank. (search)
Nationalized bank. (search)
Net capital. (search)
Net capital flows. (search)
Net interest margin. (search)
New york futures exchange. (search)
New york stock exchange. (search)
Option markets. (search)
Options contracts. (search)
Options markets. (search)
Options on futures. (search)
Overvaluation. (search)
Par bonds. (search)
Payment system. (search)
Payment systems. (search)
Payment versus payment. (search)
Payments. (search)
Pension funds. (search)
Portfolio investment. (search)
Position limits. (search)
Present value. (search)
Prices. (search)
Pricing. (search)
Private capital. (search)
Private capital flows. (search)
Private capital inflows. (search)
Problem bank. (search)
Protocols. (search)
Put options. (search)
Queuing. (search)
Rate bond. (search)
Rate bonds. (search)
Recapitalization. (search)
Recapitalization bonds. (search)
Rediscount. (search)
Rediscounts. (search)
Regulatory authorities. (search)
Regulatory authority. (search)
Regulatory cooperation. (search)
Reserve ratio. (search)
Reserve requirement. (search)
Reserve requirements. (search)
Return on equity. (search)
Returns on bonds. (search)
Risk categories. (search)
Risk management. (search)
Rtgs. (search)
Samurai bond. (search)
Samurai bonds. (search)
Savings association. (search)
Secrecy laws. (search)
Securities activities. (search)
Securities companies. (search)
Securities dealers. (search)
Securities firms. (search)
Securities industry. (search)
Securities issues. (search)
Securities markets. (search)
Securities regulation. (search)
Securities regulators. (search)
Securities trading. (search)
Securitization. (search)
Segmentation. (search)
Settlement risk. (search)
Settlement system. (search)
Settlement systems. (search)
Short-term capital. (search)
Short-term capital inflows. (search)
Short-term funds. (search)
Society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication. (search)
Sovereign bond. (search)
Sovereign bond market. (search)
Sovereign bonds. (search)
Sovereign risk. (search)
Speculative attack. (search)
Spot market. (search)
State bank. (search)
State banking. (search)
Stock exchange. (search)
Stock exchanges. (search)
Stock index. (search)
Stock indices. (search)
Stock market. (search)
Stock market capitalization. (search)
Stock market crash. (search)
Stock market decline. (search)
Stock market index. (search)
Stock market turnover. (search)
Stock market volatility. (search)
Stock markets. (search)
Stock ownership. (search)
Stock price. (search)
Stock price index. (search)
Stock price indices. (search)
Stock prices. (search)
Stock returns. (search)
Stockbroker. (search)
Subordinated bonds. (search)
Subordinated debt. (search)
Subsidiaries. (search)
Substitution. (search)
Supervisory authorities. (search)
Supervisory authority. (search)
Supply of bonds. (search)
Swap transactions. (search)
Systemic risk. (search)
Target system. (search)
Term bond. (search)
Term bonds. (search)
Tier 1 capital. (search)
Tier 2 capital. (search)
Trade futures. (search)
Treasury bond. (search)
Treasury bond yield. (search)
Treasury bond yields. (search)
Treasury bonds. (search)
Treasury securities. (search)
Underdeveloped capital markets. (search)
Var model. (search)
Yankee bond. (search)
Yield to maturity. (search)
Zero-coupon bonds. (search)
Argentina. (search)
Grenada. (search)
Japan. (search)
United Kingdom. (search)
United States. (search)
Provides a comprehensive survey of recent developments in international financial markets, including developments in emerging capital markets, bond markets, major currency markets, and derivative markets. The report focuses on efforts by the major industrial countries to strengthen the management of financial risk and prundential oversight over the international banking system. It also critically evaluates existing mechanisms for international cooperation of financial supervision and regulation and proposes the development of international banking standards.
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