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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1977.
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Annual Report of the Executive Board; 1977.
Annual Report of the Executive Board; 1977
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Local subjects:
Adjustment process.
Aggregate demand.
Balance of payments.
Basket of currencies.
Bilateral exchange rates.
Central bank.
Central banks.
Commercial market.
Commodity prices.
Competitive position.
Credit tranche.
Credit tranches.
Currency basket.
Currency budget.
Currency sales.
Currency units.
Current account.
Current account adjustment.
Current account balance.
Current account balances.
Current account deficit.
Current account deficits.
Current account surplus.
Current account surpluses.
Current accounts.
Data processing.
Debt management.
Debt outstanding.
Debt renegotiation.
Debt reporting.
Debt service.
Debt service payments.
Debt servicing.
Debtor reporting.
Debtor reporting system.
Depreciating exchange rates.
Domestic demand.
Domestic economic policies.
Domestic growth.
Domestic price.
Domestic prices.
Effective exchange rate.
Effective exchange rates.
Exchange arrangements.
Exchange controls.
Exchange markets.
Exchange operations.
Exchange rate.
Exchange rate adjustment.
Exchange rate adjustments.
Exchange rate appreciation.
Exchange rate arrangements.
Exchange rate change.
Exchange rate changes.
Exchange rate depreciation.
Exchange rate developments.
Exchange rate expectations.
Exchange rate flexibility.
Exchange rate instability.
Exchange rate movements.
Exchange rate policies.
Exchange rate regime.
Exchange rate regimes.
Exchange rate stability.
Exchange rate uncertainty.
Exchange rates.
Exchange reserves.
Exchange restrictions.
Exchange risks.
Exchange transactions.
Export earnings.
Export orientation.
Export price.
Export prices.
Export supply.
Export trade.
Exporting countries.
External borrowing.
External debt.
External debt management.
External finance.
External financing.
External indebtedness.
External payments.
External position.
Fixed exchange rates.
Fixed investment.
Flexible exchange rate.
Floating exchange rates.
Fluctuations in exchange rates.
Foreign aid.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign exchange holdings.
Foreign exchange market.
Foreign exchange operations.
Foreign exchange reserves.
Foreign trade.
Forward exchange.
Forward exchange markets.
Forward exchange rates.
Forward market.
Import costs.
Import demand.
Import price.
Import prices.
Import side.
Importing countries.
Internal distribution.
International borrowing.
International lending.
International trade.
International trading.
Investment flows.
Liquid reserve.
Liquid reserves.
Loan disbursement.
Loan disbursements.
Long-term external debt.
Long-term loans.
Multiple currency practices.
Net debt.
Net inflows.
Nominal interest rates.
Oil countries.
Oil exporters.
Oil imports.
Oil prices.
Open economies.
Output growth.
Perfect substitutes.
Price stability.
Private banks.
Private creditor.
Private financial institutions.
Protectionist measures.
Public and publicly guaranteed.
Public finance.
Quota increases.
Reserve accumulations.
Reserve asset.
Reserve assets.
Reserve bank.
Reserve currencies.
Reserve holdings.
Surveillance over exchange rate policies.
Terms of trade.
Trade deficit.
Trade effect.
Trade performance.
Trade restrictions.
Trade unit.
Trade volume.
Trade-weighted average.
Trading partners.
Trading system.
Value of trade.
Volume of trade.
Wholesale price.
World demand.
World economy.
World exports.
World market.
World markets.
World price.
World prices.
World trade.
Iran, Islamic Republic of.
United Kingdom.
United States.
This paper reviews key findings of the IMF’s Annual Report for the fiscal year ended April 30, 1977. The report highlights that after a cessation of economic growth in 1974 and an unusual decline in 1975, real gross national product in the industrial countries expanded by almost 51⁄2 percent in 1976. Increases in the range of 5–61⁄2 percent occurred in all of the larger industrial countries except the United Kingdom. The deep and prolonged international recession that started late in 1973 reached its low point in the first half of 1975.
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