Current Legal Issues Affecting Central Banks [electronic resource] : Volume III, Effros, Robert C..

Effros, Robert C.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1995.
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Local subjects:
Acceleration clause.
Access to credit.
Accounting framework.
Accounting period.
Accounting practice.
Adequate disclosure.
Administration of justice.
Administrative cost.
Administrative law.
Advisory services.
Alternative dispute resolution.
Alternative dispute resolution procedures.
Authorized person.
Automated teller.
Automated teller machine.
Availability of funds.
Balance of payments.
Bank access.
Bank account.
Bank accounts.
Bank act.
Bank assistance.
Bank board.
Bank branches.
Bank capital.
Bank cards.
Bank charters.
Bank claims.
Bank credit.
Bank creditors.
Bank credits.
Bank customers.
Bank deposit.
Bank deposit insurance.
Bank deposits.
Bank director.
Bank examination.
Bank examinations.
Bank exposure.
Bank failure.
Bank failures.
Bank financing.
Bank for international settlements.
Bank fraud.
Bank governors.
Bank group.
Bank guarantees.
Bank holding.
Bank holding companies.
Bank holding company.
Bank independence.
Bank insolvencies.
Bank insurance.
Bank insurance fund.
Bank investment.
Bank issues.
Bank law.
Bank laws.
Bank lending.
Bank liquidation.
Bank loans.
Bank loss.
Bank losses.
Bank management.
Bank market.
Bank merger.
Bank notes.
Bank of canada.
Bank of greece.
Bank of japan.
Bank office.
Bank offices.
Bank operations.
Bank policy.
Bank reform.
Bank regulation.
Bank regulator.
Bank regulators.
Bank regulatory agencies.
Bank reserves.
Bank safety.
Bank secrecy.
Bank secrecy laws.
Bank securities.
Bank service.
Bank services.
Bank stock.
Bank subsidiaries.
Bank supervision.
Bank supervisor.
Bank supervisors.
Bank supervisory authorities.
Bank supervisory authority.
Bank system.
Bank takes.
Bankers association.
Bankers bank.
Banking activities.
Banking assets.
Banking authorities.
Banking authority.
Banking business.
Banking businesses.
Banking community.
Banking companies.
Banking corporation.
Banking firm.
Banking industry.
Banking institutions.
Banking law.
Banking laws.
Banking legislation.
Banking license.
Banking market.
Banking networks.
Banking operations.
Banking policy.
Banking practice.
Banking products.
Banking reform.
Banking reform legislation.
Banking regulation.
Banking regulations.
Banking regulators.
Banking relationship.
Banking relationships.
Banking risks.
Banking rules.
Banking secrecy.
Banking sector.
Banking sectors.
Banking service.
Banking services.
Banking structure.
Banking supervision.
Banking supervisor.
Banking supervisors.
Banking system.
Banking systems.
Banking technology.
Banking terms.
Banking transactions.
Bilateral agreement.
Bills of exchange.
Bond issues.
Bond market.
Bond prices.
Border transactions.
Borrowing costs.
Budget constraints.
Budgetary constraints.
Building block approach.
Business environment.
Callable capital.
Capital adequacy.
Capital adequacy directive.
Capital base.
Capital contributions.
Capital controls.
Capital flows.
Capital gain.
Capital market.
Capital markets.
Capital movements.
Capital requirement.
Capital standard.
Cash management.
Central bank.
Central bank of england.
Central banking legislation.
Central banks.
Check collection.
Civil liability.
Clearing house.
Clearing system.
Commercial banks.
Commercial law.
Commercial loans.
Commercial paper.
Common market.
Community bank.
Competitive advantage.
Competitive disadvantage.
Compulsory reserve requirements.
Consolidated financial statement.
Consolidated supervision.
Consumer credit.
Consumer interests.
Contract law.
Corporate debt.
Corporate finance.
Corporate loans.
Corporate management.
Corporate ownership.
Corporate restructuring.
Corporate securities.
Court administration.
Court decisions.
Court processes.
Court system.
Court systems.
Credit institutions.
Credit limits.
Credit policies.
Credit policy.
Credit risk.
Credit risks.
Credit scoring.
Credit security.
Credit union.
Credit unions.
Creditor countries.
Criminal activity.
Criminal acts.
Criminal justice.
Criminal justice system.
Criminal law.
Criminal law enforcement.
Criminal prosecution.
Currency units.
Customer identification.
Debt burdens.
Debt crisis.
Debt forgiveness.
Debt instruments.
Debt level.
Debt overhang.
Debt problem.
Debt problems.
Debt ratio.
Debt reduction.
Debt securities.
Debt service.
Debt situation.
Debt strategy.
Debt-service obligations.
Debtor countries.
Default risk.
Deferred income.
Deficit reduction.
Democratic control.
Deposit guarantee.
Deposit insurance.
Deposit insurance coverage.
Depository institutions.
Dispute resolution.
Dispute settlement.
Dividend payout.
Documentary credits.
Domestic banks.
Domestic companies.
Domestic market.
Economic community.
Economic convergence.
Economic integration.
Economic law.
Economic reform.
Economic reform program.
Economic transition.
Effective market access.
Electronic cash.
Enforcement authorities.
Enterprise ownership.
Enterprise reform.
Equity markets.
Eurobond market.
European investment bank.
European monetary cooperation fund.
European monetary institute.
European monetary system.
European monetary union.
Exceptional circumstances.
Exchange arrangements.
Exchange control.
Exchange control regulations.
Exchange controls.
Exchange markets.
Exchange rate.
Exchange rate mechanism.
Exchange rate policies.
Exchange rate policy.
Exchange rate regime.
Exchange rate system.
Exchange rates.
Exchange restrictions.
External auditor.
External borrowing.
External finance.
External financing.
Extraordinary income.
Fair trade.
Federal cabinet.
Federal deposit insurance.
Federal government.
Financial contracts.
Financial controls.
Financial futures.
Financial institutions.
Financial law.
Financial markets.
Financial services.
Financial stability.
Financial transaction.
Fiscal affairs.
Fiscal affairs department.
Fiscal policy.
Fixed exchange rate.
Fixed exchange rate regime.
Fixed exchange rates.
Floating exchange rate.
Floating exchange rate system.
Flow of capital.
Foreign bank.
Foreign banks.
Foreign capital.
Foreign competition.
Foreign direct investment.
Foreign exchange.
Foreign exchange market.
Foreign government securities.
Foreign investment.
Foreign investors.
Foreign markets.
Foreign ownership.
Foreign private investment.
Forward commitment.
Framework for privatization.
Free competition.
Free distribution of shares.
Free movement of capital.
Free trade.
Government finance.
Government guarantee.
Government securities.
Government securities auctions.
Government securities market.
Government securities markets.
Holding company.
Increased competition.
Industrial bank.
Industrial enterprises.
Information dissemination.
Information systems.
Installment payment.
Institutional arrangements.
Institutional investors.
Instrument of ratification.
Insurance companies.
Insurance company.
Insurance premiums.
Interest rate risk.
Interest rate swaps.
Internal control.
Internal procedures.
International banking law.
International bills.
International capital.
International capital market.
International capital markets.
International chamber of commerce.
International debt.
International financial markets.
International law.
International monetary cooperation.
International monetary system.
International money markets.
International promissory notes.
International security.
International trade law.
Investment disputes.
Investment state intervention.
Investor confidence.
Investor protection.
Issue of securities.
Joint venture.
Judicial personnel.
Judicial procedures.
Judicial system.
Judicial systems.
Justice system.
Labor courts.
Land ownership.
Law enforcement.
Law enforcement authorities.
Legal change.
Legal entities.
Legal institutions.
Legal profession.
Legal projects.
Legal provisions.
Legal reform.
Legal reforms.
Legal sector.
Legal services.
Legal systems.
Letters of credit.
Level playing field.
Liberalization of capital.
Line of credit.
Liquidity management.
Loan administration.
Loan documentation.
Long-term interest rates.
Macroeconomic stabilization.
Market access.
Market for government securities.
Model law on international credit transfers.
Monetary arrangements.
Monetary cooperation.
Monetary coordination.
Monetary financing.
Monetary fund.
Monetary integration.
Monetary objectives.
Monetary penalties.
Monetary policies.
Monetary policy.
Monetary policy instruments.
Monetary stability.
Monetary system.
Monetary union.
Money laundering.
Money markets.
Moral hazard.
Mortgage bank.
Mortgage loans.
Movement of capital.
Multilateral investment guarantee agency.
Multilateral surveillance.
Multiple currency practices.
Municipal ownership.
Municipal property.
Mutual funds.
Narcotics trafficking.
National bank.
National debt.
National law.
National treatment.
National treatment principle.
Natural persons.
New york stock exchange.
Offshore market participants.
Ongoing privatization.
Open borders.
Open market.
Open trade.
Options markets.
Organized crime.
Overdue charges.
Overdue financial obligations.
Overdue obligations.
Overdue repurchase obligations.
Payment systems.
Payments systems.
Political authorities.
Present value.
Price liberalization.
Price stability.
Primary dealer.
Primary dealers.
Primary markets.
Principal amount.
Private banks.
Private capital.
Private companies.
Private company.
Private debt.
Private enterprise.
Private enterprises.
Private international law.
Private investment.
Private investment bank.
Private investors.
Private ownership.
Private pension.
Private sector development.
Privatization activities.
Privatization legislation.
Privatization of enterprises.
Privatization of state.
Privatization plan.
Privatization process.
Privatization program.
Privatization strategy.
Privatization vouchers.
Process of privatization.
Productive enterprises.
Promissory notes.
Provisions of law.
Prudential regulation.
Prudential supervision.
Public corporation.
Public debt.
Public expenditure.
Public offering.
Public utilities.
Regional bank.
Regulatory approach.
Regulatory authorities.
Regulatory burden.
Regulatory environment.
Regulatory framework.
Regulatory standards.
Reserve bank.
Reserve banks.
Reserve positions.
Reserve ratio.
Reserve requirements.
Retained earnings.
Return on assets.
Risk taking.
Savings account.
Savings association.
Savings bank.
Savings institution.
Savings institutions.
Secondary markets.
Secrecy laws.
Securities auction.
Securities auctions.
Securities borrowing.
Securities companies.
Securities dealers.
Securities exchange.
Securities exchange act.
Securities firms.
Securities industry.
Securities law.
Securities law violations.
Securities laws.
Securities market.
Securities market regulation.
Securities markets.
Securities trading.
Securities transactions.
Securities transfers.
Securities underwriting.
Services industry.
Services providers.
Services trade.
Settlement risk.
Social security.
Socialist countries.
Sovereign risk.
State administration.
State bank.
State budget.
State enterprise.
State enterprises.
State monopoly.
State nonbank financial institution.
State ownership.
State property.
State subsidies.
Stock exchange.
Stock exchanges.
Structural adjustment.
Subordinated debt.
Subordinated liability.
Supervisory agencies.
Supervisory agency.
Supervisory authorities.
Supervisory authority.
Supervisory framework.
Supervisory process.
Supervisory responsibilities.
Supervisory standards.
Supplementary capital.
Tax administration.
Tax collection.
Tax havens.
Tax reform.
Telecommunications law.
Thrift institution.
Tier 1 capital.
Tier 2 capital.
Trade law.
Trade negotiations.
Trading partners.
Transactions costs.
Treasury bills.
Treasury notes.
Treasury securities.
Uniform customs.
Uniform rules.
Unsecured debt.
Voting power.
Voting rights.
Working capital.
World economy.
Yield curve.
Yield to maturity.
United States.
Volume III, edited by Robert C. Effros, contains the collected views of banking and legal experts, gathered at the third IMF-sponsored seminar of central banks' general counsels. Matters of both international and domestic concern are addressed. The contributors analyze topics covering developments in international financial institutions; the progress of the European Union toward monetary union and a unified banking and securities market; the economic reform of Latin America; the resolution of the debt crisis; and banking regulations and reform in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.
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Effros, Robert C.
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