External debt [electronic resource] : Definition, Statistical Coverage and Methodology.

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Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 1988.
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Access to capital markets. (search)
Access to international capital. (search)
Access to international capital markets. (search)
Actual debt. (search)
Amortization payments. (search)
Amount of debt. (search)
Amount of debt outstanding. (search)
Balance of payments. (search)
Bank activity. (search)
Bank claims. (search)
Bank creditor. (search)
Bank for international settlements. (search)
Bank lending. (search)
Bank of england. (search)
Banking. (search)
Banking activities. (search)
Banking business. (search)
Banking market. (search)
Banking statistics. (search)
Banking system. (search)
Banking systems. (search)
Banks asset. (search)
Banks assets. (search)
Bond markets. (search)
Bonds. (search)
Capital flows. (search)
Capital market. (search)
Capital markets. (search)
Categories of debt. (search)
Central bank. (search)
Central banks. (search)
Claim. (search)
Claims. (search)
Commercial bank debt. (search)
Commercial bank lending. (search)
Commercial creditors. (search)
Commercial credits. (search)
Confidentiality. (search)
Conventions. (search)
Court. (search)
Coverage of debt. (search)
Credit guarantees. (search)
Credit insurance. (search)
Credit lines. (search)
Credit market. (search)
Credit policies. (search)
Credit tranche. (search)
Credit tranches. (search)
Credit transactions. (search)
Creditor. (search)
Creditor countries. (search)
Creditor data. (search)
Creditors. (search)
Currency composition. (search)
Currency composition of debt. (search)
Currency debt. (search)
Currency of repayment. (search)
Current account. (search)
Current account surplus. (search)
Debt. (search)
Debt agreements. (search)
Debt analyses. (search)
Debt analysis. (search)
Debt consolidation. (search)
Debt contract. (search)
Debt conversion. (search)
Debt conversions. (search)
Debt data. (search)
Debt financing. (search)
Debt flows. (search)
Debt forgiven. (search)
Debt forgiveness. (search)
Debt holder. (search)
Debt information. (search)
Debt instrument. (search)
Debt instruments. (search)
Debt management. (search)
Debt management systems. (search)
Debt obligations. (search)
Debt outstanding. (search)
Debt outstanding &disbursed. (search)
Debt problem. (search)
Debt problems. (search)
Debt ratios. (search)
Debt recording. (search)
Debt refinancing. (search)
Debt relief. (search)
Debt renegotiations. (search)
Debt reporting. (search)
Debt rescheduling. (search)
Debt restructuring. (search)
Debt service. (search)
Debt service payments. (search)
Debt service projections. (search)
Debt service ratio. (search)
Debt situation. (search)
Debt statistics. (search)
Debt stock. (search)
Debt stocks. (search)
Debt structure. (search)
Debtor countries. (search)
Debtor country. (search)
Debtor reporting. (search)
Debtor reporting system. (search)
Debtor reporting systems. (search)
Debtors. (search)
Debts. (search)
Deposit money. (search)
Deposit money banks. (search)
Direct loans. (search)
Disbursed debt. (search)
Domestic currencies. (search)
Domestic currency. (search)
Domestic debt. (search)
Donor government. (search)
Donor governments. (search)
Equity investment. (search)
Expenditures. (search)
Export credit. (search)
Export credit financing. (search)
Export credit guarantee. (search)
Export credit guarantees. (search)
Export credits. (search)
Export fluctuations. (search)
Exporter. (search)
Exporters. (search)
External borrowing. (search)
External borrowings. (search)
External debt. (search)
External debt data. (search)
External debt management. (search)
External debt position. (search)
External debt statistics. (search)
External debt transaction. (search)
External financing. (search)
External indebtedness. (search)
External liabilities. (search)
External loans. (search)
Financial institutions. (search)
Financial markets. (search)
Financial sector. (search)
Financial system. (search)
Foreign borrowing. (search)
Foreign currency debt. (search)
Foreign debt. (search)
General resources account. (search)
Government debt. (search)
Government loans. (search)
Highly indebted countries. (search)
Import bank. (search)
Indebted countries. (search)
Installments. (search)
Interbank market. (search)
Interest. (search)
Interest rate swaps. (search)
International business. (search)
International capital. (search)
International capital market. (search)
International capital markets. (search)
International debt. (search)
International financial statistics. (search)
International lending. (search)
International working group on heavily indebted countries. (search)
Issue of securities. (search)
Letters of credit. (search)
Liabilities. (search)
Loans. (search)
Local-currency debt. (search)
Long term debt. (search)
Long-term debt. (search)
Long-term external debt. (search)
Long-term loan. (search)
Long-term loans. (search)
Measurement of debt. (search)
Military debt. (search)
Multilateral debt. (search)
Multilateral debt renegotiations. (search)
Multilateral debt restructuring. (search)
National accounts. (search)
Net debt. (search)
Obligations. (search)
Official creditor. (search)
Official creditors. (search)
Offshore banking. (search)
Outstanding debt. (search)
Payments. (search)
Principal in arrears. (search)
Principal repayment. (search)
Principal repayments. (search)
Principal rescheduled. (search)
Private banks. (search)
Private creditors. (search)
Private debt. (search)
Private sector borrowers. (search)
Private sector borrowing. (search)
Promissory notes. (search)
Public and publicly guaranteed. (search)
Public and publicly guaranteed debt. (search)
Public borrowers. (search)
Public debt. (search)
Public external debt. (search)
Publicly-guaranteed. (search)
Purchase options. (search)
Ratio of debt. (search)
Refinance. (search)
Repayment. (search)
Repayments. (search)
Repudiation. (search)
Repurchases. (search)
Reserve assets. (search)
Reserve bank. (search)
Restructuring. (search)
Short term debt. (search)
Short-term debt. (search)
Short-term debts. (search)
Stock of debt. (search)
Subsidiaries. (search)
Suppliers credits. (search)
Taxes. (search)
Total debt stock. (search)
Total external debt. (search)
Trade flows. (search)
Treasury bills. (search)
Underwriting. (search)
World capital markets. (search)
World debt tables. (search)
Algeria. (search)
Austria. (search)
Bahamas, The. (search)
Bahrain. (search)
Burkina Faso. (search)
Cameroon. (search)
Canada. (search)
Comoros. (search)
Congo, Democratic Republic of the. (search)
Denmark. (search)
Finland. (search)
France. (search)
Germany. (search)
Greece. (search)
Grenada. (search)
Guinea. (search)
Guinea-Bissau. (search)
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China. (search)
India. (search)
Indonesia. (search)
Iran, Islamic Republic of. (search)
Ireland. (search)
Italy. (search)
Japan. (search)
Korea, Republic of. (search)
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. (search)
Malaysia. (search)
Mauritania. (search)
Mexico. (search)
Morocco. (search)
Netherlands. (search)
Nigeria. (search)
Norway. (search)
Singapore. (search)
Spain. (search)
Sri Lanka. (search)
Sweden. (search)
United Kingdom. (search)
United States. (search)
Venezuela, República Bolivariana de. (search)
This book is intended to provide the user of debt statistics with a comparative description fo the statistics collected by the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the World Bank. It discusses how these statistics are gathered, why they take the form they do, and how they relate to each other.
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