Capacity Building, Governance, and Economic Reform in Africa [electronic resource] Dessart, Michel.

Dessart, Michel.
Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, 2001.
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Local subjects:
Access of women.
Annual economic growth.
Balance of payments.
Bilateral donors.
Brain drain.
Budget deficit.
Budget deficits.
Budget preparation.
Budget process.
Budgetary allocations.
Capacity building initiatives.
Central bank.
Civil servants.
Civil service.
Civil service payroll.
Civil service reform.
Civil service reforms.
Commercial policies.
Commodity prices.
Communication technology.
Concessional debt.
Consumer subsidies.
Debt burden.
Debt crisis.
Debt reduction.
Debt relief.
Debt service.
Debt service payments.
Debt servicing.
Domestic competition.
Domestic market.
Domestic producers.
Domestic reforms.
Domestic saving.
Domestic savings.
Domestic tax system.
Economic growth.
Economic growth rate.
Economic growth rates.
Equal rights.
Excessive debt.
Expenditure control.
External debt.
External debt service.
External financing.
External shocks.
Fiscal affairs.
Fiscal affairs department.
Fiscal balance.
Fiscal constraints.
Fiscal deficit.
Fiscal deficits.
Fiscal information.
Fiscal institutions.
Fiscal management.
Fiscal policies.
Fiscal rectitude.
Fiscal transparency.
Foreign exchange.
Gender development.
Gender issue.
Gender issues.
Global market.
Global trade.
Government agencies.
Government expenditure.
Government spending.
Growth rate.
Growth rates.
Heavily indebted countries.
Illiteracy rate.
Import prices.
Indebted countries.
Inflation rate.
Inflationary pressures.
Institutional capacity.
Institutional capacity building.
Institutional development.
Institutional environment.
Institutional quality.
Internet subscribers.
Liberalizing trade.
Macroeconomic performance.
Management training.
Minister of state.
Ministries of finance.
Multilateral institutions.
Multilateral trade.
Multilateral trade liberalization.
National income.
National training.
National training institutes.
Non-tariff barriers.
Oil shock.
Organizational arrangements.
Organizational development.
Output growth.
Participation of women.
Per capita income.
Policy environment.
Policy framework.
Political factors.
Political institutions.
Poverty alleviation.
Public administration.
Public expenditure.
Public expenditures.
Public finance.
Public institutions.
Public sector.
Public spending.
Quality training.
Rapid economic growth.
Regional integration.
Regional training centers.
Relative prices.
Rising inflation.
Service providers.
Social expenditure.
Structural adjustment.
Tariff barriers.
Tax base.
Tax collection.
Tax revenue.
Tax revenues.
Tax system.
Terms of trade.
Trade costs.
Trade liberalization.
Trade links.
Trade sector.
Training activities.
Training center.
Training centers.
Training facilities.
Training initiatives.
Training institute.
Training institutes.
Training institutions.
Training materials.
Training needs.
Training program.
Training programmes.
Training programs.
Transport costs.
Wage differentials.
Women in development.
World economy.
World trade.
Burkina Faso.
This volume, edited by Michel A. Dessart and Roland E. Ubogu, records the presentations made and discussions held during the Inaugural Seminar of the Joint Africa Institute (JAI). The JAI was established in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, by the African Development Bank, the IMF, and the World Bank to meet the pressing training needs of the African continent. The participants discussed four main topics: the changing role of the state, governance, and new capacity requirements; the challenge of achieving macroeconomic stability in Africa; the requirement for capacity building in Africa; and the role of international financial institutions in capacity building in Africa. The seminar was held in November 1999, but the topics and recommendations of the seminar remain current and of particular importance today. The seminar was held in English and French, and both language versions are contained in this volume. 240 pp. 2001
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Dessart, Michel.
Ubogu, Roland E.
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